Monday, March 31, 2008

Say The Wrong Thing?

Last few days, as my mama and I were about to leave home, a neighbour of ours handed a bunch of longan to us. The longan was planted by him.

Fresh from the trees.

My mama thanked him for that. However, being the always friendly lady, my mama was trying to chat a bit with the neighbour. As there's a bat died somewhere near our house's fence and there were longan skin surrounding the dead bat, my mama told the neighbour that.

"There's a dead bat near our house's fence and there were longan skin surrounding the dead bat. I think the bat died after eating YOUR longan."

Ready to be eaten...

I saw the neighbour's face changed instantly. He must be thinking, "Wah! I give you longan, you still say my longan are poisonous which can cause death".

I know my mama didn't mean that. She was just trying to tell the neighbour that she was wondering where the dead bat ate all the longan.

My mum still didn't realise her mistake until I told her so.

So juicy, so sweet.

What I am trying to say is, sometimes, we speak without thinking twice. We might offend or be offended in our daily conversation.

The questions are:
1) When you accidentally offend someone in a conversation and are being told that you're saying the wrong thing, will you apologise?
2) When you are offended by someone in a coversation, will you forgive?

Anyway, my mama did realise her mistake after I told her that. As for the neighbour, I think he did forgive my mama as he continued a short chat with my mama after that and not just ignored and left.

P/s: The longan were sweet and juicy! Yummmm! Thanks so much, uncle!
P/s/s: If I offended anyone in any sense, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone. :)


Your gatal mia kawan said...

If I say sumting wrong I will immediately say soli,I kenot stand the thought of hurting peepul but I think many times I can be thoughtless, sigh. As for forgiving if someone said something to offend me well,by nature, my skin quite thick and oso quite blur wan so if peepul offend me unless very obvious usually i oso dunno but dun reli care lar, will oso forgip. Hugs and thanks for bisiting my fren limau bali. Here brought u your fave teh-c peng.

eastcoastlife said...

I will apologise if I said something wrong but if I'm maligned for something I didn't say, that person would get Hell from me.

I'm always very mindful of what I say, because I'm considerate and don't want to hurt their feelings.

With good friends, I'm always teasing them... so people like Kok and Grandma suan suan always kena. hahaha....

eastcoastlife said...

Longans can be grown in tropical country! I want to try too. Can send over some seeds?

Shionge said...

Ya I know what you mean Kok. When it is unintentional it is ok. Forgive & forget and enjoy the juicy

MIM said...

How come dead bat still lying on the ground? Not smelly meh? I reckon the bat over-ate and died ah?

Then, your mama shud have said, "Wah, your longan so nice until the bat cannot stop eating until the stomach burst ah...".

wonda said...

The longans must be so delicious that the bat ate up the longan seeds as well, got choked and died?

Judy said...

Why suddenly so diplomatic? No more Aunty grow sideways liao. No more Aunty so naughty. No more Aunty bad. No more Aunty lazy. No more Aunty not pretty lah, that is not your head lah!

Good post!

Xiu Long Bao said...


The bat didn't die because of eating your neighbour's longan lah,

since you still survive after eating bunch of longans. Oops, did I say the wrong thing :p

Kok said...

ygmk: Sometimes when I say something wrong, I only realise few hours after the conversation ends. As for people offend me, I'll do the same like you. :)

Don't worry bout that. Just a warm welcome to your friend. Thanks for the teh c peng!:)

P/s: Hope to see your email when you're free. :)

ecl: Wah! ECL, I didn't do that do you hor? No hell from you to me hor? hehehe.

Haha! *Act serious* I do mind when ECL tease me oh! haha!

shionge: That's the word. Forgive and forget!:) Longan? No more leh. My mama finished most of the longan liao. hehe.

mim: It's smelly! My mama just burnt it to get rid of the smell. I think it's either over-eaten or choked to dead (seeds).

Haha! Yea hor! I should tell my mum bout this. haha!

Aunty Alice: Indeed, the longans are delicios. Sweet and juicy!:)

I also think so. Either that, or the bat over-ate like what MIM said.

Aunty Judy: I know you love I said all that, right? hahaha!

Thank you, aunty!:)

Kok said...

xiu long bao: Haha! Still got conclusion somemore!:P

Errr...I think it's either over-eaten the longans or it choked to death after accidentally swallow the seeds. That's my conclusion leh. kekeke! :P

kennymah said...

It's still possible the bat died from eating the longans --- not because the longans are poisonous, but perhaps the bat was GREEDY and ate too much? It died from INDIGESTION?


Tummythoz said...

Reminds me of a sales girl who was always confused over the meanings of 'separate' & celebrate'. She promoted bedlinens. So sometimes she'll go and say things like 'Buy this-lar. Very nice present to separate with hubby'. True story as I was one of them who pointed out her grave mistake - after laughing, of course.

Kok said...

kenny: Haha! I think you're right. Probably the bat died from indigestion. haha!

tummythoz: Wah! She really said that? hahaha! Did you go back to the promoter after some time to see if she improved by saying celebrate instead of separate? hahaha!:P

Lynnwei said...

wah..the longan looks really nice!!

erm..i guess if i notice it, i would correct myself right away.

you'll know if your neigbour noticed it or not if the next time he or she doesnt give you anymore longan! if she does, then means she didnt notice the conversation toO! kekekek

ilene said...

That's why must have sense of humour! Don't get upset over small little things.

BTW, is that longan or mata kuching? Longan can grow in our own backyard meh? The farmers who attempted to grow over here couldn't get them to grow as big and juicy as those from Thailand! How come your neighbour can grow huh?

mommibee said...

poor bat!
My answer is "yes' to both your questions.

Dalicia said...

i sure will apologize. especially the neighbor!!

the bats only interested in young boys blood like you...hahaah...

i just had frozen longan :)

teckiee said...

some times i say the wrong thing too. but noone tells me after that. *sign*

eastcoastlife said...

Kok, sign up for my matchmaking service, I give you one free intro. You want a wife like grandma suan suan? ^-^

Kok said...

lynnwei: I hope my neighbour still will give me longan. I want longan! hahaha!

ilene: Yaloh. Must be like Kok like that. Can kaciao kaciao one. haha!:P

Longan and mata kucing not the same ah? I thought there are the same? I checked on wikipedia, it mentions that mata kucing is a species under longan. I think both are the same. Correct me if I'm not right ok? :)

mommibee: You're so kind!:)

dalicia: You only apologise to your neighbour? hehe.

Huh? Why me?! hahaha!

Frozen longan? Nice?

teckiee: No one tells you ah? That's mean you didn't say the wrong thing loh. kekeke!

ecl: I signed up liao! But so fast get wife? :P

mott said...

Aiyo...I know wot u mean.

Anyway..u wanna see my SIL?

Her pic is in one of my son's blogs. U search la..feb archive..


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