Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fall Into Toilet Bowl?

Ok, ok. I know I haven't been updating lately. I did not neither fall and stuck inside the toilet bowl, nor lost in space. I just don't know what to blog about. Life has been aimless for me after I've finished with my uni life. Yes, I know I should look for a job now but... hmm... I just don't know how to tell you all. It'll take quite some time to explain which I have chosen not to.

While I was trying to "escape" from this complicated world, I browsed through some of the cd-s which I've burnt ages ago. Never did I realise that photos I took in secondary school are still there. I thought I have lost them when my computer crashed that time. Although there are only couples of photos, it's enough to bring me a smile. :)

During "Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang 2002".

Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang is a cry and bid goodbye prize and award giving ceremony.

The school's gangster head prefects.

Those four were the school prefects' boss. Ask them whether I had been a good prefect. Haha!

Couple of the year 2002.

Sometimes you think we prefects are all very "guai" (obedient). All bluff only lah! :P

Looks so "cool" with blazer and tie on?

Sometimes I wonder why our school prefects have to put on blazers and ties. You might think we look cool but we're actually very HOT!

Who's that girl?

There are not much photos of us (boys) with the girls. Perhaps we were too scary then...

Teachers and their helpers.

Look at the stage and the backdrop. All were decorated by the prefects.

Part of the prefectorial board.

Being a prefect is not easy. I think the prefects are like the unpaid workers for the school. The only benefit is we get to bully the other students. Haha!

The blackboard showing equation to calculate volume of a trapezium.

This photo was taken in our classroom before we attended the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang.

Senior's Appreciation Day.

On another occasion, we had Senior's Appreciation Day. This day was organised by the junior prefects for the senior prefects in order to appreciate what the seniors had taught them.

Let's dance!

There were all sorts of activities for that night and of course, a dinner as well.


Most, if not all of the senior prefects were glad that they no longer need to work for the school.

What's on his head?

Some of the prefects were still being fooled on that day. Just look at Jing Jet's (photo) head.

So, that's about it. All those photos remind me of how stress-free the life I had 6 years ago. The only thing that I have to keep in mind is to do well in exams. Other than that was play, eat and sleep. How fun!

No matter what, I am keeping my fingers crossed that my new chapter of life would be as fun too. Wish me luck, guys.


Judy said...

Wah Kok, did you perm your hair? In the first photo, your hair looks rather curly.

You know, when my siblings and I were schooling, my mum used to say to us, "Enjoy yourselves, school days are the best." So, I enjoyed myself so much, I didn't make a lot of time for studies and chose not to go to uni.

As for you, the world is your oyster. What you want, you aim and you will get. Life is only complicated if you allow it to be.

Less worrying from thoughts that will not help but go straight to what you aim in life! No looking back, no second thoughts!

If a mistake has been made, pick it up, learn from it and carry on with the next step.

May God bless you with your heart's desires!

Shionge said...

What fond memories Kok I don't remember having that many of my old school photographs and this is definitely a keepsake.

MIM said...

Hey, I know that girl on the left (the 4 head prefects' photo)! I enjoy going thru old photos too. Brings back old nostalgic memories...

Dalicia said...

you were prefect :) either your very smart or very popular. well, i didn't enjoy my high school days in US. i rather not think about it. that's why i'm just so ready to get out!!

well, i hope you'll figure out what you want.
don't wonder your life away hor

wonda said...

Wishing you from prefect life to perfect life! :D And all the best in your endeavour.

Chev said...

btw, sitting for exam is very stressful too leh :P

all the best ya.

Lynnwei said...

wah kok! thank you so much for putting this up!! i feel so much younger! ahahha... nice....i didnt have this set of pictures tho..and it's nice to look back and see how much everyone has changed...ahaha...changed physical and maybe mentally?

super! one pic of me inside! kekekekekekek....

love this post!!!

Sasha said...

welcome to the very stressed-stressed world when u come to work kok.

I miss those days too...last time when we're having exam we wish that we can go to work soon. Now i wish to go back to sch! Uwaaaaa......

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well take it easy..ask urself wat u wan to do..whether u wan to stay in kuching or come dwn to kl for better prospects..throw in ur resume for a couple of jobs, go thru some interviews to get a feel of the working world..good luck my friend..

lynnx01 said...

Absolutely classic...

eastcoastlife said...

lynnwei is your classmate!? Where is she in the photos?

You look so goon lah! I had a good laugh.... until stomachache. hahaha....

You didn't change much wor, still so short. Oops.

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Aiks? Nolah, I didn't perm my hair. But then, most of the people did ask me whether my hair was permed or not. hehe.

Thanks for wonderful advice that you've given. I really appreciate it a lot. I hope I didn't make the wrong decision. Tough...

Thanks again, aunty!:)

shionge: I think that's the only photos I have. hehe. Maybe I should dig some more photos from my friends.

mim: Huh? How did you know her? Don't tell me she's working with you now. kekeke.

Indeed, photos can bring back memory. Don't forget to take more photos of your three princesses. You can show them again when they grow older. :D

dalicia: Errr... I'm famous for being naughty. hahaha! You can find few posts in this blog regarding my highschool life. :)

Thanks! I hope that too. hehe.

Aunty Alice: Thanks a lot, aunty. I hope the same too. :)

lynnwei: Haha! I didn't actually expect I could find these photos. It really brings back memories. hehe.

The photo with you inside was too dark lah. I did photoshop it a bit. But still... not in the best condition.

sasha: I totally agree with you. When we are young, we hope we can grow up faster. When we are older, we wish we can be young. *Sigh* Don't cry don't cry. We are all in the same boat. *hugs*

joe: Lots of things that need to be considered. *sigh*

By the way, I'm from Miri instead of Kuching. hehe.

Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement. :)

lynnx: Indeed...

eastcoastlife: yaya! She's my classmate. Ermm..which photo? You guess? haha! She's in the picture where there's a blackboard with some equations. :P

Aiyooo! Goon or not goon, still the same old Kok mah. hahaha!

Grrrr!!! Short?!?!?!! Huh Huh Huh?!?!?! hahaha!:P

Lynnwei said...

ahaha...yea yea..we should meet up one day and bring all the it digital or the one from film..ahha..coz during our time where got digi cam for us..ahaha

erm.....last night i dreamt abt u! i met u, singli and erm...kelvin i think..aha..and i asked u if u stil rmemeber me..and u said NO. so sad! ahahaha


Kok said...

Those photos which I posted was taken using digicam. haha! That's like 1.3MP camera!:P

Wah, are you thinking too much of our high school life?:D

Tummythoz said...

How can you have such a title & post decent photographs? Anyway was a bit worried you had a slippery accident.

Kok said...

The title just came off my mind leh. Didn't think much of it. hehe.

Thanks for your concern. Sorry to make you worried...

yenjai said...

I guess you already know what you want
Just don't know how to get it

Take your time to figure it out

wmw said...

6 years ago? You still look the same today woh!

Kok said...

yenjai: I hope I do. Thanks a lot. :)

wmw: Huh? I thought I'm more handsome now? haha!:P

mommibee said...

so leng chai then and now.
for sure ur bachelor days will be over before u hit the ripe old age of "30"! LOL

Kok said...

You're just too kind to say me lengchai lah. I can only tell you, I am real far from what you so called lengchai. haha!

My bachelor days would end before I reach 30? Aiyooo...wait till I got enough S with two strokes first. haha!

Mel said...

gosh kok! can't believe you still got pictures from back then! we sure had fun back at high school despite the many politics going on. =) haha....

Kok said...

I was surprised that I didn't lose the photos! hahaha! Aiya, politics are everywhere. Now, looking back, it's quite fun. :)

Kleio the Muse said...

Wah u one of the cream of the crop eh. lol.
I was never a prefect before but only an assistant class head. Not very glamour job. Prefect is way better eh. Cos like you said, so many benefits like being able to ahemm.. do bit of bullying. Hahahahaha

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