Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chap Goh Mei!

Just a blink of eyes, it is the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year already! It is the final day of the Chinese New Year. Before it ends, I still want to give everyone a goodies treat.

Nien Gao (Sticky Cake) and Kam (mandarin oranges).

That Nien Gao is specially for an old friend of mine, carrots. Ask her to share with you all lah, ok? :P The Kam ah? Feel free to take one each. Hmm... Don't know enough or not.

Shrimp rolls.

Aiyo, these shrimp rolls are one of my favourite goodies. Now, I want to share these with you all! :)

Reserved Kam for Firehorse.

Eh eh, I almost forget. I have a Kam, reserved just for Firehorse.


This cuttlefish is really tempting. Once you eat, you'll never stop. But I have enough stock for everyone. Feel free to grab it hoh!

Bak Gua (Dried Barbecued Pork).

Another order from carrots; Bak Gua. Come, come, everyone! Eat, eat!

Vege crackers.

How can Chinese New Year be celebrated without this keropok right? This year, I sampled this very nice vege crackers (I think it's made of tapioca but I'm not quite sure). So, I let you all try. Opppss! No Acar (prickled vege) lah. Hope you all don't mind.

Lou sang!

Now, I would like to invite everyone to lou sang with me. If not hor, we all have to wait till next year liao.

Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone! :)

37 comments: said...

Seriously need to lose some weight after that ^-^

mott said...

Happy Chap Goh Mei to you TOO!!

If can, I will hijack the BakGua... ok? coz i miss it sooo much!! I saw it in Yenjai's blog aso...I drooled until my keyboard nearly spoiled!


Thank you for sharing all those lovely goodies......*takes 1 mandarin before supplies run out!*

Hazel said...

hi, happy chap goh meh.

Dalicia said...

i'm sure a girl wish for a husband like you on chap goh meh...ehehhehehe

also happy birthday!!! thank you for invite us!!! :D

Kok said...

yenjai: Don't worry. Kok has his own way to deal with weight. Let's see if I can share with you all or not. :D

mott: Happy Chap Goh Mei to you! Wah! Nice to hear from you. I thought you've pooped. :P

Aiyo! Too bad you're in the very-the-ma-fan-country, Australia. If not, I'll sure send you a packet.

Not a problem! Eh, don't forget drink more water after the mandarin. :D

hazel: Welcome here! Happy Chap Goh Mei to you too! Hope you have a great one. :)

dalicia: Huh? Why only on Chap Goh Mei? :P

Aiks, today not my birthday leh. What got you to think today is my birthday ah? haha!:P

mommibee said...

happi chap goh mei, leng chai! Got go to river to fish oranges or not??? LOL

Kok said...

Happy Chap Goh Mei to you too, lenglui! kekekeke!

Fish oranges ah? No leh. I tried to fish mermaids though. haha! Too bad, no luck. :P

~Christine~Leng said...

can't believe CNY had already passed.. ;)
Hope you've enjoyed it :)

Chev said...

although CNY over liao, but i don't mind sapu the remaining CNY goodies..

wonder what is/are Kok's way(s) to deal with weight :P

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Chap Goh Mei!!
*attacks bak gua, shrimp rolls, keropok*

Lou ah! lou ah!! huat ah!

cibol said...

i celebrate on the plane .. he he he .. so i kenot throw oranges

Kok said...

christine: Thanks for stopping by. :)

I did enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it too!:D

chev: Errrr... wanna know? Wait loh, ok? kekeke!

eastcoastlife: Eh, you forgot the cuttlefish! haha!


cibol: Wah! So lomantik on the plane ah? hehe. Never mind, there's always next year right? ;)

Judy said...

Why nien gor for Carrots only? Is she going to bring to me to share? :P

How come you guys lor yee sang on chap gor meh and not on the 9th day of CNY?

just me said...

How was your CNY this year? Received lots of ang pows?

teckiee said...

i didnt get to eat those deep fried mini springrolls stuffed with chicken floss this year =(

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Carrots requested it mah. I think she'll finish up by herself leh. haha!

Errr... Here hor, no law one lah. Lou yee sang everyday one. kekeke.

just me: Err...Not really celebrating cause my grandpa just passed away.

teckiee: Mine was not with chicken floss oh. Mine is with shrimp. hehe.

wmw said...

CNY has come and gone...and later, food intake will return to normal (as in, having nasi lemak for your breakfast!) Hehehe...

Sue said...

Wah..delicious looking food...shiats....hungry liao..

Lynnwei said...

wah...super nice! ahha..i love baguas!!!

erm..kok, stil in miri?

Sasha said...

ai u just reminded me that i never eat nien gau this i craving for it pulak.. sei mowe

kennymah said...

Solly so late... I know fifteen days past di, but still Tahun Tikus, rite? Just not so baru di. Lol.

Have a good year, bro! :D

wonda said...

I had tried yee sang twice but not lou sang. Are they the same?

wonda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lengluigrandma said...


Chap Goh Mei don't know over how long ago already!! Oranges also mouldy!


Kok said...

wmw: In Malaysia, everyday also eat! haha!:P

sue: Come back Malaysia and settle for those food!:D

lynnwei: Nice hor? hehe.

Yea, I'm still back in Miri. :)

sasha: My mum's fridge still got one nien gau. Want me send to you? hahaha!

kenny: Not a problem. Everyday also Chinese New Year mah. haha!

Happy Chinese New Year to you too!:)

Aunty Alice: Yee sang is the dish. Lou sang is the action. Normally hor, we called, Lou Yee Sang. I hope it's right. haha!

Aunty Judy: Weeewiit! Lengluigrandma! hahaha! Aiyo, be patient. Will update soon. :)

lynnwei said...

carrots is going back Miri?

hhm......i want some of the prawn crackers too!!!

and nien gao too!!! i want!! ahhaa...

eastcoastlife said...

Still in Chap Goh Mei mood!
*kicks Kok backside, lari!*

Judy said...

Yawwwnnn, fluffing still?

teckiee said...

hehe chicken or shrimp.. got extra can send me some;p

Kopi Soh said...

SHRIMPEE ROLLS mai favorite!!!!!

wonda said...

Haha, Kok! When I eat sashimi, I can also say "lou yee sang" hor? Hey now is chap No. ? meh oredi wor! Tangerines pun sudah lembek lah. You sibuk cari kerja kah or playing scrabulous?

eastcoastlife said...

*look high and low for Kok*

Probably kick him too hard, he flew off to Space! kekeke....

Hazel said...

ko, mind to exchange link? thanks for visiting

Kleio the Muse said...

*Happily munching on some cuttlefish* Yum yum yum.. I love cuttlefish. So much that I could die for it. Fish, prawn etc types of crackers is my weakness too. Especially fish crackers lah. My oh my, I gonna buy some of it at today's pasar malam.

Thanks again for spoiling my diet dear. Happy belated Chap Goh Mei.

Lynnwei said...

kok..why haven update? did u change blog? kekekekeke

i'm keeping my fingers crossed that u'll be around in july....ahaa

Judy said...

The 'kam' also mouldy already! :(

Kok said...

lynnwei: Carrots did not come back to Miri. She went to Aunty Judy's place. :)

Didn't change my blog. Just that, nothing much to blog about. hehe.

Not quite sure where will I be...*sigh*

eastcoastlife: I'm still here!!!:D

teckiee: No more liao loh. All inside my stomach liao. kekeke.

firehorse: Help yourself!:D

Aunty Alice: "Lou" means mix. So, when you eat sashimi hor, you have to mix with something, then only you can say lou yee sang. haha! Me sibuk do nothing. hehe.

hazel: Not a problem. I'll link you later. :)

kleio: Wah! I thought you only love coffee. Seems like you also like a lot of food too! haha!
Did you get any crackers at pasar malam?

Aunty Judy: Updated!:D

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