Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Are You There?

Anyone remember the Gong Xi Bazaar which I had blogged about? I think, that is the place you can meet a lot of people. Just look at the photos...

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!!!

Dancing Queen, did I accidentally snap a photo of your hubby again? Hehe.

That's what Mirians like.

That's the festive feel; having everyone squeezing here and there in a market.

240 stalls in this annual bazaar.

With so many people in this bazaar, for sure, you can meet some of your friends. Even those whom you have not seen for ages.

God of Fortune.

Not only you can meet people in this bazaar, but you can also take this opportunity to snap as many photos as possible. Of course, not to forget, to buy groceries and some snack for Chinese New Year. :)

Dragon Dance.

Look at this big crowd!

Lion Dance and also Dragon Dance.

The great thing about this bazaar is, you get to watch all those lion and dragon dance for free! For your interest, if you want to watch this kind of performance, you normally need to give "angpao" (red packet) to the lion dance troop. RM 5 or RM 10? Nahh! You must give them at least RM500 for this kind of performance. ;)

For those overseas, you come to the right place. I have two short video clips of lion and dragon dance for your pleasure. :)

Now, tell me Kok's blog is interesting! Or else, no more videos next time! Hahaha! :P


alice said...

Aiyo, so lau juak there! Makes me nostalgic!

Kopi Soh said...

Ok lar Kok's blog is interesting, hehe.

Jackson said...

wow...where is this place ar??? so crowded!!! Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Shionge said...

Whoa..I can feel the vibes and buzzzzzz Kok and of course your blog are interesting :)

wmw said...

So happening! Yah, your blog is very interesting.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

exciting worrrr.....looks bz n happening compared to kl haha

Dalicia said...

it will be more interesting if you were in the dragon dance :)
who wouldn't want to see you in the video? i thought i'll get to see you yah

of course, your blog is always interesting. btw, buy a XT rebel canon. surely get leng luis around you.

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Soon you'll go back to your hometown to feel the same eh?:)

kopisoh: Thank you. :D

jackson: This is Miri Central Market and its surrounding. Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you too!:)

shionge: Hehe. Thanks a lot!:)

wmw: Yaloh, everyone balik kampung (Miri) mah. haha! Thanks!:)

joe: Only happening during Chinese New Year. hehe.

dalicia: Aiyo, you must be joking. I am too fat for that. haha!

I would love to buy leh. Just that hor, money is the problem. Wait till I get a job and have extra $ for it. hehe. So, US lengluis all go for guys with camera huh? Next time must go US once I got new cam. haha! :P

keeyit said...

the bazaar seems happenings le.. happy valentine day and gong xi fatt choi

kiez said...

i accidentally stumbled upon your blog when i googled 'lau shu fen'! haha!

anyway, i missed the CNY bazaar this year ;( stupid working life! sigh. looks fun.. wish i had been there.

kiez said...

i accidentally stumbled upon your blog when i googled 'lau shu fen'! haha!

anyway, i missed the CNY bazaar this year ;( stupid working life! sigh. looks fun.. wish i had been there.

Dancing Queen said...

Haha..I think this year you didn't manage to snap our picture cos if you did, I would know! :D

Judy said...

Kok's blog is so kiasu one ah? Oklah, INTERESTING!!

Nice photos! :)

eastcoastlife said...

So crowded and so happening ah! I think it is cheaper to shop in Miri.

Happy Valentine’s Day Kok!!
*throws chocolates and red roses*

Kok said...

keeyit: Indeed it is! hehe. Happy Valentine to you and Gong Hei Fatt Choy!:D

kiez: Jer Kie? Wah, what a small world in the net. haha! Welcome to my blog!

Are you craving for lau shu fen? :P

Don't worry, there's always next year. :)

dancing queen: If I snapped a photo of you hor, I think I should buy 4D liao. haha! Eh, remind me to ask my mum plant that "leaves" next year for you ok? ;)

Aunty Judy: Not kiasu, needs praise to keep me going. haha!


eastcoastlife: Yaloh! Lots of people lah. Shop in Miri? Hmm..I think it depends on what sort of stuff you wanna shop. Some are expensive, some are cheap.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I know you had a great one. *A box of heart-shaped chocolate for you* :)

Lynnwei said...

wah...looks so meriah!!!

kok, ur blog is exciting enuff even without videos! kekeke...i really like reading ur blog, k!

btw, are u stil in Miri?

teckiee said...

nostalgic indeed. i remember back in the good old days my dad would carry me on his shoulders to watch the lions dancing. they'll throw oranges here and there and I will always be the lucky one catching the oranges!

joy said...

Wow! That looks fantastic. I'm sure I would enjoy being there!

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Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo

Kok said...

lynnwei: Meriah hor?

Wah, thank you thank you! Thanks for supporting!:D

Yea, I'm still back in Miri. Goyang kaki. :P

teckiee: Wah, you're lucky to have your dad carried you on his shoulder to watch lion dance hor? I don't think my dad did that to me cause I was so scared of lion dance back then! haha!

Throwing oranges here and there? It sounds like food fight to me leh. hehe.

joy: Yes, in fact, I enjoyed this every single Chinese New Year. hehe.

Argus Lou said...

Hi, Kok. Nice blog you have!
Happy and healthy Year of the Rat to you and your family.

cibol said...

miri ah? How come doesn't look like miri wan? So happening????

Kok said...

argus lou: Welcome here! Thanks a lot. Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year too!:)

cibol: Welcome to my little blog! Err... Actually...only happening during Chinese New Year. hehe.

bongkersz said...

where is this place again? i mean, which part of miri. nice photos you got there man! i miss miri! sob sob

eastcoastlife said...

Poor Kok,
No Valentine date. No chocolates.
*pat pat*

kennymah said...

Kok's blog is interesting! Now can post more videos? Hahaha...

But seriously I've not seen such crowds before! Very the atmosphere lah. :D

Kok said...

bongkersz: Welcome here!:)

Err...This is the Miri town oh. Near the Central Market here.

Thanks a lot. Hope to take more great pics!:)

Come come Miri!:D

eastcoastlife: Sob sob...

kenny: haha! I'll try take more videos. The video seems more interesting than the not-moving-photos eh?:P

Haha! Only during CNY. :P

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