Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gong Xi Bazaar (2)

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year and I have started to feel so lazy and tired. Anyway, I'll write a post about the Gong Xi Bazaar as promised. Nevertheless, this post is going to be filled with mostly photos.

Gong Xi Bazaar is an annual event in Miri. It is a "pasar malam" which operates just few days before Chinese New Year at the Miri City.

Newly renovated place at the Miri City.

Although you can start browsing through the bazaar few days before Chinese New Year, I strongly suggest you to go there two days before the Chinese New Year (final day of the bazaar).

Miri Central Market at night.

Why? This is because at that day, the Miri Central Market opens from the afternoon till early in the morning next day.

Human sardine.

If you planned to buy any vegie or meat to cook during the Chinese New Year period, you have to do it on the final day of the bazaar. This is due to the fact that, no stall is opened during the first few days of Chinese New Year.

"Lap Cheong" (Cantonese) a.k.a. Chinese Sausages.

That's for last 5 years. Nowadays, supermarket opens on the very first day of Chinese New Year. Fear no more! ;)

Can you spot yourself, dancing queen?

Am I lost?

How many hundreds of Mirians are here?

This is the place where you can meet lots of long lost friends. I met quite a few here.

Lion visiting every stalls.

There are some perfomances to entertain the crowd, too. Singing and lion dance are some of the performances.

"Kam" (in Cantonese) = Gold?

Flowers sold for home decoration.


There are all sorts of stuff being sold. From plants...

All the red stuff give a feeling of Chinese New Year!

"Ong Lai" (in Hokkien) = luck come?

to home decorations...

Pick 'n' Mix candies.

"Fatt Gou" (in Cantonese) = rich?

You can roughly tell how good is the sugar cane drink business on that night.

Barbeque pork. *Slurp*

to foods and drinks...

"Lelong, lelong! Satu pasang RM5!!!"

to clothes...

Ugly octopus.

Baby for sale sleeping.

to some strange stuff such as the ugly octopus and the baby...

Limousine made in Malaysia.

There is also a Proton Limousine Service fetching you to go to and forth the Gong Xi Bazaar! Haha!

Huge, cute God of Fortune.

Last but not least, there's a God of Fortune to wish you a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year ahead! :)


Puskas Csaba said...

Happy new year Kok! Very interresting photos! Its a totally another world like us here in Europe, but very colorful and excited!

wonda said...

Wah, chin lau juak, "nigiyaka" in Japanese, bustling with life. Nice pix.

Dancing Queen said...

Kok, I think you snapped a picture of my hubby from behind! :-)

Kok said...

csaba: Welcome to my full-of-grammatical-errors-blog! Happy New Year to you too! In Europe, I don't think there's any people celebrating Chinese New Year eh? Maybe you can come here and take a look. Totally a different culture. :)

wonda: Nice hoh? Come to Miri one day lah. Then you can see for yourself how nice is Miri!

dancing queen: Hah? Really ah? Which photo? Wah, your hubby must be very lucky. Out of hundreds of people, he's still in the photo. haha!:P

wmw said...

Lovely pictures...So "yit lau" over there!

carr0ts said...

woah, dancing queen is in? hehe.. there's cny celebration every year in london too.. and maybe some other cities like amsterdam with more chinese people.. but definitely NOT in kuman-land *bleks*

Kok said...

wmw: Thanks!:) Yaya, very "yit lau" here. Come here and take a look yourself if you can!:)

carrots: Dancing queen is not in leh. She said only her hubby in wor. haha! Kuman land? Apa itu? haha!:P

Mum in Miri said...

Wow, it does look really lau jiet, yeah. Looks like I truly missed it this year. It does seem a bit like what Kuching's Kenyalang Market is like during CNY!!

Kok said...

mum in miri: Never mind, never mind. There's always next year! Now, enjoy the photos first! hehe.

Dancing Queen said...

I think he's in the photo which you posted twice. The guy with the white shirt on the right. Looks like him. :-)

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