Friday, February 02, 2007

Bakery Cafe

When I thought it was another day without new post for my blog, suddenly, I remember the Nasi Lemak recommended by carrots. She told me Nasi Lemak at Bakery Cafe, Miri, is the best at Miri.

This afternoon, I dragged my Baba to Bakery Cafe for lunch.

Just a small cafe with simple decorations.

Bakery Cafe is located not far from Imperial Mall. It is just opposite a mosque.

Food is prepared here.

Most of the food there is ready cooked. They use a microwave oven to heat it up whenever they get an order from a customer.

Coke float.

Ok, I think I have made the wrong choice for the drink. I should have ordered maybe coffee or chocolate instead of this coke float. For RM3.80 a glass, the coke float has nothing to boast about.

Nyonya Curry.

My Baba ordered a serve of Nyonya Curry. I tried it and I can say this is definitely not the best curry I have tasted. Somemore, I'm a bit surprised when I saw pieces of cabbage in the curry. Is it a new receipe? I forgot how much it costs but I think it's more than RM6.

The long waited Nasi Lemak.

Here come my Nasi Lemak. Indeed, this is one of the best Nasi Lemak in Miri, I would say.

Saliva dripping now?

The rice has a very nice santan (coconut milk) aroma and the texture of the rice is just nice. Rice is very important in Nasi Lemak. As you can see from the name, it emphasises the word "nasi" which means rice in Malay. Therefore, I would tend to give 50% of the overall rating to the rice.

RM5.80 for a plate.

The rice is accompanied by some side dishes which include two pieces of fried chicken, sambal, ikan bilis, half piece of boiled egg, small serve of kangkung, few pieces of cucumber, shredded carrots and lettuce. The sambal can be improved but the fried chicken suits my liking. I think the chicken is marinated with spices and curry powder before it is being deep fried. Two side dishes are missing i.e. peanuts and salted fish but an additional dish, kangkung, is added.

Overall, I would like to give four out of five stars for the Nasi Lemak. Another star would be given if there's an improvement in the sambal and if the peanuts and salted fish are added.

P/s: The food and drinks in this cafe are quite pricey. Be prepare to spend some money for quality food and drinks. :)

P/s/s: Nasi Lemak only available on Mondays and Thursdays.


Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, no lah, not salivating. How to salivate when the photos not showing? I wonder why. I'll come back again later to see if the problem rectifies itself. :))

cc said...

Wa, nasi lemak. My favourite! Nasi lemak here also pretty good. Will blog about it when i have the chance.

FireHorse said...

Nasi Lemak my father's favorite food.

ilene said...

As you can see, the bold display worked! Thanks for the guidance.

The cabbage in the curry is normally used when cooking vegetarian curry. Miri's nasi lemak served with shredded carrot on the side! Not bad!

Dancing Queen said...

We go there about once every fortnight. You should try the Asam Chicken with rice. It's very nice.

As for the nasi lemak, I prefer the Malay shop near Singapore Furniture. It's gotta be one of the more authentic ones. Some like Nagaliar but I don't like it at all. Once the fried chicken still had blood inside! Eewwww!

Lydia Teh said...

Hi Kok, nice food pix.

Kok said...

dr ve thru: Aiyo, lousy pc you have there. haha! Maybe because of the lousy blogger actually. Hopefully by the time you come back, everything will work well.:)

cc:Is it? I have never eaten any nasi lemak in western country. You should blog about it.

firehorse: firehorse, your father like nasi lemak but my father doesn't like it. haha! What's your favourite food leh?:P

ilene: No problem. Small trick there only.:P

Aiks? But the curry my Baba ordered is not vegetarian oh. How come got cabbage one? Errmm...actually only this shop serves shredded carrot on the side. I prefer they change it to peanuts. haha!

dancing queen: Wah! You are the regular customer eh? Asam Chicken ah? I'll try it if I can before I go back to Perth.

Where's that Nasi Lemak stall ah? Is it opposite the KFC at the market there? Nagaliar Nasi Lemak's quality has dropped. Not that nice anymore. Like you said, the fried chicken even has blood in it...Yucks! But their sambal is still the best.

lydia: Welcome lydia! Thanks for the compliment:)

alice said...

u tend to bring back the food to Perth izzzzit>"?Dat's why you blog about it? Go tak chek!

Kok said...

wonda: If can, I wanna bring back all the food back to Perth lah. haha! I will tak chek one. Don't worry. :P

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, ok, pictures are showing now. I like the look of the nasi lemak on banana leaf but shredded carrots?
Coke float, I haven't had that for such a long time!
OK, you got me drooling!

Dr ve Thru said...

How come you teach Ilene to type in bold but never teach me? :(

Don't teach, done lah, I learn myself....

See,See I also can what! :)) Wahahahaha!

wmw said...

Nasi lemak, another one of my fave food (amongst many many many more!) LOL!

ilene said...

KOK, no thanks to you, I just had to have the nasi lemak so I went out to get it for my dinner tonight! Tak boleh tahan oledi!

Judy, Kok and I know you're very intelligent and don't need any teaching mah!

FireHorse said...

my favorite food ah, very boring wan lah chicken rice and chicken chop. He He

Kok said...

dr ve thru: Haha! That's not the real banana leaf lah. That's just a plate. :P

Aiyo, you didn't ask me about the bold bold words. If you ask me, I also teach you one... But see? I don't need to teach you lah. You already know how to do it. hehe

wmw: Seems like you also a food lover eh?:P

ilene: Wah, you really went out for nasi lemak ah? haha!

firehorse: Chicken rice and chicken chop? Then you must know how to cook this two dishes right? I wanna try your cooking! haha!:P

Dancing Queen said...

Ya, the nasi lemak shop is opposite KFC. It's nicer than Nagaliar anytime! Try it! :-)

Kok said...

dancing queen,
alright, I'll try it if possible. Thanks for the recommendation!:)

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