Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Gadget For My Sis

Since it's weekend, I decided to give myself a break from thinking about the accomodation back in Perth. The best way I can think of is to blog. So, yea, here it goes...

I promised my sis a new digital camera last year if she managed to do well in her exams. Your eyes are fine. It's a digital camera! I have to withdraw some amount of money from my savings to buy her a digital camera.

Since she did not bad in her exams, a new Canon IXUS 900Ti for her.

Brand new Canon IXUS 900Ti.

I am just trying to do a few comparions between my Canon Powershot A95 and her Canon IXUS 950Ti.

A typical design of a camera.

Two years ago when I first bought this Canon Powershot A95, the cost is about RM1600++. This includes the camera itself, two sets of rechargeable batteries (8 of them altogether) and charger, a 256mb CF memory card and a camera pouch. This is a 5 megapixel camera.

A better design camera with titanium casing.

Canon IXUS 900Ti costs about RM1600. I have to fork out RM1300 and my sis decided to top up the remaining. The price includes the camera itself, one battery pack and charger, a 1gb SD memory card and a pouch. This is a 10 megapixel camera. Yea, within 2 years, Canon has come out with an amazing 10 megapixel camera. I simply like the titanium casing as titanium won't rust and it is very light.

Side view of the two cameras.

As you can see, Canon Powershot A95 is more bulky and heavier compared to Canon IXUS 900Ti. Both have its own advantages and disadvantages. A bigger camera can offer more grip when taking photos but of course, it'll be quite inconvenient to bring it around.

Back view of Canon Powershot A95.

The Canon Powershot A95 is equipped with a 1.8 inch vari-angle LCD screen which I really like. The vari-angle screen really helps alot when you have to take a photo in a weird angle or position.

Back view of Canon IXUS 900Ti.

Nothing special about the screen of the Canon IXUS 900Ti except for it's large 2.5 inch LCD monitor with wide angle viewing. I find the image in the screen is a bit "shaky". I have no idea why.

Left: Picture taken using Canon Powershot A95.
Right: Picture taken using Canon IXUS 900Ti.

Just a photo comparison between both cameras using the same setting for both. For me, it has no difference. What do you think?

In conclusion, both cameras are worth the money. If you planned to go for a SLR-like-camera, try the Powershot series whereas if you want a small, slim and stylish camera, go for the IXUS series.

For a more complete info/comparison/reviews of different kind of cameras, try DPreview.


Dancing Queen said...

Whoa, Kok, you're such a good brother! And your sis is one fortunate girl. Got a thousand over ringgit camera for doing well in the exam! :-)

Incidentally, we're also using Canon and Canon only.

Kok said...

dancing queen,
What to do? She's my sis afterall ma. hehe.

Wah, you also Canon's fan ah? haha! What model are you using then?

l y n n w e i said... cool, can get a new camera!!! =)
so, when are u going back to Perth? why do u need to think abt accomodation?

Kok said...

Cool? Not me leh. My sis. I'm broke because I have to fork out more than RM1000. haha.

I'm going back to Perth on the 23rd of February. I have moved out from my previous place and I haven't even have a house. That's why still looking for it.

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, you want to be my young, young brother or not? I also need new camera lei.
Your sister is very blessed to have you as a brother.

Dancing Queen said...

Won't tell you which model. You must read my blog under "Gadgets" to find out! :-)

wonda said...

You are a kind and loving brother. Kenji would be glad to have you!

Kleio da Muse said...

Your sis is so lucky to have you as a brother. Such a doting brother :D

By the way, good choice/brand of camera. Canon's the best. Anyway, I think Canon's better than Sony in many ways.

Hmm.. that pix comparison you have taken did have slight differences in terms of lighting and colour - anyhow, both pixs look great. I still can't decide which one looks better.

I'll love to own a digital camera someday...

cc said...

Such a dotting brother you are! Your sister is a lucky lucky girl! :)

Mum In Miri said...

Hey Kok. Me brother never gave me nothing when I did well in exams!!

I am looking for a digital camera too, but something compact and simple which costs below RM1k since I'm not into any serious photography.

Have heard Canon is very user-friendly. Good Choice!!

Kok said...

dr ve thru: One sister is enough to make me broke lah. Don't want liao. haha!:P

dancing queen: Wah, you also have a new camera eh? A710! haha! I prefer the A640 instead. It is black in colour and it has my favourite vari-angle screen. hehe. Anyway, wise choice you have there too. And your hubby gave you a a really good reason to choose a "larger" camera. The AA batteries can last longer than the battery pack (which is equipped with "smaller" camera such as the IXUS series). It's an offset between the larger and the smaller cameras anyway. Larger camera is harder to bring around but have longer batter lifewhereas the smaller camera is very convenient but have a shorter battery life. :)

wonda: Cannot lah. Like I told dr ve thru, if I have another brother/sister, I'll have to fork out all my savings. hehe.

kleio: Just for encouragement. Actually she's studying overseas too and I understand a student without a camera is a pain. That's why decided to give her a camera to record her study life in Aust. :)

Yea, I think Canon is better. In terms of picture quality and user friendliness, Canon is better than Sony.

I have noticed a slight difference in the photo. I think it's due to the high ISO setting for the Canon IXUS 950Ti.

cc: Nolah, nolah. I'm not as doting as you have said. Sometimes, we do fight over very little things. ;)

mum in miri: Aiks, maybe your brother is good to you in other sense, right? hehe.

You are looking for a new camera? Since camera can last you for few years or maybe longer, why not spend few hundred bucks more for a better camera? I'm a Canon's fan,so I'll suggest you to take either IXUS i7 zoom or IXUS 850. IXUS i7 zoom is cheaper and a little bit more stylish. Whereas I prefer the IXUS 850 (actually I wanted to buy that for my sis but ermm...I asked her to fork out another RM100 for a 10 megapixel instead of the 7.1 megapixel for IXUS 850). You're not into professional photography, so I suggest those two cameras.

You can take a look at

Like you said, indeed, Canon is one of the most user friendly camera I have ever tried. :)

FireHorse said...

Wah your sister so lucky, you are going to make some woman a very nice husband next time because of your loving nature, can see from how well you treat your family.

Tummythoz said...

Waa.. so generous. So, got special present for 1st time commentor on your blog or not? Hehehehe.

wmw said...

Kok : sweet of you. Blessed sis!

Kok said...

firehorse: Some women? Hmm.. I don't know if I can have so many wives leh. haha! By the way, I'm not as good as you think lah. ;)

tummythoz: Welcome to my humble blog!:) Ermmm...I already broke you still want me to pull out some dollar notes from my pocket ah? :P

wmw: hehe. My sis is happy, but there's a hole in my pocket. Cham cham!:P

lynnx01 said...

Your sis Chiew Lee??? SOOOOO NICE!!! Can you now try to brainwash my sis to get me a digicam too??? HAHAH!

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