Tuesday, February 27, 2007

House 2007

Ok, as promised, I'll write something about my new accomodation in Perth here.

I'll start from the outside of the house before I describe the inside of the house.

Swan River.

Everyday I have to use this road, which is the main road to my house, to go back and forth my uni. It's a wonderful view of Swan River.

A small park outside my housing area.

There's a small park with benches outside my housing area. It's a nice place for dating at night. ;)

Main entrance.

I live in one of the units of a house or I should say a building. It is a three rooms unit which accomodate Darren, Chris and I.

The entire building.

I don't think it's a good idea to review which unit I'm staying at the moment for the sake of security and privacy.

Empty living room.

Once entering the house, there's a staircase which leads you to the living room (second floor unit) . At the moment, it's just an empty living room. My housemates and I plan to buy at least a dining table with chairs and put it here.


The house has quite a big kitchen. However, it doesn't come with a fridge. We plan to buy a fridge as soon as possible. Without a fridge, we can't do any cooking!


There's a balcony for us to get some cool air outside.

One of the bathrooms/toilets.

This bathroom/toilet belongs to Chris and I and also the visitors to the house. Another housemate of mine, Darren, has his own bathroom/toilet in his master bedroom.

Laundry room.

The house also has a laundry room. Again, without the most important thing in a laundry room, washing machine. Hopefully we can find a second hand washing machine soon.

Three bedrooms.

The house has three bedrooms. Darren got the master bedroom, Chris got the second largest room while I got the smallest room. Actually all the rooms are almost the same size just that there's a slight difference for each room. For instance, my room doesn't have a built-in-wardrobe while Chris' room does have one.

My haven't-cleaned-messy-room.

That's my room. It's big enough for me to store all my stuff. I haven't really cleaned everything up yet since most of my stuff are still with my friends. I'm waiting for weekends.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the house despite the rent is a bit too expensive for me.

Another thing which I'm quite disappointed is...

Take a look outside the window of my room.

There's a construction site just beside the house! It is an "alarm clock" for me every morning!


wmw said...

Looks nice. You have the smallest of the three rooms, does that mean your share of the rent is less?

Kenny Mah said...

Well, the insides may look bare (though I'm sure you and your housemates will soon take care of that) but the park, river, entrance outside all look fantastic! I'm sure you'll have a great time there in Perth.

Mum In Miri said...

Wah... considered very good living quarters for students. I used to live in pretty shabby flats during student days @ NZD100 per week. How much per week is yours?

Kleio the Muse said...

Nice house. Love esp the view of the Swan River *Sigh longingly*

Kok, are your house mates bullying you? Then again, I believe you are just being nice. You seem like that kind of nice guy.

Wish you well and best of luck in your new environment. Am excited for you.

Anonymous said...

Kok, nice clean modern place unlike my sister's days in university, we lived in a old unit and I took a while to get used to the place. :)

So, is this going to be your permanent place (near uni?) cos I remember you blogged about findind a place near uni.

Take care......


Sasha said...

aiyo...the view all nice nice until the end...got construction. u sleeping half way got ppl come and say Halo...or not?

Kok said...

wmw: Ermmm...We pay equally because we came out with an agreement. Since both of my housemates were coming back earlier than me (2 weeks) to look for house, they'll have the bigger room and we pay equally.

kenny: Don't worry, I'll try to enjoy myself here. :)

mum in miri: Yea, consider quite good already. I pay Aud$130 per week for the room. Actually I don't intend to stay in such an expensive place but no choice. No more property around and since it's my final year (I hope) here, I actually don't mind. By the way, which part of NZ are you in?

kleio: hehe. I prefer to live in a cheaper place with no scenery leh. hehe.

Bullying me? What makes you think so? hehe. Nolah, they're not bullying me. :)

Thanks for the wishes. I hope I can get used to the environment real soon.

Judy: Consider quite good already this place when compare to the place I used to live in last year. Actually, I can live in a place which is old and run down since I think that won't be my permanent house and I'm sure I'll move away one day.

Yea, this is going to be my permanent place for at least till the end of November. This is a place which took me 20 minutes to go to uni! Imagine you have to walk for at least 40 minutes a day (back and forth the uni). haha! I hope can get keep fit with that. ;)

sasha: haha! That's why I'm a bit disappointed with the place loh. Everything is good except for the stupid construction site. haha! Nolah, they won't come and say hi. They'll only say hi to me when I strip naked in my room. haha!

Mum In Miri said...

I was in Hamilton for 5 years. Hamilton is about 2 hours drive south of Auckland (lots of people don't know Hamilton and normally just drive thru it coz no attraction whatsoever!!).

Kok said...

mum in miri,
I have heard about Hamilton before. But of course, I never been there. Hehe. I never been to any part of NZ to be exact. I have friends in Christchurch though. :)

carr0ts said...

walk 40 mins a day is such good exercise! :) and after a year there, you will realise how fast and how far u can walk without feeling tired at all.. great!

eh, i saw got big oven!! :) can bake more Green cakes.. haha..

Kok said...

Not only 40 minutes lah. Remember? I always go back and forth the uni lah. It might takes me an hour or two just on walking. haha! Probably you won't be able to recognise me if I was to lose some weight. hahaha!

Yea! There's an oven here! But I have yet to know how to operate it. hehe. Don't worry. Engineer mah. Nothing is impossible. I'll try to see if I can have some time to bake a cake. This time, I won't have to turn and turn and turn the cake like what I did when using a toaster to take. :P

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