Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hiatus Mode

Dear all,

I'll be going back to Perth this Friday. I have too many things to do but with very limited time. Thus, I decided to go into hiatus mode. I promise to update all the Chinese New Year's photos as soon as possible.

Hope you guys won't stop visiting my blog.

Till then,

Take care and regards,


MuminMiri said...

Have a good trip to Perth. Looking forward to your food blogs in Perth so I can drool over it here in Miri. And when you are freezing in cold, do remember the heat in Miri and you will appreciate the chill!!

Dancing Queen said...

It was good having you back in Miri. Do keep blogging!

wmw said...

Safe journey! Hear from you again from Perth! (will email you later...)

wonda said...

Have a safe and good trip. Hope your accomodation problem is settled. Keep in touch, Kok.

lynnx01 said...

Time flies and you're in your final year now, right? That's like.. super fast!

FireHorse said...

Hi dear kok, I am back, I hope that you have safely arrived in Perth and doing Ok, of course I would not stop visiting your blog, take your time to settle in and enjoy your last year. Do make the most of it. Hope you oso found a place to stay.

Kok said...

mum in miri: Thanks a lot! I'll try to blog more about the food in Perth. Oh yea, the price of the food in Perth has increased! So sad...

dancing queen: I'll keep blogging. Do come to my blog when you are free. It's nice to know you!:)

wmw: I have safely landed in Perth. Thanks for your wishes. I'm still waiting for you email. hehe.

wonda: Thanks for the concern and wishes, aunty. I'll definitely keep you in touch. :)

lynnx01: Yea, time flies! I'm in my final year and if everything goes smoothly (which I really hope for), I'll be graduating this year. You too, study smart and wish you all the best!

firehorse: Finally you're back, firehorse. Welcome back! How's your holiday? Enjoying yourself with your family? Thanks for the concern and wishes. It's nice to have you back in the blogosphere!:)

Anonymous said...

Always nice food pictures that make me salivate! What kind of camera are u using?

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