Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sultana Cafe

Tonight, I had my dinner with my Mama, Yee Yee (Aunt) and my sis at Sultana Cafe.

Sultana Cafe.

Sultana Cafe is located near Al Fresco Cafe at Pelita Commercial Centre. Somewhere around Servay Hypermarket.

A small shop.

It's just a small shop with additional tables and chairs outside the shop. It offers Asian and Western meals.

Look at what's highlighted red.

What caught my eyes is the Bario Rice they served. Bario is a gateway to the Kelabit Highlands of Central Borneo. I haven't been to Bario before but I can say the rice produced there is of high quality and tasted just great!

Teh Tarik or beer?

I ordered a glass of Teh Tarik (milk tea). Three words... "I LIKE IT!"

Peach Lassi.

My Yee Yee ordered this Peach Lassi (peach flavour yoghurt drink). I didn't try it but my sis claimed that it has egg flavour in it. :O

Nasi Pattaya Sultana's Special.

Since I was more interested with it's Bario Rice, I decided to have Nasi Pattaya Sultana's Special.

RM9 a plate.

It is fried Bario Rice with seafood (prawn and squids) in an "egg basket". The rice has curry powder which makes it smell good. It doesn't disappoint me at all especially its Bario Rice. Two thumbs up for this Nasi Pattaya Sultana's Special.

Nasi Goreng Kampung Style for RM7.

My Yee Yee tried this Nasi Goreng Kampung Style. It is fried rice served with a fried chicken wing, an egg and few pieces of cucumbers. Nothing special about this dish except, again, for its Bario Rice.

My Mama had curry chicken which I think is a bit too salty and not up to my standard. As for my sis, she checked out the Nasi Lemak there and it's not as nice as the Nasi Lemak I had at Bakery Cafe.

Conclusion: There are still room to improve for the food in this cafe but I must praise them for their delicious Bario Rice they served. Other than that, the food there is a bit too pricey for most of the Mirians here.

P/s: I might try their Western meal next time.


FireHorse said...

The teh tarik looks reaaaallly good, I love teh tarik, how come Miri seems to have the best food?

Kok said...

Miri seems to have the best food but I think it's limited. Now I have no idea where to go for food liao. Have tried most of it. haha!

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, the fried rice gives me an idea for tomorrow night's dinner lah.
Teh tarik, I don't dare to have anymore. My last trip to Malaysia, on the way back from JB, my cousin ordered me a strong teh tarik...wah, after that I was sick for 2 days. Beh tahan the very strong tea.

FireHorse said...

kok I posted an answer to your question on feeds.
dr ve thru: If you are reading this, yes a feed will inform me who has new posts.

ilene said...

KOK, food some more! Aiyo, like that hor, really very difficult to buy baju oledi! Eh, you take pictures of menu and restaurant the owner never scold you wan ah? After they might think you trying to copy their style.

Kok said...

dr ve thru:But you don't have bario rice there lah. haha! Yea, not everyone can take up tea. Just like coffee+milo. Ever tried it before?:P

firehorse: I saw it liao. I think I sort of understand what's that. :P

ilene: Aiyo, you can tahan and don't eat ma. haha! Errmm...Did you notice all the photos are taken using handphone? That's one of the reason loh. I also scare scare the owner will scold me. But, for the sake of of my blog readers, I dare to take. hahaha! Eh, I do promotion for them FREE leh! They should treat me eat. :P

wmw said...

Alamak, it's 2am, hungry. See your post, now lagi hungry!

FireHorse said...

kok no new software or download needed, look to the left edge of your computer screen the yellow star under Google, click on that and three thing drop, first is favorites, next to it is feed, click on feed. See if you can find it, if not, I'll think more about how I can better explain. OK

Kok said...

wmw: haha! Maybe I should not post too much food posts:P

firehorse: Don't have wor, firehorse. Different web browser have different setting leh. hehe. Never mind lah, it's ok. :)

FireHorse said...

oh, sorry ya kok, I dunno wor, I tot all the same wan.

Kok said...

not a problem. :) No internet connection at home at the moment. At my aunt house now and will be heading home in a minute. See you soon!:)

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