Sunday, February 25, 2007

Emotional Farewell

It was a long day today. It was a day for me to leave Miri for a place which Ioften describe it as the "Land of Kangaroo". It wasn't so bad for me but I could sense how sad my mama is. To have both her children to leave her at the same time. I think she's more worried about my sister. I can tell that from her eyes when she's looking at me. Her eyes are red and fill with tears.

We went to Brunei for Perth at about 8a.m. after breakfast. Supposingly, only my baba was sending us to the airport but I requested my baba to bring along my mama. There we go, about a two hour journey from Miri to Brunei.

Upon reaching Brunei, I hugged my mama on her waist while walking towards the check-in counter. My baba and sis were leading us. We saw many familiar faces. Everyone was rushing to go back to their studies.

After checking in, we found a place to sit while waiting for the time to pass by slowly. One second after another. My mama was talking to my sis. Assuring my sis that everything is not as bad as my sis thinks. I was having my mind off, about how am I going to settle everything within these two days. I have to get ready for uni and also I have my accomodation to settle. I have found a place actually, just need to get everything done so that I have a comfortable place to live in. "Can I handle it?", I asked myself.

My mama then woke me up. She asked me, "Wei (my family call me this instead of "Kok"), nothing to worry about right? You tell your sis". I didn't say anything. Only nodding my head as a sign of agree. I don't know how to comfort my sis. I know she's having a hard time in Adelaide. I just kept telling my sis that she'll only have another one and a half year to go and everything will be over.

After an hour or so, it's time to go. I'm quite sad but I just have to act like nothing happen. I don't want my baba and mama to worry about me. I hugged my mama and told her that we had to leave. One year is short, I told her to wait for us to come back to her again. My mama then hugged my sis whom she's worried more while I was telling my baba that we were going to leave. When my sis and I were walking towards the gate, I turned back and waved at my parents. I tried to control myself, not to let them know I was actually quite heavy-hearted to leave them.

It was indeed an emotional farewell for me and my sis, and of course, my parents...

P/s: Dear all, I have safely landed in Perth and am currently residing in an apartment near uni with two other friends. Thanks for all the wishes and concern. I'll show some photos of the apartment soon after I settle all my stuff. Till then...:)


Dancing Queen said...

So touching you made me tear. Your sis studies in Adelaide? I studied there too, long long time ago. What is she studying? Adelaide is a very nice place. How I wish I was there again!

Kok said...

dancing queen,
Sorry I made you tear. *Hand over a box of tissue to dancing queen*. Yea, my sis studies in Adelaide. She's pursuing a degree in Biotech. I haven't been to Adelaide leh. (Actually, besides Perth, I haven't been to any other states in Aust.:P) Hopefully can go there when my sis graduates later. :)

Anonymous said...

Kok, glad to hear you landed safely. Is your sister living with you?

You know, it does not matter how long you've left home or how old you are, there will always be tears when we depart from our loved ones at the airport (sometimes even before going to the airport). Even as I write this, my eyes are welled up with tears thinking of my parents and siblings whom I miss so much.

Take care and have a great year. Everything will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Kok, that was me, Judy! :)

Jane said...

Saying goodbye only gets harder as we grow.. *sigh*
it's my turn tomorrow. gambate to all of us.. jia yoU!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you've reached safely and settled down. Thank you for your honest opinion and comments on my blog. You are a good son.

wmw said...

Aiyah, luckily I'm not there. I'm a real softie, sure cry one! Ok, email reply after I wipe my tears..:o)

Kok said...

Aunt Judy: Hello Aunt Judy! It's so nice to hear from you again. I thought after you have closed your blog, you won't come to my blog again.

Yea, where ever there's a meet, there'll always be a depart. I'm sorry if I made you thinking of your parents and siblings. I hope you can meet them as soon as possible.

Thanks for the wishes. I wish you all the best in everything too. Don't forget to visit here whenever you have time. Take care!:)

jane: I'm having a nice time with you all during the Chinese New Year. It has been a long time we (cousins) haven't really sit down together. Luckily there's Chinese New Year which help us to do so. hehe. Take care over there. Hope you enjoy your time with your family. :)

wonda: I don't dare to say I'm a good son. I do have arguements with my parents sometimes. I hope you'll do what you want to do and I'll truly support you.

wmw: Aww.. Please no more crying! Hehe. *A box of tissue for wmw*. I'm waiting for your mail. :)

FireHorse said...

*Hugs* I know leaving is hard but focus and do well, I am sure you will make them proud.

carr0ts said...

yerr.. this sunday's my turn...!!
:( ish ish!! is ur sis ok? what problems in adelaide? i heard it's an okay place leh.. was puzzled ur sis having problems there.. :/

Kok said...

firehorse: Thanks a lot. I'll try my best, don't worry:)

carrots: You have been in Miri for quite some time eh? Don't worry, time flies fast. Soon I'll hear you coming back Miri again. :) My sis? She's having problem with accomodation too. And some problems with her studies. Adelaide is good, just some of the problems she faced. I think she'll be ok soon.

lynnx01 said...

Your sis is same uni with Sharon, right? I hear that Adelaide is a nice place.. quiet and not too busy. Well, I can relate to emotional farewells. I used to cry at the airport even though it was only flying to KL and I come back every few months. That time I cried, my mum told me, "hey, why cry. It's not like you're going to marry off somewhere faraway"... haha.

lawcl said...

Hi.. It's kok's sis here. I m fine here..=) don't worry.just sometimes will be emotional and cry a bit..haha..still not get used to the independent mode after 3 years going out of mama's palm and live.=)

Kok said...

lynnx: yea, she's in the same uni as Sharon. Adelaide is indeed quite a nice place I supposed. A little bit smaller and quieter than in Perth. Wah, go KL also cried ah? Luckily you're not coming here, if not, Miri will have a flood. :P

Kleio the Muse said...

There...there... *pats Kok on the back* You stay strong ok. And watch out for your health.

Times do fly... hence, it wouldn't be long till you are back by your mama and papa's side kay ;)

Meanwhile we shall be there mentally supporting you. 'Ka-Yau' Believe in yourself, and everything will fall into its places.

Kok said...

Thanks for everything. Don't worry too much about me. When I get busier, I won't have the time to think that much. hehe. Yea, time does flies fast. I hope I can enjoy my time here in Perth.:)

carr0ts said...

Actually, I think each time I cried, it wasn't because I'm leaving home, it's because I have to go back to THAT PLACE! ('cos I don't remember crying in airport when I was still studying in KL) arh, darn place! >:(

Kok said...

How come you hate that place so much ah? I don't like Perth is just because of the exams only. haha

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