Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why I Blog?

Sasha, mother of little Jayden, tagged me this time! I don't know why she has chosen to tag me. Maybe she doesn't see the reasons I blog or maybe she wants to know why this young lad just like to sit in front of the computer and blog instead of partying outside like other youngsters.

Anyway, I find this meme quite useful. So, I'll list down 5 reasons (this meme requires 5 reasons) why I blog as below:
  1. To keep in touch with friends and relatives. After I own a blog, I don't need to go around and email everyone what have I been doing all these while. They can read it themselves whenever they want. Ok, I'm just being lazy. :P
  2. To make this blog a place to show off the photos I have taken. I take photos because it's my interest. I just want to share it with anyone who's interested in.
  3. To improve my English. English needs practice. I just want to use this blog to practise and to improve my English. Am I improving? You guys be the judge.
  4. To make new friends. I have made some friends after I set up this blog. To name a few, Firehorse, Wonda, Judy, Ilene, Sasha, Dancing Queen, Mum In Miri, wmw, Kleio, Tummythoz, Kenny Mah and etc. (sorry if I missed any of you out).
  5. To make this blog an electronic diary for me. It's fun to look back what you have done especially with all the photos on it. :)
I think that's about it for this meme.

Whom should I tag? I'll give the freedom to everyone who's interested in this meme.


Anonymous said...

Kok, yes blogging is good. I have no doubt about it. :))
Eh, is there one meme on 'Why I don't blog anymore'? Hahaha.
How are you settling back in Perth? Where does your sister stay if not with you?
Take care,

Kok said...

Blogging is good but it takes up some time to write a post. hehe.

Huhh! You this Aunty very naughty eh? There's no such meme lah. hahaha!

Errmm, I'm still ok here except, I haven't done any cleaning to my room yet. And also still some of the things to settle.

My sis actually studies in Adelaide. She just came here for transit. She's staying with my cousin when she's here. Girl and girl, easier. hehe.

You too take care. Rest well!:)

Kenny Mah said...

Did you miss anyone? What about me? Hey, I'm an online friend too, right? ;)

Seriously though, I like your reasons for blogging. They all serve to improve yourself and your relationships while building new ones. Worthy causes.

P.S. One way to improve your English is to write stories, poems, articles, etc. Treat your blog as an experimental canvas for you; I know I do with mine! :)

Kok said...

Oh yea, I forgot. I'll add you to the list later. :)

I don't really know if I have improved myself and relationships or not. I just try to do so.

Stories, poems and etc? Aiyo, I'm not good in all that leh. Somemore, I'm not a creative person. That's why I deal with the "dead stuff" (engines, valves etc.). haha. Anyway, I'll try if there's any inspiration. No harm trying, right?:)

Dancing Queen said...

My reasons for blogging are basically about the same as yours. It's a good avenue to vent out our frustration and let people around us know us better.

It's been great knowing you too! :-)

wmw said...

Wah, kok, I'm honoured! That's because you want me to be your food guide, huh? Hee hee....

Kok said...

dancing queen: But sometimes, we have our constraint in blogging too leh. hehe.

Nice knowing you too! But pls, don't suddenly come up to me when you see me in shopping centre and say, "I KNOW YOU!". Then, I'll be like...."errrrmmmm...". haha!

wmw: Nolah nolah, I don't want you to become only my food guide. I also want you to become my tour guide. That's why you're being honoured. haha! Joking lah k?:P

Dancing Queen said...

I know what you mean when you said that there is a limit to what you can blog. Sometimes, discretion needs to be exercised to avoid misunderstanding.

Don't worry, I won't do that to you at the shopping centre unless I know how you look like. :-)

I did that to Andy of Life is Exciting because he posts photos of his family in his blog. I also did that because I knew I'd probably won't see him again. (He has since moved to KL.)

Kok said...

dancing queen,
Yea, that's exactly what I mean. That's why you won't see any post about any relationship. I rather keep it to myself. :)

If you browse around my blog, you'll definitely find some photos of myself. haha! But of course, you won't be able to see the photos of my parents since I plan to keep it confidential. Privacy. hehe.

But you're a West M'sian right? Maybe you'll meet him again in KL?

Jackson said...

i think we got the same reason of blogging---to improve my english!!

lynnx01 said...

I like your reason on improving your English!

Kok said...

jackson: Thanks for dropping by. Let us work together to improve our English!:)

lynnx01: Hopefully can improve lah. haha!:P

FireHorse said...

kok: Good reasons you have there and thanks for mentioning me. I am so glad you came into my life too, made it so much richer. Thank you, dear.
Judy ah, if you got no blog liao how can we tag you with a meme lidat??

Kok said...

I'm glad you did came into my life too. Fill me up with all the interesting stuff you have in your blog. Thanks a lot too!:)

Too bad you don't have an email. If not, you can tag Judy using email. hehe.

Anonymous said...

now I see it..

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