Friday, March 02, 2007

Reunion Dinner (Late Post)

It's almost the end of Chinese New Year. I think I somehow forgot to write a post about Chinese New Year.

When I tried to dig out the photos I think I have taken during Chinese New Year, it was actually nothing much! Luckily my sis had generously supplied me with some Chinese New Year reunion dinner's photos. If not, I wouldn't have know what to post.

Kok Chee Restaurant.

Our big family, which consists of nine small families, went to Kok Chee Restaurant for our reunion dinner. I actually don't like the idea of going to the restaurant for reunion dinner. We just eat and go. No time for gathering. Since the adults have decided to do so two years ago, I have no choice but to follow.

Steamed Fish.

There were about six to seven dishes altogether. I couldn't remember about some of the dishes though. However, I'll try my best to recall. The fish doesn't seem to be so mouth watering I would say. The taste is not up to the maximum and I couldn't taste any freshness in the fish.

Shark Fin Soup.

This shark fin soup has nothing to boast about. Almost the same for every restaurants.

"Bao Bei" and mushrooms with brocolli.

I think this was one of the most favourite dishes out of all. Maybe because it's not too "heavy" and it's simply delicious!

Roasted Chicken.

I prefer the roasted chicken at Golden Restaurant instead. Mainly because the skin of the roasted chicken here is not crispy enough.

Pork Leg with Vegie and Buns.

This is one of my favourite dish. Despite it's quite fattening, I still couldn't resist myself to keep stuffing it into my mouth. Not only the meat is yummy, but also the buns. Dipping the bun with the sauce or eating the bun with the meat is so much nicer than the burger!

Those are the photos I have. There were few more dishes which I think my sis couldn't manage to snap a photo of. You know, it's hard to take a photo when everyone has their chopsticks ready, trying to get the food as soon as possible.

It might not be the best reunion dinner I have ever had but certainly, manage to get everyone in the family for a dinner is the most enjoyable.

Mickey Mouse wishes you Happy Chap Goh Mei in advance!

So, what do you have for your Chap Goh Mei's dinner?

P/s: Normally Kok Chee Restaurant serves very high standard food. Maybe due to the overwhelming customers on that day, the standard drops slightly. Nevertheless, it's still one of the best restaurants around.


Kenny Mah said...

Heh, I like the Chap Goh Mei Mickey Mouse. Made me wish I had taken photos of my reunion dinner. It was at home though, and my greedy nephew and nieces were walloping the makan before anyone could grab a camera anyway. :P

Btw, I've linked to your blog on my Bookmarks page --- I'm labelling your blog as KOKadoodle cos it's more catchy that way... ;)

wmw said...

You saw the post on my home cooked food right? That's what I have for reunion dinner. Not sure what's happening for Sunday's dinner though...

FireHorse said...

I am going to have my Chap Goh meh dinner tomorrow, it is a potluck because we all dun have families here :o( we get together at a friends house and celebrate.

Kok said...

Kenny: haha! That's my cousin's idea though. Yea yea, children won't let us take a photo of the food. They'll just grab whenever they feel like.

Thanks for the link. :)

wmw: That's so yummy food you have lah, wmw. I wish I had those food for reunion dinner. I'm sure you'll have more food for tomorrow's dinner!

firehorse: At least not too bad. I don't even know whether I have a dinner or not. Fridge still not found yet. Aih... If I was at Miri at the moment, my dad sure will bring us out for a dinner.

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha, u're so creative minded man, i mean dat mickey mouse. I've not been to sarawak before, any good food to recommend?

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
I'm not creative. That's my cousin's idea. haha! Sarawak? Hmm... you ever heard of Sarawak Kolo Mee? I think that's the best. You can't find it anywhere. haha! Come to Sarawak if you have time. Cuti-cuti Malaysia!

Kleio the Muse said...

That Pork Leg really looks tantalizing wor *slurp*

I love your Mickey Mouse pix too. Very creative. It shows us how contented you are with the food. Compliments to the chef?

My family don't follow the custom of having Chap Goh Mei dinner :(

Sasha said...

nice mickey mouse..u very creative ah

Kok said...

kleio: I think you'll enjoy the Pork Leg. It's really nice!

Haha! That's not my idea actually. My cousin actually wanna try one of the functions in my sis' camera. A function to detect a person's face or something. So, he's trying to make something (Mickey Mouse in this case) and try to see if the camera can detect or not. haha!

Is it? Actually, it's just another dinner. Nothing really special for Chap Goh Mei's dinner. Most families nowadays don't follow this custom anymore.

sasha: Next time you can try it in the restaurant and impress everyone with this! haha!

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