Thursday, March 08, 2007

Book Fest and Sausage Sizzle

Last Tuesday was a very busy day for me.

Kok The weather is super hot lah!

Despite the hot weather, with the temperature exceeded 42 degrees Celcius, the International Student Service (ISS) managed to organise two events; Book Fest and Sausage Sizzle. As I'm one of the committees, I was expected to get involved.

Small Book Fest.

Book Fest was organised by the Education and Welfare Officer of the ISS.

Various second hand books for sale.

Basically, the Book Fest is a place for all the students to buy and sell second hand books.

"Aud$30 for two books, can?"

ISS doesn't make any profit from this Book Fest for your information. It is a direct sales between the students.

Sausage Sizzle.

In the afternoon of the very same day, ISS organised a Sausage Sizzle for all the international students.

Come and grab a sausage with bun for free!

The main objective for this Sausage Sizzle is to extend the warmest welcome for all the international students.


The ISS committees took this opportunity to explain to the students about the advantages upon becoming an ISS member.

Chit chat and have fun!

Guess which country they come from.

Some came just to grab free food but some came to meet more friends.

Part of the ISS committees, one guy and all girls.

Both events received overwhelming response from the students. Well done to all the ISS committees. Next event up would be Swan Valley Trip. Stay tuned!:)

P/s: Apologise if you think this post is not properly done cause the weather is so hot and I just don't have the mood to write well. I'm melting at the moment...


lynnx01 said...

Wahhhh 42Celcius?? Crazy! Hotter than Msia lah.

Muminmiri said...

Is that you in the first picture, Kok? It is nice to put a face to a name.

I love sausage sizzle. Like I said, local sausages cannot beat the sausages in "angmo" countries. I used to buy them at NZD1 each, normally outside supermarkets - sausage and fried onions. Yummmm.... Why doesn't Boulevard do the same at their mega supermarkets!!

Kok said...

lynnx01: Haha! It is hotter than Malaysia. Some more, the wind is hot! *FAINT*

muminmiri: Roger. I'll put a name later. haha! It's one of my worst look. I have to walk 20 mins home under the hot scorching sun!

Yaya, angmoh here also eat sausage with fried onions. Maybe you can suggest to Boulevard or you open a stall there. Then you'll earn heaps! haha! Actually I like sausage sizzle too. But, not too often. I'll get sick of the sausage. hehe

lawcl said...

haha..luckily Adelaide's weather is getting better. It was 35 celcius last friday and I have to hide myself in the uni to get air-conded!=P I heard it is still hot in perth this few it?

wonda said...

Just dropped by to say "Hello". Good. Get busy, Kok!

Dancing Queen said...

Hey, kok, wah surrounded by so many girls... Which one are you interested in? Tell, tell, then I can give my opinion whether good or not. Hehehe! :-) Sibuk me!

Kenny Mah said...

Gosh, Kok, you really, really, really weren't joking about the temperatures there, were you? :P

Glad to see you and your friends having fun though. Esp. with the sausage sizzle: If you can't beat them (the heat), join them (bakar-lah sosej)!

Tummythoz said...

Hahaha u sure look exhaustedly dehydrated. Make d weather here in M'sia feel sooo cool.

Kok said...

lawcl: 35 is still ok lah. Ermm..Perth will be cooler from tomorrow..but still 30+ degrees Celsius.

wonda: Hello Wonda, nice to hear from you. How are you? Getting any better? Hope everything's fine for you. Yea, I'm getting busy already. I'll see if I can get this blog updated as frequently as last time or not. hehe.

dancing queen: To be honest, none of them leh. haha! They either have boyfriends, or not "ngam" me. Picky eh?:P

kenny: I'm SERIOUS. haha! My friend told me the highest temperature for that day was 42.7 degree celsius. It's like a big oven, man.

Actually, just ok ok lah. Maybe because of the heat, I was not that enjoyed. I'm the one who bakar the sausage before I surrendered and went around to take photos. haha!:P

tummythoz: Malaysia is so much better than here. I can't stand the heat here!

wmw said...

Wah....sausages again???? Hee hee...see? Good stuff eh? Can't stop eating them! LOL...Was thinking how come mostly girls gathering at the stall till I saw the last pic that explains it all! Woo hoo...You're THE man!

FireHorse said...

Hei dat picture you kah? Nice now I know how you look like. I oso wan free sausage with bun but dun think I can pass off as student :o( said...

International student ... I see mainly Asian leh ...

Kok said...

wmw: SAUSAGES again! haha! I don't know how come they like sausages that much. For your information, next week they're going to have a sausage sizzle again. Of course I'm the MAN leh. If not, WOMAN ah? hahaha!

firehorse: That's me! But of course, it's my dehydrated look. hehe. You want a sausage with free bun? No worries, if you can't pass off as a student. I'll anytime give it for you free!:)

yenjai: I don't have any idea too. Others don't seem like interested in this kind of club. hehe.

MeiyeN said...

O_o 42 celcius???????? oh my god... faints!!!!!!

Xiu Long Bao said...

OMG, luckily i escaped! but hey, it is coming to the end of summer isn't it? Remember to apply suntan lotion cus the sun light is dreadful in aussie!

Kok said...

meiyen: Yaya, Celcius. haha. You should try the heat here...:P

xiu long bao: Yea, now is autumn already. I think last few days were the transition period. That's why it's extremely hot. I don't apply any lotion before leh. I like my skin tanned!

FireHorse said...

Thanks kok, now maybe dun wan sausgae anymore, got BBQ chicken or not? Happy Weekend! Are there a lot of Malaysian students at your Uni? The other day my frens and I were discussing why ABC students dun mix with international students altho both may be same "race". Wonder why hor?

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, Kok, are you from Malaysia? You should be used to summer in Perth already mah? :P

I think in Malaysia, you never stand out in the sun like that. I believe it's from cool house to air-cond car to air-cond shopping centre and restaurants. :))


just me said...

How was the book sales. I think it is a great idea

Kok said...

firehorse: BBQ chicken ah? Don't have leh. Chicken is so much expensive than the sausages, so you won't be able to see any BBQ chicken here. hehe.

In my uni, there're more Singaporeans although yea, of course, some Malaysians. ABC tends to mix more with the angmo. Maybe because they live in Australia for so long and they simply adapt to the culture here already. So, their friends are mostly angmo. Somemore hoh, most of the Malaysians here don't speak good English. Maybe that's another reason why they don't mix with us.

Aunty Judy: I'm from Malaysia lah. Just that, the heat here is quite different from the heat in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the air is quite humid and you can easily sweat. Here in Perth, the air is so dry that you hardly even sweat. Thus, make you more HOT.

Haha! True also. But actually, I do like to stand outside the sun. I don't like to stay in the aircond room for too long.

just me: The book sales was not too bad. Sellers get to change their book to cash while the buyers need not fork out more money to buy the first hand text book. Both parties have a smile on their face. :)

Anonymous said...

Wah, Kok, now I am Aunty Judy honoured. :))

Is today's temperature better for Kok boy? :P

I promised to send you an easy cake recipe hor but wait till it's not so hot first ok?

Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
Actually it's not an honour eh? I thought it'll just make you feel older? :P

Today's temperature not too bad. Now it's Autumn I guess. The reason why the temperature was so high for the past few days is the transition period from summer to autumn I guess.

Yea, haven't sent me a cake receipe! Make sure the ingredients are easy to obtain. hehe. I also have to wait for a fridge before I can make any cake.

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