Sunday, March 25, 2007

Busy Bee?

As most of you have noticed, I update my blog less often these days. I have too many things to catch up and 24 hours a day are not really sufficient for me.

Basically my daily routine is like this. Everyday, I wake up at about 9 a.m. (most of the days but sometimes as early as 8a.m.). Then, attend lectures from morning till afternoon. Of course, in between, I have an hour, or if lucky, have two hours of lunch break. One hour lunch break, I'll most probably have my lunchbox with me. Sandwiches, which is prepared earlier, would be my lunch. For two hour lunch break, I'll walk back home and have lunch.

Sometimes when I have break in between lectures, I'll try to make full use of the time for the preparation of go-karting event. Yea, I'm organising a go-karting event for some 50 international students on behalf of International Student Service (ISS). I have to send emails, prepare poster and flyers for promotion, contact bus company, contact go-kart company, discuss with the other committees about the event, and so on. Easy? I don't think so.

You'll see me walking non-stop from a place to another, mostly to deal with this go-kart event. I couldn't believe myself that I can walk for so long in a day. To go to school, I need to walk for 20 minutes, and in uni, I think I have to walk here and there for at least 40 minutes (more than that actually), and to go back home, I need another 20 minutes. If I'm going back for lunch, I have to walk again. And at night when I have to go to uni for some group meeting/revision, I have to walk again. Now, you do the calculations. :P

If I'm not busy with the preparation of go-karting event, I'll try to read some of the text required by the lecturers/tutors in order to complete some of my assignments. I can remember there's one day, it's from 9a.m. to 5:30p.m., without any break and only 30 minutes of lunch break. It's worse than working!

After going back home from uni, I'll prepare dinner if my housemates haven't done it. If I'm too late, I'll have to wash the dishes. Done with the dinner, I'll take an hour break. Then, I'll take a bath and again, go back to uni. I spend more time in uni than at home. Almost every night, I'll stay till late in uni to do some assignments or revision with friends. We also discuss our Final Year Project. One of my biggest worries now. Normally, I'll stay in uni till 11p.m. or 12a.m., before walking back home and call it a day.

Despite having fully utilised my time, I still find it not enough for me. I still have a lot of revision to be done. Hopefully I can have more time to do my revision after the go-karting event is over.

Today is the end of daylight saving. Time will revert back to normal. That's mean I have an hour extra! I can have more time to rest now!:)

Till then, I'll still try to find some time to update my blog.

P/s: After walking so much everyday, I still find no improvement in my waistline. *Sigh*
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