Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm Richer!

Couple of days ago, I received a mail which I had no idea who sent it.

Guess who sent this?

My housemate, Darren, passed this mail to me. I was scratching my head, trying to guess who sent it. "Don't tell me I need to pay for any bills again. I'm broke!" I thought.


I didn't bother guessing anymore. Curiosity forced me to tear off the envelope and looked into the contents.

Two gift cards.

To my surprise, the envelope contained the reward vouchers from a research company, Valued Opinions.

Earn reward vouchers online.

I became a member of this research company the end of last year and since then, I have participated in several market research surveys they conduct. This company rewards you with reward vouchers for every survey you complete.

Aud$10 Coles Myer gift card.

There are several rewards you can choose from. I have chosen the two Aud$10 Coles Myer gift cards. Although it's merely two Aud$10 gift cards, I can feel that I'm Aud$20 richer!

Red Ipod Nano.

I hope I can earn more money either from the psychology experiments in my uni or from the online market research surveys.

This is because my next target is the 4gb red Ipod Nano! ;)

P/s: Is there anyone who wants to donate to my 4gb-red-Ipod-Nano-fund? You are welcome to do so. Or, if anyone wants to send me a red Ipod Nano for my birthday present, I don't mind, too. But please let me know so that I won't have two red Ipod Nano. :P


lawcl said...

2 ipod?wow..then you can share 1 with your sis then..haha

wonda said...

Happy for you. A nice surprise! Keep it up!

Kenny Mah said...

Wow, red iPod --- very "ang ang" leh... ;)

I wouldn't mind an iPod myself, any colour would do... :P

Kok said...

lawcl: That's if there's anyone who is so kind to give. haha!

wonda: Yea, a surprise for me. At first, I don't believe they'll really give out the vouchers. hehe.

kenny: Red ipod only available in U.S. If I was to get that, have to order it all the way from U.S. leh.

Since you are working, I think you have no problem having an ipod eh? haha!:P

Xiu Long Bao said...

hmm...wat to get from myer wiv $20 leh?

FireHorse said...

Yeay, you are richer, I oso wan ipod but cannot afford, maybe I oso go answer survey then earn money can buy myself one, hor? Ya I used to conduct those psychology experiments when I was in school, very fun, go for it.

Kok said...

xiu long bao: Nah, you can't get anything for $20 at Myer. Maybe a choc bunny?:P It can be used at Coles Supermarket actually. hehe

firehorse: You also want an ipod? You can buy a cheaper one. Ipod shuffler which is about US$100 only if I'm not wrong. Yaya! Earn your money through all those surveys. I think there are a lot of this marketing company in U.S. When you earn enough, don't forget me... hahaha! But sometimes, psychology experiment can be very boring leh...

Kenny Mah said...

Seriously though, I'd probably buy an .mp3 player as my next luxury purchase cos I'll want to listen to my BodyBalance music as much as possible to get into the groove of it before classes.

Come to think of it, not really luxury item then --- essential for work! :D

It doesn't have to be an iPod though; I'll prolly go for a cheaper unbranded player. All the branded things I own (clothes, sport shoes, etc.) are gifts from family or friends. Branded is nice if you can have it but not necessarily lah...

Kok said...

yea, for you probably get a mp3 player is good since you have to listen to those Body Balance music before classes. You can buy a cheap mp3 player but I think you can afford an ipod shuffler. You can check that out. It's quite cool though.

Wah, you so lucky. Can get branded gifts from family and friends. How come my family and friends don't give me any branded gift? Hmmmm... :P

MuminMiri said...

It is always nice to get a free gift, regardless what it is. Somehow it just lifts up your day :) You can use the gift voucher to buy Easter chocs and send back to Miri coz they aren't selling any here...

Xiu Long Bao said...

oh ya! Easter is coming isn't it?

Kok said...

mum in miri: Actually it's not really a FREE gift. Have to spend time to get those thing. haha! I don't think I'm going to buy Easter choc with that voucher. Maybe some groceries. Send back to Miri? By the time the choc reaches Miri, it'll become hot chocolate eh? :P

xiu long bao: Yaya, Easter is in April! Means Easter Break is coming soon! Yey! haha!

Kleio said...

Kung Hei, Kung Hei lor. Happy for you. It's a good sign that plentiful of good things are lining up for you this year ;)

*Drool* Nano Ipod.

MuminMiri said...

Emm.. I am still thinking about those Easter Eggs. Chocolate-covered marshmallow ones or Caramel-filled easter eggs...Yummmy, well it is 4pm over here and I could do with some sugar boost.:)

Kenny Mah said...

But that's just the thing: I don't own much branded stuff, and mostly I don't mind lah. Can wear, no holes (other than the ones where they supposed to be) ok di... :P

You are so menaikkan nafsu iPod aku only... Must resist...

Kok said...

kleio: Thanks thanks!:P Plentiful of good things? Ermm..Not really leh. See? I'm too busy with stuff till lack of time to update my blog. hehe. The only thing I wish this year is to successfully obtain my degree and also at least to get a second lower honours (no chance of getting first class and second upper honours).

iPod? I also want lah. How how?:P

mum in miri: Any chocolates also taste nice I suppose? hehe. I don't know whether I should get myself those Easter egg or not. Cause normally all those chocolate will be quite expensive. You want some chocolate? Consider coming here for holidays loh. Then you can enjoy all the chocolates here. hehe.

Kenny: Same here. I don't really own a lot of branded stuff especially clothes. I simply don't really like fashion. Cheap cheap can wear can see..then can liao. haha!

Aiya, saya mana ada menaikkan nafsu iPod kamu? Saya hanya mempromosikan kebaikan iPod saja. hahaha! My Malay not bad eh?:P

Kenny Mah said...

Just a short note based on your comment to kleio: Getting the best possible grades is great, naturally, but what I've discovered is that they don't mean much in the long run if one doesn't have the soft skills to go with them.

And bro, you come across as a very personable chap (online lah at least) and your future employers will look for this more than grades alone.

Dah le all these SPM 18 & 19As --- when do they find time to have a life? :P

lynnx01 said...

I was thinking of participating in a research in my uni by giving away 6ml of my blood for research purposes. I hear the reward is RM60, but I don't know where and when to get. Maybe over d eh.. sigh

Kok said...

kenny: I agree with you on that actually. See? I'm not aiming the best result. If I don't get the grade I want, I still go on with my life. hehe.

Eh, some top scorers in SPM still have time to do their own stuff. In fact, some of them only spend 2 or 3 hours at home for revision. Other time, computer games, watching tv etc.

lynnx01: Wah, 6ml for RM60? Not bad not bad. Go and find the deal! haha!

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