Monday, September 18, 2006

"First Bitter Then Sweet"

For the past two weeks before my mid semester break, I was trying very hard to earn some money. I went to sit for the paid experiments conducted by the psycho psychology students in my uni.

My temporary "office".

I spent about one to two hours everyday in my office for the two weeks.

Name of my company.

I was paid about Aud$10 an hour just to sit for the experiments conducted by the students. That's considered a lot compare to working in the oriental stores which have tougher work but was paid the same amount of money.

Inside my office.

Most of the rooms in my office are for the white ratsstudents to sit for the experiments conducted by the psychology students.

One of the experiments.

The objectives of most experiments are just to determine how a human memorising their stuff and how human categorising things. You just need to sit there, stare at the monitor, think for a while and click at the mouse for one hour and you will be reimburse for your time and travel expenses. As easy as ABC, right? ;)

After numbers of experiments, I finally managed to buy this...

An external hard drive and a flashdrive.

Actually Danny bought that flashdrive to replace my old flashdrive which he has accidentally broken.

Just an ordinary hard drive.

It is a Maxtor 250gb IDE external hard drive which costs me RM350.

Happy family.

I need an extra hard drive to accomodate my photos, songs and programmes. My laptop's hard drive could no longer support my extensive use of space.

Sandisk Cruzer Mini 1gb flashdrive.

I actually contributed some amount of money to upgrade it to a 1gb flashdrive. It comes with two extra caps and a neck strap.

A simple designed flashdrive.

This flashdrive retails for RM87 in Kuala Lumpur.

Goodbye to my old Kingston Datatraveller 256mb flashdrive.

I have to say goodbye to my 1 and a half year flashdrive which serves me well. I have to thanks Brian for helping me to bring these two stuff all the way from Kuala Lumpur. Thanks Brian!

Actually some of the money of the hard drive comes from my dad but of course, most of it comes from me. The moral of this story is "first bitter then sweet" ("xian ku hou tian" in Mandarin). It means, at first, you have to work hard before you get to enjoy in the end. :)

P/s : Stay tuned for my next post about my tulips trip.


l y n n w e i said...

wow...$10 per hour? tat is reli fun and not least you get to do all those test/experiments!!!


so, did they tell you the result of their experiments? said...

I hope they have such extra income locally too

Kok said...

cassie: yea! Fun+income! Where can you get right? They did tell you the objectives of the experiments but they won't really tell you the results of the experiments.

yenjai: I hope that too. At least it's an extra income which we can do at any time we want.

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