Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Love Strawberries!

My first outing of my mid-semester break, with a bunch of friends, was strawberry farm. Strawberry Fields, which is located up north, took us roughly 40 minutes to reach there.

2024 Wanneroo Rd. Neerabup.

The place is quite easy to find. Just that, it takes a while before you reach there.

Small shop of Strawberry Fields.

The shop sells different kind of strawberries products. We went in there first to get some information about the strawberries that we were going to pluck later.

Strawberries products.

There are different strawberries products which include strawberry jam, strawberry wine, strawberry beer and etc.

Wine tasting corner.

Before you buy any of the wine or liquer, you can definitely ask for a sip. I tried the strawberry liqueur. It was too sweet for my liking.

'Factory' behind the small shop.

The factory actually is for packing purpose. You can see lots of aunties workers inside, busy packing the fresh strawberries.

Ok, let's go on with the strawberries. Too much introduction I guess.

See how big is the strawberry farm.

The red stuff, which I was pointing, was the strawberries. I think those are the strawberries which do not meet the quality.

Strawberry plants.

It actually needs lot of space to plant all these. There are spaces in between but I don't have any idea why they do so.

The red strawberry was my victim.

Choose only strawberries which are firm, ripe, bright, plump and healthy looking. Only those strawberries taste better.

Pluck, pluck and pluck!

It was fun to pluck all the fresh strawberries. We seemed to be playing hide and seek with the strawberries. Find the ripe one and pluck!

Chris, you look like huge strawberry.

What size of strawberries taste sweeter you might ask. I think the bigger strawberries taste sweeter. More juicy of course.

That's a sweet one.

We were only allowed to eat two strawberries per person on the spot. But... of course I ate more than that. :P

Two handful of strawberries!

That's the results after about 45 minutes of plucking under the sun. We brought the strawberries to the shop to weight.

How many trays of strawberries we plucked that day?

One tray of that strawberries weight about 1 to 1.5kg. One kg of strawberries costed us Aud$10. I think it's quite a reasonable price since we got to choose our own strawberries. The good, big and juicy strawberries, we kept. The small, not ripe and bad strawberries, we left them alone.

Fresh strawberries.

The fresh strawberries are quite different than the strawberries that I find in the market. The fresh strawberries tend to be sweeter. I seldom taste any sweet strawberries which are bought from the market.


I started to fall in love with strawberries after this trip.

Some facts about strawberries. The information is from the leaflet that I obtained from the farm.

Strawberries are a very good source of Vitamin C. In fact, half a cup of strawberries provides your daily requirements. As an added bonus, they are low in fat and kilojoules, which is the energy (155kJ/100g). Strawberries are also rich in foliate.

Strawberry farm is strongly recommended by me!


Jane said...

WAHLAU EHH!! *DEAD ENVIOUS* I LOVE strawberries too. unfortunately it's soooo expensive here.

Kok said...

Haha! Come to Australia and try the fresh one. Fantastic I tell you. haha!

lawcl said...

1kg for $10?i ever bought 500g for $2.50..haha..but yeah,not as fresh as yours.and the strawberry farm here only open in october!it is still close last week when i went there..too bad.try dip your strawberry with chocolate or honey or taste superb!but..dont blame me if you get fatter..haha

lynnx01 said...

I always thought strawberries are sour until I found out there are actually sweet ones but can't really find them in our country.

Kok said...

lee: haha! try visit the strawberry farm again! I bet you will like it. I also ever bought 500g for $2.50 but the quality is completely different!

lynn:like lawcl said, deep it will chocolate or honey. If not, deep the strawberry with a little bit of sugar. It will taste more sweeter than you thought!:)

buluh said...

ubi, can gimme the address?

buluh said...

okie ubi, i realised that the address is ON THAT VAN! hahaha!

Kok said...

buluh: wahlaooo! the address appears twice in my blog i.e. one in the photo and another is the caption. like this you also cannot see??? hahaha!

Anonymous said...

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Iftekhar said...

sorry few mistakes in the last post.
Anyone from bangladesh? A good news for them. Strawberries now gonna be produced in Bangladesh. Wait till mid february 09 when the fresh strawberries gonna hit the market :)

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