Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Craving For Miri's Food

It's midnight now. Suddenly I feel like eating one of those food in Miri. So, I browsed through the photos which I have taken earlier in Miri and found some photos of the food. Arhhh! I miss Kolo Mee. One of the stalls in Open Market, Miri, which operates ONLY in the evening daily, serves the best Kolo Mee. At least, I think it's one of the best, ok?

Members of the family busy with their business.

A family-owned business, they normally start their business at about 7.15p.m. Known as "Gai Zhuk" (chicken porridge, in Cantonese, which they are famous with), the noodle stall is packed with customers almost every night. I'm not quite sure about the actual name of the stall although my family and I are regular customers of the stall for a long time. If anyone happens to know the name of the stall, please notify me. ;)

A glass of Teh C Peng (ice milk tea).

Normally, after successfully getting a seat (a seriously difficult task since most of the time the place is packed), I'll order my favourite drink, a glass of Teh C Peng. Seriously, I miss the Teh C Peng back in Miri...

Yummy Kolo Mee.

I always order a bowl of Kolo Mee and an additional bowl of chicken porridge. The potion of a bowl of Kolo Mee there is not as much as the other places in Miri. I'm pretty sure you'll need another bowl of chicken porridge or Kolo Mee.

It's simply too delicious.

A bowl of Kolo Mee there, if I'm not wrong, is RM2. That's one of the best thing about Miri. Eat anything won't cost you more than RM10 per meal per person. Unlike here in Perth. *Sigh*

Chicken porridge a.k.a Gai Zhuk.

A bowl of porridge costs the same as a bowl of Kolo Mee. Actually chicken porridge is what they are famous with. That's why the stall is more well known as Gai Zhuk instead of the actual stall's name.

My saliva is dripping now.

The porridge is mixed with slices of chicken, lettuces (which is quite special) and a little bit of "dong chai" (prickled vege?). Of course, I won't know any secret receipe behind this bowl of porridge.

A plate of chicken is another famous dish of this stall.

Steam chicken is actually a quite famous dish at this stall. It's just a simple plate of steam chicken but I still recommend it as a side dish. It goes well with the porridge and the Kolo Mee.

Make sure you visit this stall which is at the Open Market if you haven't done so! I am sure you won't regret after that!

Two more months and I'll be back to Miri. At the moment, I can only stare at the photos and say sorry to my tummy.


^SpRInG^ said...

wei, u making me hungry only leh

Kok said...

Wahlao! I made you hungry? You can close your eyes while reading my blog mah! haha!

l y n n w e i said...

the last time i was in miri, they had this new 3-layer-drink...well, after ordering it, i realised it was Teh-C-Peng! hehe...

Kok said...

hahaha! I did blog about the three layer drink leh...the most bottom is either wheat grass syrup or gula melaka ...the middle one suppose to be milk and the top's just tea...but nice nice!:P

lawcl said...

no..i don wanna spoil the immage that i saw cockroaches running around(besides your legs sometimes)..BIG mickey mouse chasing big minnie mouse..

Kok said...

that's a downside of it. but don't treat your stomach bad by not feeding it with delicious food!

carr0ts said...

i love the gula melaka version!! oh, so so yummy!!!

n kok wei, i totally love this stall too! but i hate having to scream my way there through all the stray cats n rats.. eewww! but nothing can beat their kolo mee!! hehe.. yupes, and the porridge n chicken.. arghssss..... i miss home!! :(

Kok said...

LOL! I'll be going back to Miri in less than a month time. I hope I can enjoy the food when I'm back again this time. Same to you. Time flies fast. Soon you are going to be able to enjoy the food in Miri again. At the mean time, just browse through my blog for more food. :P

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