Friday, September 08, 2006

Huh..? Erm...

I notice that some of the lecturers do have the same habit when they are giving lecture. They tend to start or end every sentence with a phrase which they have never missed out in every lecture. I'm not blaming them, just that, I find that they have their own uniqueness. Maybe this is how they want us to remember them. Not to mention the lecturers, I, myself have some phrases or words from my daily conversations that I cannot miss out.

Below is some of the phrases which some of the lecturers like to use during their lectures:

Dr. A - "In that case..."
Dr. B - "you must agree with me that..."
Mr. C - "it's nothing but..."
Dr. D - "...right?"
Dr. E - "Yek... Yek..." (means yeah.. yeah...)
Mr. F - "but... I don't know..."

Imagine all of them are having a meeting...

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Combine the phrases, starting from "In that case..." in clockwise direction. Each of them speaks a phrase and the phrases can form a sentence!

So, what are the phrases or words that you cannot miss out in your daily conversation?


l y n n w e i said...

haha! very of my teacher will always start her sentence with, 'If to say..'
so, we call her..'if-to-say'


Kok said...

Lol! That's how she gives a deep impression for you guys eh? haha!

Jane said...

hahah cool one! some more it connects as a sentence!

Kok said...

jane: haha! Thanks to my lecturers. hahaha!

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