Saturday, September 23, 2006

Postman For A Day

I was supposed to be at Kojonup today with my host family. However, the trip was cancelled due to some reasons.

Kojonup is a small town located down south Perth. It is two hours drive from Perth.

Bus ticket has been issued.

The weekend hospitality trip was organised by Council of International Student Western Australia (CISWA). The trip, which I was looking forward to, let us know more about the cultures of the locals. Danny and Chris was supposed to go for the trip, too.

Anyway, although I couldn't go for the trip, I still had something to do. Remember the Spring Feast which I have mentioned earlier? It is only about 1 and a half week from now! I, as the committee of the event, am assigned to distribute flyers with some other committees.

Multicultural Week's events.

Spring Feast is actually only one of the events of the Multicultural Week. The Multicultural Week starts from 2nd to 6th of October. There are loads of other activities going on that week. The biggest event among all, is the Spring Feast.

Along Broadway.

Danny and I had to distribute the flyers for all the houses at Broadway (a street near the uni).

Not all the houses here with one mail box only. The houses here are split into several units so that they can be rent out to the students.

That's why if you own a house near the uni, you can earn a lot.

No junk mail?

Our flyers of course are not junk mails. So, we can just slide the flyers into the mail boxes.

We manage to distribute all the flyers within 1 hour. It's fun to become a postman for a day! :)

Just to remind everyone in Perth here. The University of Western Australia's Spring Feast will be on 5th of October (Thursday) from 6p.m. till late! There will be lots of fun. Bring along your friends and family! Spread the words! :)


l y n n w e i said...

wow...seems like u've got lots of job experience!!
what other jobs have you worked as before??

Kok said...

me ah? hmm... worked as part time cook at home...haha! mechanic and sales advisor at my dad's there. not really much la. hehe.

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