Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pre-Spring Feast

Spring Feast is one of the biggest annual event organised by the university's International Student Services in conjunction with Multicultural Week. Also known as Pasar Malam, there will be stalls setting up by the students and some from cathering services. It will be held at The University of Western Australia on 5th of October 2006. Those who are in Perth can come to The University of Western Australia and taste varieties of food, involve in games or even enjoy some of the performances.

Poster which will be seen on Nathan's stall, The Big Bugs Stall.

One of my friends will set up a stall during the Spring Feast. Do check it out!

I'll update more about Spring Feast after the event is over. But...those who can come, PLEASE do come and enjoy the fun!

Remember, it's on 5th of October (Thursday) 2006, from about 6p.m. till 11p.m. or 12a.m.! All are welcome!

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