Saturday, September 23, 2006

Araluen Botanic Park

Sorry for the lack of updates these days as I am busy with my assignments and projects. Anyhoo, here is the tulips' post I promised.

Last Saturday, a bunch of friends and I went to Araluen Botanic Park with the International Student Services (ISS). We started off from uni at around 8:30a.m.

Inside the lousy bus.

Initial schedule was to arrive at the park at 10:30a.m but, we were lost thus it took us another 35 minutes to get there. Thanks to the driver who didn't check the location of the park before departing.

The entrance of the park.

"Araluen is a passive recreation park designed for the enjoyment of people who wish to experience the exotic gardens and tranquility of this unique jarrah-line valley" (quoted from the leaflet).

Affordable entrance fees.

Since ISS's activities are subsidised by guild, we only need to pay as little as Aud$5 per person including transport. Cheap right? A big thank you to ISS.

The main attraction of the park at that time was the tulips. Between the last two week of August and the beginning of the first two weeks of September every year, tulips start to bloom.

You want to know how beautiful are the tulips? I can gurantee you that you will give a two thumbs up after you have looked at the photos.

Pink tulips.

Lots of black tulips.

Another angle of the black tulips.

White tulips.

Red tulips.

So, how are the tulips? ;) Too bad we went there a bit late. The tulips already started to wilt. A piece of advice from me. Make sure you go to the park at the right time to enjoy the full bloom of tulips!

Aparts from tulips, there are other flowers for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and enjoy the photos.

There are plenty of flora in the park. You can see bees busy collecting pollen for honey.


If you are too lazy to walk, there's a little "train" to take you around. But I don't know whether they incure any charge for that or not. I suggest you to walk, of course, to enjoy the flowers and to exercise!

A breakfast or lunch in the park?

It's so enjoy and relax to have your breakfast or lunch in the park which is full of flora.


The air in the park is so fresh and clean.

Who is more handsome? Both?

Of course, we didn't forget our cam-slutting session.

King of the park.

I actually don't know if we are allowed to sit on that or not. But most probably they allow us to do so. If not, I already ended up paying hundred or thousands of dollars for the fine.

A well designed pond.

Do you see the reflection of the structure? I love it. It's just so wonderful.

I know I'm short...

I'm not short ok? Actually it's just that Chris is tall! :P


You can bring your own lunch and lie down on the ground to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

After some time walking and taking hundreds of photos, it was time to walk towards the exit. We had to gather with the others before we took the bus home.

Initial-D for the gnomes?

This is actually a skeleton of a car. It was modified to turn it into a mini garden.

At the back of the car.

There are little gnomes and some plants behind the car. For that reason, the mini garden is named, "Gnomes Mini Garden".

A group photo with some of my friends.

Chris was not in the photo as he was the cameraman!

Brinjals' visit to Araluen Botanic Park?

Before we hopped on to the bus, we saw all the elders with their purple-ish clothes. They were so cute! :)

Satisfied with the trip?

It was an enjoyable trip. That's the first time I saw so much tulips. I'll sure visit the park again next year. Till then...

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