Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yan, Time To Say Goodbye...

Yan, a friend/a senior of mine has left Perth for good. Before he left, Yan (himself), Chris, Darren, Henry and I went to Conca's for a farewell dinner.

Seems familiar?

Yea, I did came here before when my sis was at Perth the other day.

Chilli mussels...YEAHHH!

Yan has chosen this place for dinner. I think it was a good choice. If not, we would ended up in a chinese restaurant that day and chinese restaurants are everywhere in Singapore (oh yeah, Yan is from Singapore). And that was the first time Darren visited Conca's.

Conca's special, chilli mussels.

Yan made the order, 2 large bowls of chilli mussels (which came with two serves of garlic bread) and he ordered an extra serve of garlic bread. The bill came out to be Aud$60 for 5 persons.

What are you doing, Chris?

While waiting for the chilli mussels and the garlic breads, we took some photos.

Garlic bread.

The side dish came out first before the chilli mussels which was the main dish. There were about 4 or 5 pieces of garlic breads per serve. And I can tell you, the garlic breads were awesome!

Chilli mussels!

This photo is much more better than the one which I have taken the other day. It's really yummy I tell you. Don't play play. :P We ordered the medium hot chilli mussels. I'll try the real hot chilli mussels next time.

Look at the mussels.

Mussels, unlike clam, is very juicy and it doesn't have a kind of smell which I totally dislike.

Don't eat first, look at the camera.

It was actually stomach-filling dinner. Full, full, full!

Almost finished everything, keep going!

One after one, all the chilli mussels were down to our stomach.

The last three pieces of mussels.

The last three pieces of mussels were dedicated to Yan. See how he enjoyed himself?

From left to right: Yan, Henry, Darren, Chris and I.

We took a group photo before we left.

The four Ah Bengs handsome guys.

It's actually quite a good photo if not because of my shaky hands. Should buy a tripod next time.

The second owner of the truck.

With that truck, we left Conca's for bubble tea at Northbridge.

Famousa Cafe for bubble tea.

I never been here before that. Famosa Cafe is actually a cafe which offers internet services, comics or novels rentals, bubble teas and also television entertainment programme (mostly the Taiwan entertainment show).

Bubble tea's corner.

Just right after you enter the cafe, you can see a bubble tea's corner. Various flavour of bubble teas can be ordered there.

Bubble tea sitting in the truck.

I ordered Lavender Milk Tea with bubble. But it didn't taste "lavender". A bit disappointed with the bubble tea though which costed me Aud$3.50

We later went to petrol station to pump air into Yan's (now Darren) bicycle.

Driving a truck doesn't need a helmet lah. :P

Yan with his 'baby'.

After all the procedures have gone through by Yan and Darren, the bicycle was finally handed over to Darren.

That's basically the last few hours Yan in Perth.

Yan, all the best in everything. Till then, keep in touch and take care!:)

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