Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Chap Goh Mei!

So, everyone was having a great meal for Chap Goh Mei? And I guess, most of you out there were enjoying yourself on that day? Are you curious on what I had for my Chap Goh Mei's dinner?

I'll tell you what I had for dinner on Chap Goh Mei's evening. But before that, let me invite Mr. Sausage to wish you...

Mr. Sausage wishing you...


So everyone is expecting me to have a big feast or at least some proper dinner on Chap Goh Mei, eh? Instead, I only had a simple dinner yesterday.

Sausage Fried Rice.

Sausage Fried Rice was all I had for Chap Goh Mei's dinner. Quite depressed, right?

It's only fried rice with eggs and LOTS of sausages.

We haven't got ourself a fridge, that's the reason we couldn't buy any mixed vege for the fried rice (the mixed vege here comes in a large packet for your information). Some more, we had to cook all the sausages (about 500g) in one go with the same reason, no fridge to store.


We didn't even have any soup to go with the fried rice. Only a cup of tea as a companion.

A 'wonderful' scenery.

We also have no television to watch. Just a wonderful scenery outside the window.

You can see how desperate we are. *Sigh*

I don't think I should complain more. I should be thankful for the food I had as there are still lots of people out there who don't even have anything to eat.

Anyway, Happy Chap Goh Mei once again!:)


wmw said...

Wah! Those are imported sausages that you are eating. To's good stuff wor! Actually the post you saw wasn't my Chap Goh Mei food. I had BBQ! I also ate sausages and some other stuff....

Kok said...

Imported? To me, it's only local sausages leh. haha! It's just the cheapest sausage you can find here. There are some other real nice sausages around. I shall buy it and blog it if money permits me to do so. :P Is it? Maybe you have Chap Goh Mei dinner(1) and Chap Goh Mei dinner(2) but too shy to tell us that? haha!

Kenny Mah said...

Good gosh, that so reminds me of my student days!! Sausage fried rice with eggs! I used the Adabi brand of fried rice mix - nice and spicy, heheh.

Well, brother, at least it wasn't instant noodles again, rite? :)

FireHorse said...

Never mindlah as long as got food to eat, Chap Goh Meh or not, got no TV means you can have more time to spend in the blogworld with us hehe, or take out your books and get a head start on your studies. :o)

MuminMiri said...

I would also say you are not really losing out over there. Perth sausages (no matter the cheapest) would still be better than what we get locally at supermarkets here. Looks good enough to eat. At least you need not eat by yourself.

Dancing Queen said...

Happy Chap Goh Meh to you, kok, although a bit late. :-)

It's OK to eat fried rice for CGM. Like you said, better than some who may not even have any. Must be thankful always! :-)

Sasha said...

No Tele?????? That's bad. Go and buy one!

lynnx01 said...

That's not too bad. I didn't even eat anything that night.

wmw said...

To you local, to me imported loh...:p Hee hee...Still good food!

Kok said...

kenny: You used to do that too? haha! Yea, I have some Adabi mix with me but sometimes, I prefer to add my own seasoning. hehe.

Yea, thanks God it wasn't instant noodles. I'm very sick of it actually.

firehorse: Yea, as long as there's something to eat, I'm more than happy already. I'm not picky in food anyway. :) I don't really watch tv a lot. I prefer online than to watch tv. Yea, so, you'll see lots of updates from me (when I'm not busy of course.:))

mum in miri: I still prefer Malaysia's hot dog. haha! Looks good meh the fried rice? I cook one leh. hahaha!:P Actually I was eating alone. We went back to our own room to eat. No dining table yet.

dancing queen: No worries. Happy Chap Goh Mei to you too!:)

Yea, I think we should be thankful for what we have. :)

sasha: Nolah, I don't think I have time to watch tv also. Moreover, I actually didn't have a tv for my 1st and second year. And even I had a tv in my third year, I didn't watch also. So, no point buying a tv. I'm just abnormal. haha!

lynnx: Serious? How come?

wmw: Aiyo, next time I cook for you loh. Then you better finish everything. haha!:P

Tummythoz said...

Alo, that fried rice looks good-wat. No fridge means u'll eat everything freshly bought. Good for health.

lynnx01 said...

I was lazy to prepare dinner. Sundays usually nothing to eat..

Kok said...

thummythoz: Hmm..Is that a compliment for me?:P Actually, as a student, we don't have so much time to walk around and buy vege and meat everyday. That's why we always end up with instant noodles these few days (without fridge).

lynnx01: Just cook something easy. :)

Kenny Mah said...

Yah-yah, I think all students had to learn some skills in the kitchen when they head off to college. Mostly due to budget rather than any culinary interest.

I used to throw huge dinner parties for guests of fifteen when I was in Munich, tapi senang kan, orang puteh semua hidangan, asal Asian mereka terus makan...

But I did cook some elaborate dishes too. But one time, my Danish friend came late, I was too drunk to entertain him, next day I found out he ate the leftover rice plus chili sauce and that it was great! Tu lah orang puteh... Just like us eating bad pizzas and burgers, hahaha...

Kleio said...

I can't even remember what I had on CGM. LOL. Anyhow, your sausage fried rice looks good. Are you the cook?

No fridge yet. Then you just have to buy lotsa dried food lor... like mushroom, ikan bilis, dried prawns etc. for the meantime until you get your fridge. Hmmm... it just make me wonder, how olden days ppl survive without the ever indispensable fridge?

Try to stay off instant noodle if you can. Hahaha. Look who's talking - the Queen Instant Noodle snacker herself, moi!

Oh yeah, I just remembered... where's the omelet? You should put one on your fried rice right. You don't need a fridge to store the eggs *cheeky grin*

FireHorse said...

Hi Kok, drop by to see how you are doing.

l y n n w e i said...

yo! happy chap go meh!! ok..i might be very late..

=) ahaha

Kok said...

kenny: Actually it's quite fun to spend some time in the kitchen. I actually like the satisfaction after a dish is cooked. :)

Wah, you seem to be a good cook eh? You can even organise a party. haha! Not bad, not bad. Next time you should show us the photos of the party or something. I'm sure you did take some photos eh?

Kleio: Haha! How can you forget?:P Yaya, I'm the cook. hehe.

Exactly! I don't really understand how can the olden days survive without any fridge. Maybe because they hunt and eat straight away. So, they don't need a fridge? And they plant their own vege, so whenever they want to eat any vege, they'll eat it fresh. That's why, they don't need any fridge?

I also hope I can stay away from those instant noodles. I am sick of those instant noodles already. *Sigh*. Wah, you're Queen of Instant Noodles? I think you're the one who should stay far far away from instant noodle eh? hehe.

Omelette? I normally fried the rice with the egg together. That's why no omelette on top of the rice. ;)

firehorse: I'm still fine and survive. hehe. Just that, a bit busy this week. How bout you?

lynnwei: It's super duper late lah! haha! Happy Birthday to you!:)

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