Sunday, March 04, 2007

Think Too Much?

I don't know why. Whenever it comes to Sunday and I have nothing to do, I'll have my mind off somewhere.

This time, I have thought of my final year in Perth here. I have actually thought of it in Miri if you all still remember. However, I just couldn't help thinking it again today.

I don't know whether I should stay in Perth or to go back to Miri for career after I graduate (if everything goes well). Actually it's not totally about the decision to stay or not to stay in Perth. It's all about storing and moving my stuff.

There's a few things which make my head getting bigger and bigger:
  1. Property lease. Our current lease ends at the end of November, 1 week after our final semester exam ends. I hope either Darren or Chris will be staying over with me to either clean the house or to shift our things out from the house.
  2. Storing my stuff. I have quite some stuff here in Perth. My decision to stay or to leave is still a question mark. I might have to shift some of my stuff (mostly books and notes as I normally keep them) to my friend's house if that's the case. But who is going to let me store my stuff in his/her house? I don't like to give more trouble to anyone actually. That'll make me feel bad.
  3. Selling or keeping my furnitures and kitchen utensils. I have a mattress, study table and a cupboard for myself and some other kitchen utensils. Again, it's the matter of staying or leaving. That's why I don't know whether I should sell or keep my stuff. If I had sold my stuff and decided to stay in Perth, I'll have to fork out more money to buy the furnitures and kitchen utensils again. And if I planned to sell off my stuff, I have to do it real early, maybe before my final semester exam. I don't want these things to affect my studies.
  4. Accomodation next year. If I was to stay in Perth, I have to find my own accomodation. I hate moving!
  5. Things to send back to Miri. My stuff is not a lot actually but then, I still have to find out what stuff to send back to Miri and what stuff is to throw away. I have to do it straight after I finish my final semester exam I guess.
Basically those are some of the problems which have caused me scratching my head for the whole day. I know it's still far and I am not even 100% sure that I'll graduate by the end of this year, but it's worth while thinking it now before it's too late.

Anyway, Happy Chap Goh Mei, guys! I'll see what I have for dinner tonight. Hope it's not instant noodles again...


lynnx01 said...

Moving is really troublesome. I moved hostels a gazillion times (8 different places in 3 years!). My family move house also can compete d.. stayed in 6 houses since my birth. The most recent move gave my dad a backache til now.

Kok said...

That's why I don't like to move house. Moving house is not only troublesome but also, wasting of money. Need to rent a truck, hire movers, packing and unpacking, and all sorts of stuff. All need energy and money. I rather stay in that particular house for as long as possible.

Kenny Mah said...

Do take time to plan. I remember when I was moving back from Munich years ago; left so much behind, some which had real value to me. Just got to pick and choose.

As to whether stay in Perth or not, I think no one is a better judge of this than you yourself, bro. Just take it easy in making the decision.

There are no wrong decisions. Just the decision you make at the time. Another day, another decision. :)

Kleio the Muse said...

Wah... you sure takes things fast. Not yet really settled down yet already think of moving out. LOL. But it is a good practice to think ahead... just that, most people woundn't be that quick ;)

If it worries you that much, maybe it helps to list down the things and the steps you thought of... to help put you back at ease. So that you wouldn't fret of forgetting anything and keep hammering your head about it.

Take it step by step. Things shall fall into it's places. Mind you I am not saying you shud just lounge around and wait for things to work out as you like ok. You still need to work at it, but at a digestable pace.

Xiu Long Bao said...

u noe wat, my frens regretted coming bck as they earn 4 times more by picking cherries n packing apricots in aussie! I thought of moving to Sydney n apply for PR when I finished my degree but I was so sick of the cold weather so i just have to come bck but guess wat, i'm now working in an ultra cold air-conditioned office wiv no heater...urghhh

Kok said...

kenny: Thanks for the advice, bro. I like what you say, "Another day, another decision".

kleio: Have to think quite further ahead. I'm scare of moving and shifting stuff already. Somemore, if last year's incident (cleaning the house alone), I'll definitely going to be very mad!

Thanks for the advice. I'll take it and try to apply it. Hopefully, I won't be so stress out at the end of this year. :)

xiu long bao: haha! That's bad lah. If it's too cold without heater, then I think, try to wear a jacket or something to keep warm. :) As the PR thingy, different people have different thinking. For me, I have my reasons whether to stay in Perth for PR or to get back to Malaysia. That's why I'm a little bit messed up when it comes to decision making like this. Hopefully things don't turn out that bad at the end of this year. We shall see. :)

Anonymous said...

Just take it easy...may be give yourself certain break/ period to stay in Perth, working/ take the opportunity tour/ travel around then go back home town. U can choose your career at Perth/ S'pore/ KL, Miri... as long u r happy... all the stuff u can sell it, throw it, burn it, give away, send back to Miri.. nothing is the problem/ trouble. Sometimes the problem/ trouble actually created by "think too much"...actually, just let everything simple as ABC... then nothing to worried right?

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