Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Members of My Family

After two or three weeks using

Two buckets.


A brush brought all the way from Miri.

to wash my dirty and smelly clothes, finally, let us welcome a new member of my family in Perth to take over this task, Wishy the washing machine! *Clap clap*


Wishy was adopted by us from his previous owner for only Aud$100. Date of birth was not known but according to his look, I guess he's only two or three years old. I hope he can serve us well.

Wishy's previous owner also introduce us, Fred the fridge!

Muscular Fred.

Let us welcome him with a round of applause! *Clap clap* Fred was adopted by us for Aud$160. According to his previous owner, he's only two years old. Although his body has several scratches, he's still strong and fit. He stores all our food inside his brain and tummy. However, he's still consider small in size.

Now, with Wishy, I don't need to hand wash my clothes anymore. And with Fred, I no longer need to survive ONLY on instant noodles and canned food! (Of course, I do consume them once in a while :P)

So, isn't it great to have two more new members in my family? ;)


MuminMiri said...

Ha ha I feel happy for you too. I also cannot imagine how to survive without a washing machine in Western Countries and how to eat with no fridge..

Kenny Mah said...

I wonder why Fred the Fridge has such muscular arms when it's Wishy the Washing Machine that has to do all the scrubbing and swishing... ;)

Now you can store food and cook with actual recipes! Do it now cos when you join the rat race, you'll have even less inclination to cook (at least that's true for me, heh).

Tummythoz said...

Clap clap clap .. so throwing a welcoming party? Now with the laundry outta way, sure got plenty of time to show-off your cooking skills!

Anonymous said...

Goos for you.;Laundry should be faster and easier now. So start washing and cooking and eating too. Haha! (wonda)

Kok said...

mum in miri: You won't know how difficult for us in the past 3 weeks. Having no fridge is a disaster I must say.

kenny: Cause Fred the Fridge has to store all our food in his stomach. That's why need to work out and become that muscular. :P

Aiyo, now cannot. Still busy organising event for International Student Service. Maybe later. Stay tuned!

Tummythoz: Poor students no welcoming party. haha! Can can, like I told Kenny, I'll definitely show-off my cooking skills when I'm free. :)

wonda: Yea, FINALLY! haha! Nolah, I don't wanna cook. Can send little Kenji here to help me cook?:P

FireHorse said...

Clap clap clap, yaay for Wishy, come Aunty Firehorse, give you some love, make sure you wash kok's clothes properly ok?

carr0ts said...

so you're also influenced by me and have started giving your household appliances names, eh?

happy for you too.. this is when we will give a long sigh and say: "Thank God for technology!", rite? ;)

Dancing Queen said...

Funny how we take things for granted until we have to live without them.

I'm sure your mates and you must be so happy with the new appliances! :-)

Xiu Long Bao said...

funny la u, btw is water free in western aussie?

Kok said...

firehorse: Don't worry, firehorse. Wishy is serving me good!:P

carrots: Haha! Where got? Suddenly thought of doing this ma. haha!

Yaya, never know how important those two things to me. I'll appreciate them now.

dancing queen: Yea, you will never know how important they are to you when you have them just in front of your eyes. hehe.

Three of us are happy with the "new" appliances! haha!

xiu long bao: Mana ada funny? :P No, water is not free here. But consider quite cheap compare to electricity. hehe.

Xiu Long Bao said...

hehe, water was free in my area, so 'ulu' hoh.

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Not really ulu lah. Most parts in Australia have free water. Don't know how come there's no such thing in Perth. :P

Firehorse said...

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Reverse pin # definitely a hoax said...

How many of you in the house?
Still consider that fridge small?

Kleio said...

Wah... Wishy and Fred sounded promising :D

Happy for you there. At least now you could have decent meals. Though manual cloths washing would do you good in the exercise dept.

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