Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Swan Valley Trip with ISS

Last Saturday, Nicole (Social Secretary) and I (Sports Secretary) of the International Student Service (ISS) organised a combined event to Swan Valley. Most of the preparation work was done by Nicole, I must admit. Since I was not back to Perth earlier than she did, she had to take over my part.

In the bus.

At about 8:30 a.m., we started our 45 minutes (approximately) trip to Swan Valley. Everyone was kinda excited about the trip.

The Margaret River Chocolate Company.

Our first destination, The Margaret River Chocolate Company. The company has another branch at Margaret River which is actually their main branch.

Everyone trying to seek for the best chocolate.

Once entered the shop, everyone started to browse around, trying to check whether the shop offers any yummy chocolate or not.

One piece of those costs you Aud$1.50++.

I must say the factory produces one of the finest chocolates I have ever tasted. I didn't buy any actually (quite expensive), I just went for the "Free Tasting". :P


Their products range from the most popular chocolates to the company's very own merchandise.

Chocolate Easter Bunny.

That is the chocolate which caught my attention. I wonder if anyone would give me any chocolate Easter Bunny or not this year...

Snack's Corner.

There's a Snack's Corner at the chocolate factory. You can order a cup of hot chocolate if you haven't had any breakfast. ;)

Chocolate dip.

Again, I didn't order that. Nicole, Jonathan and Bernice ordered that. Basically, you can dip everything you can think of into the chocolate they provided.

From left to right: Kok, Bernice (Deputy of Social) and Nicole.

After spending about an hour at the chocolate factory, we decided to leave for the next event; Supa Golf.

Waiting at the "cafeteria" for our turn to play.

Supa Golf is actually a mini version of the golf. I guess, most of the golfers learn their basic skill from Supa Golf.

Game rates.

We have planned to take the "9 holes" for everyone.


We were divided into 8 groups and each group consisted of 5 people.

I couldn't remember most of their names already.

They couldn't accomodate all 40 people in the golf course, so we had to wait for our turn.

Record for your shots.

Golf clubs.

Golf ball.

Now, you can see Supa Golf is really for beginner golfer. ;)

Hole 1.

After waiting patiently for about half an hour, there I went, Hole 1!

First strike of the ball!

It was tough at first. The ball landed not far from where I have hit the ball.

Finally in the hole. ;)

It took me about 4 or 5 shots before the golf ball went into the hole. Not bad for a person who never holds a golf club before eh?

"Pro" golfers from left to right: Rachel, Cheryl, Lydia, Jonathan, Kok.

It took us about 1 and a half or two hours to finish all the 9 holes. Tiring but fun! A must try for everyone!:)

Move on next was a tram ride at Whiteman Park after our quick lunch. For your information, lunch was sandwiches and drinks which was partly prepared by me. :P

Jonathan and I on the tram.

The tram is an electric tram which takes you to a 4km tram ride.

Left or right?

It takes about 30 minutes to complete a journey and it departs every half hour.

Bush fire on the far side.

Inside the tram, you'll get to see parts of the park and also some wonderful scenery.

I know I'm fat!

You can also take some beautiful photos.

After the 4km tram ride.

It costs an adult Aud$5 for this short ride. For me, it's way too expensive and not worth the money. I'll rather add some more money to visit the Caversham Wild Life Park which is just situated beside Whiteman Park.

The trip came to an end at about 4p.m. I was drop dead tired after the trip. However, I must say the Swan Valley trip is a success. Let's wait and see for my next sports event for ISS; GO KARTING!


carr0ts said...

that easter bunny chocolate reminds me of the story Danny told us about u, him, jet, jeffery, adrian and andy who secretly ate it in form 5 bm class! haha.. so funny.. thinking about Danny's description of the whole "PROCESS" trying to break the chocolate.. bu zhi dao ni hai ji de mar??

FireHorse said...

Looks like a wonderful outing. I loooove chocolate, glad you are not too homesick, was a little worried as you sounded so sad when you said farewell to your family.

Dancing Queen said...

I especially love those individual chocolate pieces....! But so expensive! I would have thought it's much cheaper in Australia, moreover in a chocolate factory! ;P

wmw said...

A lot of activities over there. You seem to be having lots of fun! That's good!

wonda said...

Looks like you're having a good time. You put on weight eating Miri food too much?

Tummythoz said...

No swan?

Kenny Mah said...

Yum-Yum-Yummmy! I love me some chocolates! Just seeing the rows and rows of them, enough to get my saliva glands flowing... I can give up many things, but a good chocolate is not one of them! :)

And you guys looked like you were enjoying yourselves with the golf. I must try that myself one day. If lucky, won't hit someone else... :P

Sasha said...

eh u look so young eh?

Kok said...

carrots: wo dang ran ji de! haha! That's one of the funny stuff which makes Danny and I laugh non stop whenever we talk about it. haha! Unforgetable memories...

firehorse: U.S. has lots of chocolate, no? Don't worry, when I'm busy, I would tend to forget homesick. hehe.

dancing queen: Yaya! Those chocolates are expensive. I would not say chocolate in Australia is cheaper, but I would say the chocolate here is worth your money. It's quite different from those in Malaysia.

wmw: A lot of activities mean I don't get enough rest. haha! I slept at 3am before the event cause I went to my friend's house to prepare for the sandwich at 10pm.

wonda: Exactly! Everytime I went back to Miri, for sure, my waistline would increase!:P

tummythoz: No swan wor... I don't know how Swan Valley got its name actually. hehe.

kenny: Come and taste yourself the finest chocolate! haha! But it's going to be very expensive since you need to take a plane here. :P

The golf apparently was one of the most enjoyable event among the three. They just whacked the ball till it went into the hole. It's quite fun!

sasha: From my look, guess how old I am. hahaha!

www.yenjai.net said...

nicole looks like a really nice lady ^-^

Kenny Mah said...

I really must try out golf one day then. ;)

P.S. Since the spammer struck again, and this time used your name (don't worry I've deleted the comments), I'm now moderating comments on my blog, and when I comment on Blogger blogs like yours I will sign in with my Blogger account so you can tell it's me cos of the picture and the blog url (which redirects to my Wordpress blog).

A bit troublesome but the last time I want is the spammer to come and kacau my blog-friends.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hey Kok, looks like you had a lot of fun plus two leng lui with you. :P

Kok said...

yenjai: Hmm...Cannot judge a person by his/her look lah. haha!:P

kenny: I'm sure you'll have the chance to try out golf. Who know's you might be the next Tiger Steel? haha!

Spammer again? I HATE spammer seriously. Can you figure it out from where this guy is from? I don't know whether you can block his ip from visiting your blog or not.

Don't worry. I roughly can guess which is the real Kenny!:)

rasa malaysia: Welcome! Errmmm...actually not two lengluis only la. Bunch of them. hahaha!

FireHorse said...

I dun really like chocolates from U.S, not nice. Kok & Kenny Mah, I really hate that bl@rdy spammer for coming into our circle of friendship and trust, I even replied to his stupid comments not knowing he was not Kenny, made all my hair stand just thinking about it.

Kenny Mah said...

The spammer must think he's real smart --- My last name is Ying Fye, i.e. Y.F.Mah. Kenneth, of course, is the full form of my first name. And the spammer must be so hard up for a personality that he has to steal mine.

No sense of humour, Mr. Spammer? Me? I think I just made a fool of you on my blog. Or better yet, I believe my friends can tell quite easily how YOU made a fool of yourself.

In case, we haven't been clear enough on this, let me do so now. We're telling you to GET LOST.


Kok said...

All Haha! My blog is now being attacked by a don't-know-man-or-woman spammer. I think he's lacked of attention. How come ah? People from U.S. don't get much attention is it? But I don't think so leh. firehorse also from U.S. but she's one nice lady and we all love her. She doesn't even need to "advertise" for herself. Oh well, this is life. Someone just trying to fool him/herself.

Kenny: Don't worry. He/She's just a poor kid who need attention. He/She has a potential in writing leh. I like the "poem" (?) he/she wrote for me. hahaha!

Spammer/Loser: Welcome to my blog. Yea, I'm a bastard. But who are you? Loser? Get a life, dude!

lawcl said...

who is YF Mah? Who is Kenny Mah and Who is Kenneth Mah?haha.. wei, your blog is really famous huh..for some anonymous who entered your blog=P

Kleio da Muse said...

Wah... you so syiok one ah. Some more got pretty gals like Bernice with you ah. Nice. So, did you try your luck :P

Kok you look cute wat. Hehehehe

Kok said...

kleio: Study life must also syiok syiok mah. haha! Nolah, Bernice got a partner already. And some more, she's not my type. :P

Hah? Me where got cute? Kleio, did you wear your specs when you look at my photos?:P

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