Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

14th of February every year is a very special occasion for all the couples out there. Valentine's Day is a day for the couples to express their love for each other. I don't actually quite agree with that. I think everyday should be treated as Valentine's Day and not just a day in every year. What do you think?

As I don't have any lover at the moment, Valentine's Day doesn't mean anything to me. Maybe it does, to show my love for my family and friends. :)

Roses for your girlfriend?

On this day, normally couples spend quite a lot of money in presents such as roses, watches, ties, chocolates and etc to show how much they love each other. Some even spend additional money on dinners and movies. To me, love cannot be measured by how much money we spent on our lovers. It is about our sincerity instead. That's why, I accepted Firehorse's challenge on "How to spend no more than RM5 on Valentine's Day to express your love to your lover".

Or chocolate in a heart shaped box?

You'll need some imagination, so be prepared for that. ;)

If I was to have a lover, this is what I would do...

I'll make "xiang shi dou" (saga seeds) my Valentine's theme.

"Xiang shi dou" which is red in colour.

It is this "xiang shi dou" which gave me the inspiration for the whole plan. There are few reasons for me to choose it as my Valentine's theme.

  1. The colour would not fade no matter how long you keep it. It reflects how much I love my other half.
  2. It takes some amount of time to collect the small little "xiang shi dou". This is how I show my sincerity.
  3. It's FREE! Remember the RM5 budget?
A self made card.

I'll make her a card with some words to express my love. Although this cost me nothing, it is a way I can jot down my feelings on her.

I need a heart-shaped-bottle.

I'll then find a heart-shaped-bottle. This can be found at the "RM2.00 Store" I guess. A heart-shaped-bottle is just an alternative since I have to consider I spend. If it is to no available, a normal bottle will do. A recycle bottle only cost you not more than RM2.

I need this bottle to fill up maybe 99 or 999 or 9999 pieces of "xiang shi dou" as a gift for her. Why must I have the number 9? This is due to the reason that 9 in Mandarin is "jiu" which has the same pronouciation as "long". This show that I love her "long long". ;)

A packet of candles.

Again, I'll target the "RM2.00 Store" to get a packet of candles. It'll cost me, I think, another RM2. Why I need this? I think some of you might know the plan eh?

That's all the preparation for Valentine's Day.

Beautiful sunset.

On Valentine's Day, I'll bring her to the beach. Holding her hands while walking along the beach, to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Just before the sky is completely dark, I'll ask her to close her eyes and wait while I rush to the car to get the candles, bottle filled with "xiang shi dou", hand-made card and one large bag of "xiang shi dou".

Yellow = candles and red = "xiang shi dou".

I'll arrange the candles like what I've shown on the photo and I'll filled the heart, again, with the "xiang shi dou". Now you know why I have chosen "xiang shi dou" as my theme. Seriously, I need a LOT of "xiang shi dou" to make sure my plan goes well. At the end of the letter "U", I'll put the bottle of "xiang shi dou" accompanied by the hand-made card.

She'll, then, be given the permission to open her eyes and SUPRISE! hehe.

The rest of the plan, I don't think I'll need to continue. I think most of you will know what's next. ;)

Lastly, to all the couples out there, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

P/s: I know my plan for Valentine's Day sounds lame. Let me know what's yours and I'll improve on mine.
P/s/s: I hope my future lover never comes to this blog. If yes, there'll be no more surprise for her. :P
P/s/s/s: Total cost is less than RM5 for this plan! You know how cheapskate I am, now.


Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, well done!. Wah, is that 'ang chee'? We use to play with that.

Mum in Miri said...

Wow Kok, such a long comment re V day. When I was young (as in teens and twenties), V day was a big issue. No roses or candlelit dinners from then you-know-who would result in tantrums, don't want to answer his calls etc etc.

Now that I am in my thirties, V day has no such great significance to me anymore. As for Hubby, I am sure he is very happy to be relinquished of the hustle-bustle of V day since the day I said "I do".

But still I would encourage all young folks to celebrate it as much as you can while you are still into it.

Dancing Queen said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Kok! Whoa, you're really cheapskate and romantic! :-) But it's ok, what's important is, like you say, the sincerity.

There's no point in getting an expensive gift if your hearts are not one. And if the girl expects an expensive one, dump her and run far, far away! :-)

I do hope you will meet your Valentine when the right time is here. BTW, those seeds are called saga seeds.

FireHorse said...

Wow, for someone who claims he does not have a special someone, you sure know how to celebrate Valentine!! Well done, Kok!!
Happy Valentine Day, dear.

Kleio da Muse said...

Not bad, not bad. In fact, it was quite romantic too albeit cheapskate :P Ah well, we have to remember it's the thoughts that count isn't it.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you Kok. May you find your other half soon. Make that after your studies lah ok. Hahaha.

P/s: Kok, I have added you into my Z-list. It's an amazing way to increase your Page Rank. Sort of like a link magnet. If you want better effect... you are most welcome to spread the link/circulation. Cheers. Consider it as my anypow for you. Seems like I am a cheapskate too. Bawhahahahaaha

Kok said...

dr ve thru: Thanks thanks! hehe. What's ang chee? haha! Anyway, dancing queen just told me that it's saga seeds. :P Happy Valentine's Day to you, Judy!:)

mum in miri: Biasalah, right? Everyone wants their Valentine's Day to be very special and romantic. If no roses or candlelit dinners, hah, I think few days no contact. haha!

Yaya, after you have married and had kids, no more what what Valentine's Day. Just like my parents. hehe.

Hah? You encourage ah? Later your children all come to you and ask money to buy presents for their lovers lah. haha! Like that how ah? *scratch head*

Happy Valentine's Day to you!:)

dancing queen: Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Actually, I can spend a little bit more than RM5 leh. Since I got a challenge from Firehorse, I have to spend less than RM5. haha! If not, I still can buy some vegie and cook a dinner. ;)

True true. I agree with you on that. If I was to have a girl who wants expensive gift...I'll run far far! :P

Thanks. Probably after my studies? No idea. Keep an eye on this blog then. hehe. Thanks for the name! I'll put it on the post later. :)

firehorse: Thanks thanks! Any girls to intro? Then I can celebrate it! Haha! Just joking.:P
Happy Valentine's Day to you too, firehorse!:)

kleio: Thanks thanks. Like I told dancing queen, if not because I have accepted firehorse's challenge, I'll spend more on Valentine's Day. :P

Happy Valentine's Day to you too. Take care and hope you'll get well soon!:) I also hope to get my other half but yea, after studies lah. haha.

Thanks for adding me to your Z-list! I'll spread the link if can, ok? Maybe after cny. Thanks for the angpao! I want pineapple tarts! haha!

wonda said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Xiang shi dou? Who are you thinking of? Hmm.... a romantic fella you!

Kok said...

wonda: Happy Valentine's Day to you!:) Me ah? Thinking of no one leh. haha! If I'm romantic, I would have been taken loh. :P

ilene said...


wmw said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you...Hee hee, yah, hope your future gf won't see this post. Spend only $5!!! *sings again* "This I promise you.... Ha ha ha....

Kok said...

ilene: Thanks!:)

wmw: Haha! Better than I spend only RM0.50 mah, right? haha!

FireHorse said...

kok: I came back to reread your Valentine's Day post, I think it is the perfect Valentine and your efforts are not lame at all, thanks for taking the challenge and for succeeding once again any girl would be very lucky to have you. Now go get your degree, get more money so no nid to stick to $5 budget anymore, hehe.

Kenny Mah said...


Found ya via Lydia's blog. I tried to follow FireHorse's less than RM5 idea, but tak jadi lah. Last minute Lydia spurred (indirectly) a date between me and another blogger, so can't kiamsiap kiamsiap lah.


Kok said...

firehorse: Thanks thanks. Nobody ever comment that my idea is perfect for Valentine's Day. You are the FIRST! haha! Your challenge has got my brain working for a while. hehe. Don't worry, I'll try my very best to get a degree myself. I hope, no need to be so cheapskate to spend only RM5 for Valentine's Day. hehe.

kenny: Welcome to my full-of-grammatical-error-blog! hehe. *Akhem* Who's the other blogger you dated? haha!:P

Kenny Mah said...

Well, if you wanna know, just check out the comments section on my blog. Lydia makes it very obvious who it is, haha...

Kok said...

kenny: haha! I'll check it out later. :P

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