Monday, February 04, 2008

Mari Makan (Come Eat)!

So, Chinese New Year is around the corner hor? For me this year, I couldn't celebrate it because of this. But then, being the generous me, I still want to organise an Open Blog for all my friends here. :D


First, let me give all of you this small inedible pumpkins. Actually, I am not sure about the significance of these pumpkins. Can anyone tell me?

Pistachio nuts.

Now, mari makan some of the snacks I prepared. Help yourself hor. Make this your home. Don't paiseh paiseh (shy shy) :)

Jelly candy.

Children, come come! Kor kor give you jelly candy.

Cashew nuts.

These cashew nuts, not cooked yet lah. Sorry sorry. My mama too busy to make mah.

Red cuttlefish.

Anyone like this? Although it's nice, don't overeat this. If not, you'll end up spending hours on the throne like Aunty Judy. :P

White Kuachi.

Aiyo, got this kuachi, everyone can chit chat non-stop while eating this. ;)

Heart-shaped chocolates.

Not only children love this heart-shaped chocolates, couples sure love this. Couples out there! Don't forget 14th of February ah! ;)

Dried persimmons.

Dried persimmons, you all have to spare some. Don't eat everything cause my gong gong love this.

Gold coins!

Full or not with all those snacks? Not enough, there are still somemore which I've no idea where my mama kept them. :P

Here, I wanna wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Oh yeah, I know some of you come here for 4-D, eh? What numbers leh?
Still no numbers?
Oklah oklah... patient a bit...
Here comes the 4-D...

Note: I don't encourage gambling. Use these numbers at your own risk. :P


Kopi Soh said...

How kam jelly candy oni 4 chewren? I oso wan forgot to offer peepul sumting else - "kam", remember orange is gold.
Tankiu for delicious goodies, and Hapi Chyeniz NiuYa to you.

MIM said...

Hey those food looks familiar. You didn't snap them at Imperial Boulevard, did you?

ilene said...

Hey KOK, thanks for all the goodies! You & I sama sama - no CNY celebration. *sob* For me, can save giving ang pow but for you, you can continue to receive! Ha! Ha! Because of this that's why I didn't respond to you and all the other 'aunties' in giving you an ang pow. But when you're down here in KL, do let me know. Can bring you go makan makan with WMW. You know this WMW very good in cari makan wan and I still owe her 1 kopi kau kau!

"GONG XI FA CAI" to Kok and family.

Kleio the Muse said...

TQ Kok.... for spoiling my diet.

It's an interesting way to post a greeting. It's so you ;)

San Ni Fai Lok. May the God of Fortune takes a shine on you ;)

Dancing Queen said...

I've never eaten those dried persimmons. Always wondered how they're eaten! Nice ah?

Anyway, here's wishing you a happy & prosperous CNY even though you're not celibating..oops, I mean, celebrating. Heheh! :P

Come to my house ah.

Kok said...

kopisoh: Oh, you want ah? Can can! Just grab. I thought only children like mah. hehe. Kam ah? Aiyo...forgot leh. Next time ok? Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family too!:)

mim: Wah MIM! You are really keng lah! Some of the food, I snap the photos at Imperial Boulevard lah. haha! Or did you saw me snapping photo there?:P

ilene: Don't worry. Chinese New Year is every year. We can celebrate it next year. :) Aiyoooo! Now Aunty Judy has more reasons not to give me angpao liao. hehe. Me go KL ah? Aiyo, don't know when can go leh.

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family too. Gong xi gong xi!:)

kleio: Not a problem. :P

Actually hor, I've no idea what to write. So, just simply put a post. hehe.

San nin fai lok, man xi yun yi to you and your family. Have fun in this new year ok?:)

dancing queen: You never eat before? Actually, neither do I. haha! My mum said it's real nice. My late gong gong also like it a lot. You just need to wash it and eat it like that. Very sweet. :D

I also wanna wish you Gong Xi Fatt Cai! Have a wonderful Chinese New Year with your family!:)

SueSue said...

Eh your Ang Pow leh?
Hahaha.. KEong Hee Huat Chai ah

wonda said...

Eh, the snacks for Chinese New Year is a bit different from my days in Malaysia. We got kuaci, candy, and also those sweet sour (kiam sooi tee) snacks. Me also no celebrate new year. Father-in-law passed away last summer. Besides, it's not a holiday here and only the celebration with firecrackers, lion and dragon dances and parade is in Chinatown.

Shionge said...

Wishing you good health and prosperity Kok, thanks for sharing all the goodies :D

carrots said...

hoho! FINALLY! I've been waiting for you to post something for AGES... i had another round of cracking up, thanks thanks... =) and especially the "Open Blog" and 4D part, wuahahaha!! *lol* i can't stop laughing

so you don't have to worry, u haven't lost the "touch" of blogging the-kok-style ;) *applaud applaud*

the pumpkins look good, but actually, i don't know what's the significance too =/ i thought pumpkins are for halloween? no? let me know once you find out, and of course... Happy Chinese New Year to you too! =)

carrots said...

oh yea... you forgot two very important things: Bak Gua!! and Nian-Gao! =P come, ke-lien me and give me photos of those two? hehe..

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha..good one...happy CNY to you too :)

p/s: maybe u shud try buying 4-D with that number :p see kena or not la har.

Kok said...

suesue: My angpao still with you lah. You said you want to give mah. haha! Happy Chinese New Year to you!:)

Aunty Alice: Actually not really different lah. Only that, I didn't manage to snap all the photos of the goodies. hehe.

Wow, not bad, at least you get to enjoy the lion dances and parade.

Wish you have a Happy Chinese New Year!:)

shionge: Wishing you and your family a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year! :)

carrots: Eh, I did post up some of the food in Miri mah. Hahaha!

Aiyo, actually hor, I'm lack of idea on how to write a good post liao. I think only you who appreciate my post. kekeke. Thank you thank you. :)

I'll find that out soon. Hopefully there'll be someone in my family to know the answer to that pumpkin. I also thought pumpkins are actually for Halloween. haha!

Oh, Ba Kua and Nien Gao hah? Cannn! I already got a photo of Nien Gao. Hopefully I can snap a photo of the Ba Kua soon. Don't scold me when I post that up ok? :P

Happy Chinese New Year to you too. Although you're far away from home, I hope my post can make you feel like you're near! Take care there!:)

xiu long bao: Aiyo, I cannot buy it myself lah. I'm the one giving out the numbers, so, you all have to buy. hahaha!

Thanks thanks. Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Eat more eat more!:P

Joy said...

Wow! These look fantastic! Can you send me some in the UK, kok? :)

Kung Hei Fat Choi, my friend!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo

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Judy said...

Wah, open house blog ah! I come already but no CHEESECAKE?? :(

Your mummy told me cannot give you angpao, so I took home again. Hahaha......

Thanks for the food, ingenious idea.

Kopi Soh said...

Hei i tot i just saw u in my kopitiam, then i faster run to gmail u not there????

Kok said...

joy: Sure I can send some to you. Which goodies you want? Let me know ok?:)

Happy Chinese New Year to you!:D

Aunty Judy: Cheesecake again ah? Aiyoooo! haha!

My mummy said can receive angpao lah. Give me angpao!!!:P

Thanks, aunty. :)

Kopisoh: Oh, I just came for a while and then went to sleep. Tired. hehe.

Sasha said...

eh jelly not for me ah ?

Eh kasi me yr paypal, i kasi u angpow.

eastcoastlife said...

kakaka.... the numbers look familiar wor!

Thanks for the CNY treats. I'm having a sore throat ledi.

Oh, that means I cannot give you ang-pow!
*happily put back ang-pow into bag*

Happy Lunar New Year!

Dizzy Dee said...

Happy Chinese New Year!! Hope you had FABULOUS celebrations, and enjoyed the time while FEASTING ;)

Just still find it funny that my surname will be KOK in 25 days' time, and its your name - for me its typically South African, or rather, originally Dutch, but here you are with the exact same name :P

Lynnwei said...

hey...happy chineses new year!!!!

i didnt have much celebration too coz was away from home...nevertheless...i got new clothes! abt u?

next year if i go back msia...hopefully, i will go visit u! kekekee

Kok said...

sasha: You want ah? Feel free take it lah. hehe.

Aiks? Angpao ah? No need lah. Save the money and buy some stuff for little J. Treat is as a gift for him from me. :D

Thanks a lot ah!:)

eastcoastlife: Familiar meh? You also dreamt that number ah? haha! I think this time sure "TIOK" liao lah!:P

Aiyo, drink more water then! Don't eat and no drink. hehe.

Eh, I can accept angpao lah. Who said I cannot receive? kekeke!

Happy Lunar New Year to you too!:)

dizzydee: Thanks a lot!

Congratulations! Next time, should I address you Mrs. Kok instead? hehe. Are there many South African with Kok as surname? Now you got me curious. hehe.

lynnwei: Wah! At least you got new clothes! I didn't have even a pair. haha!

Haha! Let's see if I'm at Miri next year or not. hehe.

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