Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thanks, Sis!

Alright, alright. I know I should update more often but I've nothing much to blog about leh. Life has been pretty much relaxing and I'm spending more time with my family. :)

Speaking about family, my sis just came back from Adelaide few days back.

What are all these?

She helped me to carry back some of the stuff which I had asked her to buy. I know, it seems like a lot of stuff, hor? :P

From the middle (clockwise): iPod Classic, FM transmitter, armband, screen protective film, silicone case.

Those were the things I bought. An iPod Classic, you see it right.

Aud$432 for a 160gb iPod Classic.

I decided to pamper myself by getting a black 160gb iPod Classic after all the hardwork I had gone through in uni last year. Yes, it's real expensive but once in a blue moon mah. Somemore, my sis sponsored me Aud$150 for this. Might as well just grab it lah! Haha! Thanks a lot for the sponsorship, sis! :D


Now, let me show off this new toy of mine. Unlike other electronic stuff which were packed with some low quality cardboard, the packaging of this iPod was simple yet exceptionally wonderful. When I opened the black box, I found the iPod nicely fit in the box.

Shiny, glossy stainless steel.

Taking it out from the box, I could feel the iPod Classic a bit solid (heavy in another word). The backside was no other than the famous, shiny and glossy stainless steel. This is a downside as reviewed by a lot of people as scratches and fingerprints can be easily shown on the stainless steel. Nevertheless, I love the feel of the steel.

Why not iPod Nano but iPod Classic? This is due to the fact that, getting a larger capacity iPod would allow me to store all my favourite songs and also, all my photos. For me, size isn't a problem, thus, iPod Classic.

So, this is my newest toy. Although it cost me a bomb, I love it to the max. Maybe I treat it as a "graduation gift" from me to myself. Hehe.

My next target of gadgets are:
  1. Laptop
  2. Digital camera
Hope I can earn more money to fulfil my gadget needs. Oh, I'm also looking for more sponsorships. Anyone? ;)


mott said...

haha..i too like the ipod classic...better to hold!

ur sis shud hv bought the skins for u..it's damn COOL! only AUD10! U'd be the ONLY one in Miri to have one!!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

cool stuff..mulling over one too..need something for the gym..aiks!! jealous..

Judy said...

Hahaha, want to buy, just buy lah. No need to justify why you should buy. :P

Eh, sponsors again? Tan ku Kokky Poo!! :))

eastcoastlife said...

How cool! I like black.

When I strike 4D, I'll buy you the laptop. hehe.....

Give me a 4D number, Lucky Kok! fai tit fai tit

Kok said...

mott: Where did you see the skin? istyles.com ah?

joe: Go get one. I'm sure it can entertain you in the gym. :D

Aunty Judy: I want justify mah. Cannot meh? kekeke.

Haha! Tan ku Kokky Poo. It rhymes! haha! I need sponsors, do you mind? :P

eastcoastlife: When you strike 4D? I thought you strike liao? haha!

4D number ah? Hmm...Wait tonight I dream first ah. kekeke!

Judy said...

No wonder you went to bed early hor? To try and dream up the empat ekor for Ecl. Kekeke....

Dalicia said...

apple products are the best.
ah, laptop you should check this
MACAIR. the thinniest laptop. i got to say. i prefer the macpro book though.

camera, i should say CANON :)
buy a nice camera lots of leng luis will stick near you. hahaha

sponsor...look for datuk or datin lor :D

Sasha said...

oik...banyak shopping. u belum kerja lagi kan? banyak lui? hehheheh kasi sikit to me.

Hazel said...

wow, so great..nice to meet you first time here

ilene said...

Helloooo KOK, long time no visit you! So what are you doing now, besides chatting online with Aunty Judy?

Eh, I thought you already have a laptop and camera? I also want sponsors to buy me laptop, camera and ipod. heheheheheee...

keeyit said...

wahseh... iPod!!

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Aiks? You know I know lah. Don't tell the whole world. kekeke

dalicia: Thinniest laptop? It must be expensive hor? Anyway, I'll check that out. Who knows I might be able to afford some time later? :P

*High 5* I'm also Canon supporter! haha! Aiks? What kind of nice camera can get more lengluis to stick to me? Let me know leh... please please *beg*

Hah? Datuk and Datin? Mana cari??

sasha: Aiyoyorrr... Although belum kerja, but have savings one mah. Remember PPP and online paid surveys? Oh oh..and those psychology experiments. ;) Give you ah?? Wait lah. I give ECL 4 nombor. Dia kena, I ask her give you. haha!

hazel: Nice to meet you here too! Hope you have a great stay here. :)

ilene: Wahhh!!! So long never see you here. How are you? Me ah? Hmm... ukur jalan? haha!

Ermm...My camera and laptop are getting older. Need to get one of each for replacement liao. hehe. You also need sponsors ah? Maybe you can ask from Aunty Judy. hahahaha!

keeyit: Nice hor? hehe.

wonda said...

Your wishlist is my wishist too. Don't even own an iPod. My lumix camera doesnt take good pix. Former canon camera was better.

Judy said...

Yawwwnnnnn, ai kun liao!

You tired ah? No time to update your promised post...I also tired liao from waiting! :P

Joy said...

Wow! Your sister must love you! That's heaps of stuff.

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
Norwich Daily Photo

Xiu Long Bao said...

Whoooaaaaa...ipod classic!!! Cheaper from adelaide?

wmw said...

Wahh...so nice! Cool stuff! 160G...Ooooo...

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: No iPod? Buy a simple mp3 player. I think Japan is way cheaper.

Aiyo, you should take Canon camera. I like Canon!:D

Aunty Judy: Aiyo... Don't rush me getting a post leh. Stress stress. haha!

joy: She actually sponsored Aud$150. Others, have to fork out money from my pocket. haha!

xiu long bao: She got it for me from Duty Free Store. So, it's 10% cheaper. If not, it's the same price everywhere. I think Singapore is cheaper. Get yourself one!:P

wmw: Intend to get one for yourself? ;)

mott said...

hey... abt the skins thing..I tried looking for more in the mall, but cudn't find it. If i do, I'll send one to u!

not sure if u can find online... sorry, i just saw it 'offline'..hahaha

anyway, gong xi gong xi to you and your family! have a very healthy and prosperous new year!!!

eastcoastlife said...

I come for the 4D! Tonight Saturday and Sunday - buy for 2 days, see can kena on consecutive day anot.
fai titt fai titt..... where's the 4D number? Go sleep early tonight again ah!! hehehe....

Kok said...

mott: No need to send me one lah. So ma fan. Thsnks. :)

You too, have a wonderful Chinese New Year and GONG XI GONG XI!

eastcoastlife: Aiyo, you come here for lucky numbers ah? I haven't dreamt anything yet leh. Wait ah. I go sleep early tonight. :P

teckiee said...

i'm also looking for sponsorship. Why not we make a deal. I sponsor u camera, you sponsor me laptop? hehe

Kok said...

You also pandai hor. I sponsor you laptop and you sponsor me camera? haha! Can also lah. I give you my old laptop and you give me new DSLR camera. Deal? hahaha!

WokandSpoon said...

Ooo - like your new toys! 160G iPod!! Wow!

Tummythoz said...

M oso here for lucky numbers. So many nights passed so adakah?

eastcoastlife said...

still no number? These few nights cannot sleep ah? Or dreaming of girls? tzk.

Kok said...

wokandspoon: Cool eh? hehe.

tummythoz: 4 ekor ah? Hmmm... Next post next post. haha!

eastcoastlife: Aiyooor... I dreamt hard every night leh. Next post next post. :P

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