Monday, January 07, 2008

Best "Lao Shu Fen" in Miri

Mirians nowadays might forget Open Market Miri for breakfast after so many kopitiams (coffee shop) grow like mushrooms after rain.

Lo's Noodle Stall.

There is a particular stall at Open Market which is very well-known among the Mirians; Lo's Noodle Stall. Why is it so famous? Because it serves the best "lao shu fen" in Miri!

Best lao shu fen in Miri.

This is the lao shu fen I'm talking about. Unlike other stalls in Miri which is factory made, the lao shu fen here is home-made by the stall proprietor.

A closer look.

The lao shu fen is topped generously with minced meat, preserved vegetable and chives. Somehow, I think the mixture of these three ingredients make this bowl of lao shu fen rather special.

Most of the lao shu fen I've tried in Miri does not have preserved vegetable and also, the minced meat is just not as good as this stall. Secret recipe, maybe? ;)

Saliva dripping yet?

The texture of the lao shu fen here is just right. How to describe it? I think Q Q texture is the best word. Eat it with the minced meat, it tastes heavenly good.

A glass of kopi-c?

For those who haven't tried this lao shu fen yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to Open Market and try it yourself. However, make sure you reach there before lunch time because it is normally sold out then!

This is a MUST try! I can guarantee you will definitely like it!


Dancing Queen said...

Secret recipe? I know - ajinomoto! :D

I haven't even tried it myself. Everytime wanna go, wrong timing! :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

no dark sauce and no soup?? 1st time i see..but yeah the rough looking texture looks like its home made..hmmm

jane said...

darn! u got me droolinggggggggg :P dunno when i'll be able to go back! haih!

SomebodyHasToBe said...

unless you dont mind cockroaches and mice crawling underneath your table, do try there!hahahah..and curry rice there too! =P

mommibee said...

Looks yummy!!
i havent had lau shu fen for years!
U must be so glad to be home, all the FOOOOOD!!!

lynnwei said...

i never been to open market to eat before..mayb next time should try!

Kopi Soh said...

i never eat dis ting be4, u take me there? :P
but since somebodyhastobe say got kokoloach there and mice errr maybe i change mind.

Joy said...

Happy 2008, Kok!

I don't think I can try it because it has meat.

Please go to The Goddess In You where I have a meme for you.

The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo
Your Love Coach

Kok said...

dancingqueen: Aiyo, that one for sure got one lah no matter where you go.

Go there today. I think it should have. hehe.

joe: I think this is Hakka's lao shu fen, that's why no dark sauce.

jane: haha! Come back soon!:D

lee: There's cockroaches and mice in any restaurants. Just you can't see them.

mommibee: haha! Food = Fat!:P

lynnwei: You should try!:)

kopisoh: You come I bring you. :P Aiyo, after you've tried the food, you'll forget bout the mice and cockroaches. haha!

joy: Happy 2008 to you too!

Ahhh...yea true. Maybe I can find vegetarian for you. :)

Thanks for the meme. I'll hop to your blog later. :)

MIM said...

GUARANTEE nice ah? Wah, very strong word oh. BTW, there are 2 sides of wet market isn't it? One side that also sells meat and vege and food stalls, and the other side .... actually never went inside but I saw from the road side that there are a few stalls inside. So which side is it?

Geez, so many "sides" in my comment.

kennymah said...

Hmm... that looks like something different from the usual lo shu fan I'm used to, home-made, huh?

Drooling again... Hahaha...

Kok said...

mim: Guarantee one. Not nice, come find me. haha! Oh, it's at the bigger wet market. The same row as Yu Lan Plaza. Got it?

kenny: Yaya, looks delicious hor? hehe.

eastcoastlife said...

Yummy! Where's the address?

This is dry version of lao shu fen. In Singapore, it's usually in soup.

alexander said...

It sure looks very delicious! I have to try it if I ever get the chance to travel to that part of the world!.
The photos are well taken!

Alex's World! -

wmw said...

I love Lao Shu Fen...mmm...when should I go Miri??? :o)

Jewelle said...

You know, I have only came to know of Lao Shu Fen when I came to Brunei and for us, we get ours from a homemade seller who lives near our house too - very fresh!

One of my favorite Chinese dish.

Kok said...

eastcoastlife: Address? When you mentioned Open Market at Miri, they're take you there. Or else, give me a call!:D

Dry version actually taste good, only at this stall. :P

alexander: You'll sure have the chance to come here!:)

wmw: I think you can come anytime eh? hehe

jewelle: You didn't know beforehand? Maybe you can make a trip down to Miri here and try it yourself this Lao Shu Fen. Very nice, I guarantee!:)

Stella said...

U just made me lose my craving for a curry puff and converted it to craving for Lau Shu Fen..

Dalicia said...

so nice! you will bring me there right? :)

eastcoastlife said...

Open Market is the name of the Food Centre? lol

What else is yummy in Miri? I go over see you. hehe...

mott said... ah....

Made me DROOL DROOL DROOL!!!!!!!!!!

I just had aussie lao shu fen...was so desperate!!!!



Kok said...

stella: First of all, welcome to my "messy" blog. Hope you enjoy your stay here! :)

AHHH! You remind me of another food I haven't eaten in Miri. Curry puff, I'll get you one day.

dalicia: Sure, why not? Come!:)

eastcoastlife: Err..It's actually behind a market called Open Market. haha!

Yummy stuff ah? Kolo mee? haha! But Aunty Judy still claim her West Malaysia Wantan Mee is the best. Hmmm....

mott: Wah! Where did you manage to find Lao Shu Fen at Melbourne? hahaha!

Whenever you miss home, you come here. Then you can "taste" the food back in M'sia. :P

GraceSupang said...

hey..they said the foods in open market are the best and original. i think it is. i went there 3 weeks ago b4 i went back to spore, ate the mee goreng basah with the crunchy pork, craving for it right now. and i heard the curry rice there also very nice.

im going back there again if when im coming down to myy.

the lau shu fen, its not too dry right? i like it abit watery..

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