Friday, January 11, 2008

Thanks Dancing Queen!

Wah! Just as I was browsing through my photos, I realised that I haven't blogged about this. How forgetful I am!

What's in the container?

From the photo, can you roughly guess what's in the container?

Cheese Cake!

It's actually Dancing Queen's famous Cheese Cake! It was so kind of her to make me one. The Cheese Cake was very nice that my mama actually finished 3/4 of it. Haha!

Dancing Queen, thanks a lot for your Cheese Cake! I'm blessed! :)


Kopi Soh said...

One slice pleaseeeeeeee. Err...maybe 2 lar.

Lynnwei said...

so nice...

everyone said it's very sis told me.'s a secret recipe, eh? aha...coz my aunt wanted to learn to make...ahaha...


SomebodyHasToBe said...

ee?why i see some orange or mandarin on the cheesecake 1?

SomebodyHasToBe said...

ee?why i see some orange or mandarin on the cheesecake 1?

Judy said...

Yes, you are very blessed! So, is your sister right? Is that mandarin on the top or biscuits?

Dancing Queen said...

What, what? Did I see my name being mentioned? :D

You're most welcome! I sincerely hope those who try it like it. I don't know what else to bless others with. Only my good ol' cheesecake. :)

BTW, what orange? There isn't any orange in the recipe! :P

Sue said...

Hi! Blog is midnite..everywhere I hop is food...hungry liao..

Lynnwei said...


i hope i get some when i go back next time too! kekekeke...

kok.....wat have u been doing?

alex said...

You are so lucky.
It looks delicious.

Alex's World! -

Kok said...

kopisoh: Aiyo, cannot cannot. Fat fat for you. Next time ask Dancing Queen makes one low fat for you. :D

lynnwei: Maybe you can ask Dancing Queen to make one for you.

I think it's secret recipe! :D

I've been eating and eating! haha! Nolah, have to help at my dad's there.

lee: Err...That's actually Marie Biscuit. At first thought, I saw orange too. :P

Aunty Judy: Nolah, not orange cheesecake. haha! Marie Biscuits. :)

Dancing Queen: Yes, you're wanted! haha!

Your good ol' cheesecake can really bless others. :)

Err...I think the Marie Biscuits look like slices of oranges. hehe.

sue: Welcome to this little blog of mine. :) Kekeke! Sorry! Next post, hopefully not food post. haha!

alex: Yea, indeed, I'm blessed. hehe.

Sue Sue said...

Aiyor, I also wan to eat a slice la.

Dancing Queen said...

Excuse me, kok.

Lynnwei, in case you've forgotten, I served you the same cheesecake when you came over to eat the mee suah lah. Forgotten d? Think you were too busy talking to carrots! :D

eastcoastlife said...

Cheesecake! I want I want! Can dancing queen let me try some?

At first I thought it was ice-cream. Cheesecake is better! yum yum

wmw said...

So good hor? My friends also give me food now and then...We are so blessed!

Kok said...

suesue: Ask from Dancing Queen. haha!

dancing queen: Sure do.:)

eastcoastlife: Aiyo, Dancing Queen's cheesecake getting more popular. haha!

wmw: Yaloh, we are blessed with more food!:P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wat kinda of cheesecake isit? chilled? looks like its the smooth and soft texture..

Christy said...

Such a nice friend:)
Wonderful present!

teckiee said...

looks like theres citrus in it...can i lick the container clean for u?

Lynnwei said... i remember, dq! ahaa.....i only remembered the very nice mee sua, and another thing....which now confirms is the cheese cake!! aha...maybe the mee sua was nice? no? ahaha....sorrie!! ^^

Kok said...

joe: It's chilled Cheesecake. :)

Christy: Welcome here! Enjoy your stay!

Yea, another nice friend I met in this blogosphere. :)

teckiee: Haha! The container is with Dancing Queen now. You can ask from her. :P

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