Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Adventurous Lunch and Three Highschool Mates

Don't play play I tell you. Even if Miri couldn't offer you any good food, you can always travel to a nearby small town, Bekenu, for a marvelous meal. But don't worry lah. Miri still has some nice delicacies. :)

Sing Chiong Restaurant.

Bekenu is located about 45 minutes drive from Miri. People often go there for one reason which is to visit Sing Chiong Restaurant. Sing Chiong Restaurant is most famous for its Ikan Tutu (Tutu Fish) or Ikan Hantu.

Danny and Jing Jet.

My adventurous lunch was organised by Danny who is the driver of the day. Jing Jet was the invited guest. Haha! Guess what? These two guys were my highschool mates whom I've known for 10 years long!

Wild Boar Meat.

We ordered three dishes altogether. Wild Boar Meat was the first to be served. It's quite different from the normal pork that we consumed everyday because the meat was really lean.

Fried Midin in Belacan.

Next up is Fried Midin in Belacan. Midin is a native plant which grows wild in secondary forests. It is very popular among the Sarawakian as this plant is almost pesticide free. In addition, when it is fried with belacan (shrimp paste) or dried shrimps, it tastes real good!

However, the fried Midin here was a tad oily for my liking. Who said Malaysia is short of cooking oil supply? :P

Steamed Ikan Tutu.

Now, this is the Steamed Ikan Tutu I mentioned earlier. It was steamed in soy sauce and topped with generous amount of chives, chilli and deep fried ginger.

Look at the meat.

The meat was very smooth, tender and juicy. And no doubt, it was really fresh. If I was given two words to describe this fish, it's going to be "HO JIAK" (delicious in Hokkien dialect)!

The bill came out a bit high as expected. All these dishes including drinks cost us RM78. For me, I think it's worth the money considering the high quality and also the huge portion of food they served.

I strongly recommend Sing Chiong Restaurant to everyone especially their famous Ikan Tutu. :) I wonder if they would give me a discount the next time I dine in for this review...


Kopi Soh said...

I wanna eat the midin thing, look so good.

wonda said...

Aiming to be a food review writer? Good job!

Christy said...

Interesting..I have heard so much about Midin..must try if I ever go to Sarawak:)

However, I have not heard of Tutu fish nor Ikan Hantu....(me being a fish-lover:)
But it sure looks great in the pic..and it must taste good too:D

mott said...

wah liao...belacan......slurp slurp slurp.......

good pix.... thanks for sharing yea.

my keyboard wet already liao..

Dancing Queen said...

I've heard of ppl going to Bekenu just to eat. Mmmm... looks yummy. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

is ikan hantu or known as "soon hock" or some say bamboo something or rather? if it is, then its damn cheap as here in kl u get it for 12-14 100gm..

Sasha said...

so next time i go u bring me eat tutu fish la..

Kok said...

firehorse: Come come. Try it yourself. :)

Aunty Alice: Err...Not really lah. You see my post you'll know all the food doesn't look appealing from the words I used. haha!

christy: Come and try it yourself. You'll sure like it. :)

Ermm... it's a not so popular fish or I should say, maybe it's quite expensive? Not quite sure. Again, come and try. :D

mott: Melbourne no belacan meh? :P

dancing queen: Go there with your hubby this Sunday lah. Then you can tell me if you like it not. :P

joe: I've googled it just now and yea, it's called Soon Hock. Wah, so expensive at KL? I don't know what's the weight for that fish we ate. But I'm sure worth it cause the fish didn't have much bones.

sasha: Can! No problem. But have to sit in the car for 45 mins if you don't mind. kekeke. Come come!:)

Lynnwei said...

wah....yummy!! next time u've got to bring me too..

hope u all are stil there when i go back in July! mayb with steph and huih!!

MIM said...

Yup, I had the Tutu fish there before too. It is not Ho Jiak, it is "Cing Ho Jiak"

wmw said...

Hah! All the cooking oil went to Miri!

eastcoastlife said...

Does the midin taste like kangkong or better? I don't see this nor Tutu fish in Singapore.

I like wild boar meat. My uncle who lives in Pontian used to hunt wild boar and send it to us. Now, cannot send as Singapore has banned it.

Kok said...

lynnwei: Wah! I also don't know whether I'll be at Miri or not in July. haha!

mim: *HIGH FIVE* haha! Nice hor? *SLURP*

wmw: Yaya, want me to send you a bottle or two? hehe.

eastcoastlife: Ermm...Quite different cause this Midin has a bit of "sticky" taste. So, it's quite nice. Come try it yourself. haha!

Wild boar meat yummy hor? But quite lean lah. hehe.

Tummythoz said...

Dark soya sauce wild boar meat? Over here it's usually in curry.

Sweetpea said...

ooo.. love the looks of the ikan tutu. next time if u go to ipoh, look my brother-in-law up for wild boar meat. better still, go hunt together with him :P

Kok said...

tummythoz: Curry? Nice ah?

sweetpea: Have you tried the ikan tutu?

Wah! Your bro-in-law is a hunter ah? But, I don't think I wanna go lah. Many cases when people went to hunt but was shot dead. Cause they thought another guy was wild boar. hehe.

Shionge said...

Sure looks yummy :D

Sorry been away for so long pal,hope you are well

Kok said...

Welcome back here! Hope you're getting better. :)

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