Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sounds Delicious?

As usual, both Chris and I would visit the Subiaco Market to stock up our groceries on almost every Saturday when I was in Perth.

Kok: Eh, what else wanna buy ah?

Chris: Don't know leh. Later I'll take a carton of eggs and a bag of garlic and onion each.

Kok: Oh... I go around again to see if we missed out something, ok?

Chris: Ok. I'll queue up to pay for the stuff.

I went around the market. Suddenly, I realised I haven't bought any cucumbers for making sandwiches.

Photo taken from Here.

Kok: Chris, did you buy any choo choom bers?

Chris: What? Choo choom bers? I thought we still have it in our fridge?

Kok: Huh? Really? But today choo choom bers are quite cheap leh.

Quickly, an old lady who was queuing behind us, interrupted.

Lady: *Giggle* What's that choo choom bers? Sounds delicious!

Kok & Chris: Oh! It's cucumbers!

Lady: *Laugh* I didn't know choo choom bers can sound that delicious.

All three of us laughed out loud!

So, does choo choom ber sound delicious to you? ;)

P/s: My uncle used to tell her daughter that cucumber was pronounced as "choo choom ber". Thus, I always make fun of the word, cucumber.


wonda said...

Kids in public school here make fun of English eg.
Teach you - tissue
Show you - shouyu (soy sauce)
My name is - Mayounaise

wmw said...

Heehee....that's a cute way of saying cucumber!

MIM said...

For a moment I wondered if you were back at Subiaco physically???

TINTIN said...

haahaa,..choo choom ber ..CUTE!!

Dalicia said...

haahah....i got a cucumber joke to tell too :)

me: how do i select a nice cucumber?

aunt: it's easy, the longer the better

me: really????? *aunt glares at me*

aunt: you're dirty minded...

we all laughed :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahahaha..thats cute..

eastcoastlife said...

haha... what a cute name!

*imagines using it.....*
'Do you have choo choom ber?'

'Careful ah, later your choo choom ber kena broken.'

'You want my choo choom ber?'


Kok said...

Aunty Alice: There are lots of people who can make fun of English. hehe. Sometimes, it's quite funny. ;)

wmw: Funny hor? Don't forget to use this choo choom ber at the market. haha!

mim: Not yet leh. Remember? I just sms you the other day. hehe.

tintin: Welcome here!

Cute eh? Don't forget to use this choo choom ber at the market. haha!

dalicia: Oh oh! Dalicia! You're naughty! kekeke!:P

joe: Cute hor? hehehe.

eastcoastlife: Wah! You ah! Just now said you are looking at naughty toys, now, you're thinking something dirty. hahaha! :D

keeyit said...

choo choom ber is cucumber

Shionge said...

Cool, first time I hear this Kok :D

kennymah said...

Jokes aside, you make cucumber sandwiches? How very English... tee hee. Now I have a hankering for that too...

Kok said...

keeyit: Yaya! kekeke.

shionge: Spread the words! hehe.

kenny: Actually, I did add ham and egg to my sandwiches, and not only cucumbers. hehe.

Judy said...

You talk Kok again ah? Sounds like 'ang kuku'....wahahahahaha....
*roflol* *wipes tears from eyes*.

Choo choom ber??? Ang kuku??? Wahliao!!! What other secrets have you got ah?

JOjo said...

*lol* This is so cute~

eastcoastlife said...

People would get the wrong idea about you and Chris, speaking such language! Usually couples give such mushy terms. mm tong......

eastcoastlife said...

oi... I looking at my son's dirty toys... dirty - not clean for ages...
you hamsup! dirty mind!

Tummythoz said...

Baby talk!

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Aiyo! Choo choom ber and ang ku ku... So much difference loh! haha!

Other secrets ah? *Wink wink* What you wanna know? haha!

jojo: haha! Cute hor? You can try using it at the market, too. haha!

ecl: No need mm tong lah... I admit lah... We are....... STRAIGHT! hahaha!

Hah? Why look at your son's dirty toys oh? Look only won't make it clean leh. hahaha! You got Chlorox or not ah? I wanna wash my mind liao. kekekeke!

Tummythoz: Yaya! haha!:P

lynnx01 said...

Haaha, that's a cute way of pronouncing cucumber!

eastcoastlife said...

*piak piak kok's head... shake... shake... shake....get rid of dirt*

What did you do to grandma suan suan? She's so sick... like kena bus run over! hehehe.....

Sue said...

I very "sampat", first time hear ppl say that for cucumber...haha..but not sampat know the many usage of cucumber...muahahaha

Kok said...

lynnx: Maybe you can try this with your friends. They might just laugh out loud! haha!

ecl: *dizzy* Don't lah shake too much. kekeke!

Wahh! I did nothing leh. Don't blame me oh. hahaha!

sue: Now you gain some additional knowledge from Kok? hahaha! :P

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