Sunday, April 13, 2008

Me? Update?

I am supposed to be in my bed now but I decided to write an update about myself. This is due to the fact that, I might not be able to blog for the next one week or two. Why? You'll know if you read on...

Early tomorrow morning, I'll be heading to Brunei for Perth to attend my convocation on the 16th of April 2008. Yes, something to be happy on eh? Finally I get to graduate eh? Actually, it's mixed emotion for me.

I am happy because I finally get myself a degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) after struggling for fours years in uni. Not only that, this time, my parents will be going to Perth with me for the very first time. For your information, they didn't go to Perth with me when I first went into uni. I have to thanks my friend, Danny, for taking over my parents' role. My parents will attend my convo and I'll be able to bring them around Perth (only if I know how to go from one place to one place cause I didn't drive in Perth!). It has been a long time since my family went for a holiday together. So, I'm looking forward for that.

I actually felt more worried than happy for the past few months, from the day I know I have passed all my units and am going to graduate. I am a bit lost, not knowing what to do. I don't know whether I should stay at Perth for work. There are several pros and cons living in Perth which I won't be listing here. This post will get too long if I do so. Besides Perth, other alternatives are working in Miri, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Like Perth, there are also pros and cons working in these places. Maybe it's all about my career, I take this a little bit too serious till it affected my emotion. I was not too happy in these few months seriously, from all the pressure I was facing. Sasha faced pre-natal depression, Mott faced post-natal depression and as for me, I faced post-graduate depression! Is there such thing? Hmm...

Anyway, thanks to Firehorse and few other friends who gave me valuable advices and support on this, I think I've more or less made up my decision; to stay at Miri. Like what Firehorse has told me, "Don't afraid to make mistake. Nobody knows if your decision is right or wrong, only after you've gone through it yourself". This is what I should really learn. I think I'm just too afraid that the decision I made is wrong. Coward? Yea, I admit.

So, this time when I go back to Perth, I'll have a lot of things to settle apart from attending my convo. I'll definitely miss Perth, which is considered as my second home. I'll miss all my friends, uni, food, places of interest etc... I understand that, I'll lose something if I wanna gain something. I guess, I've lost something in this case.

I think I better stop here. This post is getting too long. Aunty Judy is going to say, Cheong Hei Gong (long winded grandpa)! Till then, I'll update when I can. Take care, all!:)

P/s: My convocation is on the 16th of April 2008 in front of The University of Western Australia's clock tower at about 8 or 9p.m.. All of you who are reading this are welcomed to the party! Come and take a photo or two with me! It's going to be a great memory for me. :)


mott said...

I'm first!

Also I didn't realise u are a UWA grad! SO AM I!!!!! But of coz, I habis dalam 1995 la!

it's a big step..starting work, no matter where you are. but, if u like to travel... go and try other countries lor ( bad, I say this only after u made up ur mind to work in Miri....!!)

Anyway, congrats...don't forget to take picture with ur's a very proud moment. I took same picture in front of that rectangle pond also leh.... heh heh heh..are the ducks still there? one of them bit me before! hahahahahahaha

Xiu Long Bao said...

Remember to take more photos n throw ur mortarboard high high high up in the sky! (P/s: I forgot to do so n i regretted it)

Chev said...

Congrats Kok.

U never know how things will be till u try it out. And the good thing is.. u are still young :)

^SpRInG^ said...

phew witt

congrats once again upon your graduation =)

MIM said...

Congratulations! Glad you are staying on in Miri.. looking forward to more local food promo! Just want to add that, regardless where u decide to start to work, there is no such thing as a "mistake" move. Every step you take is a stepping stone to the next step.

So don't worry yourself silly that working in Miri/KL/Perth etc would be a wrong move. Neither is, important is that you will be happy and can get job satisfaction & experience in order to move forward in future.

Sasha said...

eh u dun pandai pandi ber depression ok?
U just go have fun la. Take pic, bring yr parents around..enjoy enjoy.ok?

piglet~ said...

hey... don't be afraid to make decisions coz every decision you make leads to a new chapter in ur life =D even if you find urself stuck in the middle of the road, look to ur left and right. There's always another opening =D Plus, Miri is not bad wat. I want to work in Miri but situation doesn't allow T.T

Shionge said...

Hey Congralation Kok and I'm sure your parents would be very proud of you. Yes, follow your heart my dear friend.

All the best in your future endeavour!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Congratulations...everyone had their post gradution jitters...when my son first graduated..he wanted to stay at home to play til he had enough..that too gives me jitters...but later things turn out alright..

eastcoastlife said...

Dearest Friend,
Get yourself listed on!

I have to tell my other friends, will come back to comment on your post. Sorry, I hope you don't think I'm spamming. hehe.....

Good thing must share.

Tummythoz said...

Apa depress-depress. Baru graduate. So young, so free. Enjoy-la!
C o n g r a t s.

mommibee said...

i kno ur trip with ur parents will be a wonderful one.
all the best!!

Dalicia said...

Hi Kok, Congrats :) Your parents must be so proud of you. Have fun!

eastcoastlife said...

Congrats Kok! *quickly combs hair, pull blouse lower, press hard to show cleavage.... pull skirt higher... takes a picture with Kok*

hahaha.... Kok with mamasan! *puke* said...

Don't be afraid to make mistake
Life is a journey, right?

Hazel said...

hi, just passed by to wish u a happy weekend!

lynnx01 said...

Yay, stay in Miri!! Your decision to stay in Miri will bring development to our region, trust me. Very glad that you didn't choose "the greener pasture" and rather come back home to your roots and family. Well done and Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Miri many Oil & Gas Company. Good for us who study engineering. Go for it n u won't regret to work in Miri. Thr's no place like home :)

eastcoastlife said...

Still in Perth? Enjoy yourself huh. I received your seeds liao! tks.

PS - Kok sent me some longan or mata kuching seeds, dun think crooked. hehe....

Kok said...

mott: You're not in the alumni? I searched your name at UWA website and found out that they're looking for you! hahaha! I mean it seriously!

Aiyo, I do like to travel. Anyway, I hope the company I am working with next time would give me the chance for me to travel.

Thanks! I took lots of photos! Wait till I get back to Miri and I'll try to upload them. Yes the ducks are still there! But I wonder if they are still the one you're referring to! hahaha!

xiu long bao: For degree, in our uni, we don't wear any mortarboard. Sad eh? *SIGH*

chev: Thanks a lot!

Yea, I'll definitely have more chances to try out as like you said, I'm still young. Hopefully one will turn out to be good, at least...

spring: Thanks a lot! Your one will be coming real soon!:)

mim: Thanks! Food promo? Ermm.. I don't know sometimes if I make the food looks better or worse. haha!

I agree with what you said. I do hope I'll enjoy my work back in Miri. Who knows my decision turns out to be a real good one? Nobody knows. :)

sasha: I learn from you and mott mah. kekeke!

I already did. Will show you all the photos soon!:)

piglet: Wahseh! You know how to relate it to road, and looking it left and right somemore! haha! Thanks a lot! I'll take up your advice!:) Yea, your case is a bit tough since there's not much opportunities. Anyway, you'll definitely find a good path! Good luck!:)

shionge: Thanks! I hope I'll make my parents more proud next time round. kekeke!

sweetjasmine: Thanks! I'll try my best to make it turns alright for me, just like what your son did.:)

eastcoastlife: Apa itu? haha!

tummythoz: Aiyo, mott and sasha spread the virus to me mah. haha! Thanks ya!:)

mommibee: Thanks! I brought them around Perth. I think it's a wonderful holidays for them. hehe.

dalicia: Thank you! I don't know leh. I'll ask if they're proud of me not when I get back Miri. haha!

eastcoastlife: Thanks! Wah! You sure you wanna do that? I don't mind taking photos with you like that though. haha!

yenjai: Thanks a lot. You're very true, life is a journey. We still have to go on although it's a mistake in the middle of the journey.

hazel: Same to you!

lynnx: Thanks a lot. I don't know with my "half bucket knowledge", I'll be able to contribute to the development of the region or not. haha!

Anony: Thanks for your encouragement! I do hope I'll get into an oil and gas company in Miri. :)

eastcoastlife: By the time you see this reply, I wonder if your longan seeds have turn out to have a few pieces of leaves or not. hehe. Not a problem!:)

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