Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not Prepared...

I am supposed to be on my bed now. The time shows 1.35 a.m. but I just finished taking my shower and I have to wait till my hair to dry before I can sleep. So, I decided to jot some words on my blog.

Monday, I have a paper. Seriously speaking, I'm not well prepared for that. I have loads of things yet to understand. I just couldn't get everything into my brain although Brian keeps on helping me with that. Thanks to Brian. I think without him, I can just barely understand anything.

Although the next paper is so near, I still went for a BBQ with Chris and the others. Chris is leaving tomorrow for summer holidays back in Singapore. Bon voyage, housemate!:) A year ago at this time, I would locked myself in my room and studied non-stop instead of socializing. But I have no idea why I have the courage to spare some time to relax myself this year. I really scare I didn't do enough preparation for my exams. I just hope everything won't turn out to be as bad as I think. Again, I'll say, all pass will make me more than happy.

Today, I had a short talk with my mama on the phone. I haven't talked to her for quite some time due to the hectic schedule of my studies. I got to know that my Baba finally, and yes, FINALLY, has set up broadband at home. When I go back this time, I can update my blog without having to use a 56k connection anymore! ;)

I think I better stop here and go straight to my bed. If not, I'll just continue crapping. Till my next entry, wish me luck, guys!


lawcl said...

WHATT???WHAT???are you serious?your house got BROADBAND now???ahahhaha...congratulations!!finally huh...

anyway, good luck in your last paper. dont think too much about those that you have done..concentrate on the other first..take care

lynnx01 said...

Lawcl, aren't you both brother and sister? how come you said, 'your house'?

Kok said...

lawcl: yea! haha! FINALLY! Then you won't be sleeping for the whole night just to download your favourite drama! Thanks a lot, and you too! Good luck in your exams!:)

lynnx01: ignore her. she's just too happy to find out that there's broadband at home. haha!

lawcl said...

lynnx01: hahaha..cause i dont know that our home in miri got

kok: how u know i am so gonna do that?hahah..with your external hard disc some more!there are soooo many entertainment show that i want to watch but just couldnt download in australia

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