Sunday, November 19, 2006

No Updates?

I'm sorry, guys. I am supposed to have update my blog after my exam but then, I couldn't do so since I don't have an internet connection now. I have to come back to uni to check my email and stuff. It's so inconvenient for me without internet! I will update my blog soon, don't worry. Two more days to go for Miri. I'm looking forward to it.



carr0ts said...

duno y cant post this on ur chatterbox. so post here la. rmbr to try the nicer-than-nagaliar's-nasi lemak at bakery cafe, k?? only available on mondays n thursdays.. soo yummy u'l love it! ^_^ n rmbr to take photos n post here cos i jus miss dat soooo much!! enjoy ur hols!

Kok said...

Oh, really? I think after you click type in the message and click 'post', just click 'refresh'. I think it should be there. Wow! Limited time some more. Sure sure, I think I'll try it on Thursday once I get back. haha! Don't worry, I won't leave out any nice food's photos. :)

l y n n w e i said..., by now, you're suppose to be on the way to miri??

so cool!!! just remember to continue blogging when u're in Miri, k!!


i know when i am at home, i became lazy to blog..i guess it will be different for u!!!

haf a really blessed holiday!!!

Kok said...

yea! I'm at Miri at the moment. haha! Don't worry, I'll keep on blogging when I'm at Miri since I have a broadband now. But I have to delay some of my post as my laptop has a problem. Thanks a lot for the wishes!:) said...

Enjoy your holiday.
Keep your hand to yourself, ok? :wink:

Kok said...

Thanks a lot yenjai. But I have to work leh...:P

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