Friday, November 24, 2006


I know I should post this earlier but due to some reasons, I have to postpone this till now.

12 November, Chris left Perth for Singapore. That was his last day in the house since we decided not to continue the lease.

I know I know, this is your last day in your room.

Chris woke me up at 4 a.m. as I left a note on the door and asked him to do so. Just a small farewell with him. Nothing much I could do since it's on exam week.

Never again, 29...

I only slept for 2 hours before I woke up and took some photos with Chris. "Emotional farewell" as described by Chris.

This is the house...

This is the house which we had our good and bad memories.

Chris must be very happy when he got to leave the house earlier!

Chris left the house at about 4:30 a.m. And that's the starting of my "nightmare".

Few days later after I finished my exam, I had to pack everything in the house alone! Yea, I mean alone!

My room.

I cleared everything inside my room. Packed and sent all my stuff away to my friend's house. Thanks to my friends for helping me to store some of my stuff in their house when I am away.

After two days of cleaning by myself...

It's not fun to do all the cleaning by yourself without any help from your housemates. Luckily Chris did clean a bit before he left. If not, I think I would be exhausted from cleaning the house.

All clean.

You won't be able to imagine how dirty was the place before cleaning. Floor full of dust, table full of pots and pans and all the leftover sauces and food were left here and there.

Toilet bowl left uncleaned.

Bath tub left unscrubbed.

Thanks to Danny who has helped me to clean the house. I don't think I can finished cleaning the house within two days without his help.

Run down garage to store some of the stuff.

The owner of the house is kind enough to let us store some of the stuff in the run down garage.

This is a good place to chill out.

Although this house is quite run down, it's still consider a good place to live in. The cheap rent and the location of the house are the advantages living in this house.

Nobody clean the 'garden'.

I couldn't bother to clean the garden. I'll left the owner to find someone to clean it. I'm just too tired to do so.

Lock it safe.

I have done my part in cleaning the house. I'll let the owner to decide whether he wants to find a cleaner to clean the house or not. Most probably he will since I couldn't make sure everything is cleaned.


A year in this house...

I'm sure I won't forget what has happened in this house. Memories will still pin in my head. Sayonara...

P/s : More posts coming up!


Anonymous said...

chris become darker..not machi da ge anymore..

Kok said...

He went sun tanned! That's why! haha!

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