Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Sis at Perth (Day 1)

Finally, I got some time to sort out all the photos which was taken during the time my sis was in Perth. It was almost two weeks since she left Perth for Adelaide.

My sis came to The University of Western Australia (UWA).

We reached Perth International Airport at around 5p.m. and my cousin picked us up. She drove us to her house to drop our luggage (we were staying at her place during the time my sis was here) before my sis and I went to UWA while my cousin had something to do.

Where should I go?

I showed my sis some interesting places around my uni.

Art building but what's hanging on the railings?

Let's have a close look on the railings.


Yes! That's peacocks in the campus! I think no other universities in the world, besides UWA, have peacocks in their campus! They are actually a gift from Perth Zoo. The white one is a rare one though.

After a one hour tour around the uni, my cousin brought us to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. A friend of her followed us.

Matsuri, a Japanese restaurant in the city.

I like the design of the restaurant. Looks classy.

I have no idea what's this thing but I simply like it.

I had a hard time deciding what to eat as the food there are more expensive than those which I usually have. I, finally, point out Barbeque Eel Sushi Set to the waitress on the menu. My sis ordered Curry Katsu Don (?) while my cousins and her friend had Soft Shell Crab Sushi Set.

Mouth watering sushi which cost Aud$16 (couldn't remember) a set.

My sis with her FOOD!

My cousin treated us this dinner. Thanks, cuzzie! :)

Since it's almost 10p.m. after our dinner, we headed back to my cousin's place. Too tired for any other activities except sleep! So, that's the first day of my sis at Perth.

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