Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Sis at Perth (Day 3)

To kick off my sis' third day at Perth, my cousin brought us to Fremantle. We visited my cousin's office before we went to Cicerello for lunch. Cicerello is famous with it's fish and chips. If you are to visit Perth, try the fish and chips.

My sis with an aquarium in Cicerello.

Loads of people having lunch there that day. We had two serves of fish and chips and a serve of seafood platter.

My sis first time having fish and chips.

I couldn't believe that's my sis first time having fish and chips. Adelaide doesn't have fish and chips meh?


After the lunch, my cousin wanted some ice cream. So, we went Baskin Robbins.

One enough?

I didn't have one since I was too full for it. Have been eating non stop for that few days. Fat fat! :P

Since my cousin had something to do in the office, I, again, became my sis' personal tour guide. I brought her to the Fremantle Market.

The uncle behind was trying to make some funny face.

We didn't spend too much time in the market since we had limited time. We went around Fremantle town after that.


It's just Adelaide Street. My sis still at Fremantle. I later brought my sis to the Roundhouse to just take a look. It is the oldest remaining building in Western Australia.

Bro and sis.

I later asked my sis to take some photo behind the Roundhouse which has beautiful scenery.

"Chiew Lee was here."

After taking some photos there, we then rushed back to Cicerello cause there's one brewery nearby which I think is quite special. Little Creatures brews one of the best beer which I have ever tasted.

Little Creatures, with a cupid as it's logo.

In there, many people hold a glass of beer in their hand and chit chat while some of them have their lunch with beers.

So relax.

I regret that I didn't order a glass of beer and then share it with my sis. Should let her try Western Australia's beer.

Beers everywhere.

After spending three or four hours at Fremantle, my cousin then brought us to Cotteslaw Beach.

Beautiful beach.

I went back to my house in Perth instead of my cousin's place after that. My sis followed my cousin back as she was to send her to the airport the next day for Adelaide.

Although it was just a short trip, I think my sis do enjoy the three days at Perth. Come again next time, sis! :)

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