Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Sis at Perth (Day 2)

We started off with a trip to East Perth on the second day. The scenery there is one of the best which I have seen in Perth.

Look at the houses just next to the river!

It is very comfortable and relax living in East Perth.

My cousin with my sis.

There is this bridge which allows you cross the river.

My cousin's Ferrari.

Ok, I bluff. That's one of the resident's car. After some time at East Perth, my cousin decided to drop me and my sis off at Northbridge as she had an appointment with her friend.

I brought my sis around Northbridge (Perth China Town) and Perth City. She told me that city of Adelaide is not as big as Perth.

Barbeque octopus?

Huge Snow Crabs.

We didn't have any of those. I suggested some of the places to have our lunch. I thought it might be a good idea to bring my sis to Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant for a quick lunch but then, we were too late. It was already closed for lunch. We ended up at Viet Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant. Since my sis was not that hungry, we shared a plate of Broken Rice.

Broken Rice served with fish sauce and soup.

After that quick lunch, we went to Perth City.

Murray Street.

Wah, gigantic wine!

I think Perth City (Murray and Hay Street) is almost the same as Adelaide City. So, I think we shouldn't waste too much time in it. We just walked around and then, we proceeded on to our next destination, Bell Tower.

On the way to Bell Tower a.k.a Swan Bells, there's a small garden. There, we took some photos with the kangaroo's statue.

Come to Australia must take photos with kangaroo mah.

Bell Tower is just ahead. "It is one of the world's largest musical instruments which include the twelve bells of St. Martin-in-the-Fields" (quoted from

Eiffel Bell Tower.

We didn't go into the Bell Tower since it was already closed at that time. We hanged around Bell Tower for quite some time to wait for my cousin to fetch us for dinner.

My cousin drived my sis and I to Kings Park to have a look at the night scenery of Perth.

Nice, right?

Out of so many photos, only one of them looks quite ok. Looks like I have to buy a tripod soon (only if I have the $). We stayed there for about half an hour. We then went to Conca's for chilli mussels.

Looks quite old.

Conca's is quite near Curtin University of Technology and it is quite famous among the students for its chilli mussels.

What would you like?

We ordered a large bowl of chilli mussels which cost Aud$29 (if I'm not wrong).

Spaghetti for free (actually they also include it in the price :P).

You can choose either garlic bread or spaghetti for free with a serve of chilli mussels. We have chosen spaghetti.

Now, here comes the chilli mussels!

Doesn't look good here, but you can ask my sis how nice it is!

That was my sis first time having chilli mussels. She like it though. You can choose how hot is the sauce. We chose medium that time. It's nice. I like the sauce. You can order additional garlic bread and dip it in the sauce. Just too delicious. A must try dish when you come to Perth.

Quite a small restaurant actually.

So, our trip for the second day ended at Conca's. We went straight to my cousin's place, watched a dvd and then, sleep. Our trip continued the next day. =)

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