Friday, August 11, 2006

My Housemate is a Star!

Has anyone heard of Machi? Machi is a popular Taiwanese Hip Hop group. An hour ago, their leader, Jeffery Huang, decided to make it a quit as he would like to see a more energetic and good looking young man making a cut into the music industry and lead Machi into a higher level. He named Chris Chen to take over his role as a leader of Machi.

Chris Chen, new leader of Machi.

Congratulations to Chris Chen, who will release the group new album about three months from now. Their new album, "Muachi 2006", will have a song which is sung solo by Machi new leader, Chris Chen. Continue to support Machi and buy only their original album.


*Laughing* Ok, I made up the whole story. Machi is still Machi. They don't need a new leader. Their leader, Jeffery Huang, is good enough to lead the group. I just find that Chris looks like Machi's leader, Jeffery Huang. You will definitely agree with me after you see this.

What do you think?

I didn't notice until my sis told me that Chris looks like Stanley Huang (Jeffery Huang's bro). But I personally think that Chris looks more like Jeffery Huang.

What do you think?


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haha! No..He is truely Singaporean!

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