Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Happening Weekends

Over the weekend, I was so busy. Not because of studies, but had lots of activities going on.

Saturday afternoon, my housemates, Chris, Henry and I went for a BBQ at Matilda Bay. A friend of Chris invited us there.

Then, we went to Subiaco to buy our groceries.

That's approximately two weeks groceries.

The table was not big enough for us to put everything on. We spent about Aud$220 for four persons on the groceries which includes meat, vege and also daily necessities.

Trying to act cute.

The whole saturday afternoon gone.

At night, Chris prepared a restaurant standard dinner for Henry and I.

Main course.

The main course includes mashed potato, chicken and also stir fried beef with capsicum.


The main course was accompanied by a serve of salad. Fresh lettuces, canned kidney beans, crushed boiled eggs and button mushrooms are the ingredients of the salad. The salad was tossed with balsamic vinegar together with olive oil. The taste came out to be very special. Try it...

Toasted bread with tomato sauce.

We were also served with pieces of toasted bread which we could dip it either with tomato sauce or mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

The great chef.

Wonderful dinner. Now everyone should know why I couldn't keep fit. :P

Later at night, Chris and Kok bakers were back in action!

Milk chocolate cake.

We baked this cake for Yan since his birthday is coming soon. We celebrated for him, by throwing a small BBQ party, on Sunday afternoon.

No longer beginner. Intermediate now!

Although 'electric mixer' is printed on the box, we still used our own way to mix everything for the cake.

No electric mixer? Not a problem.

After mixing everything, pour the mixture into a lightly greased baking tray.

Pour cake mixture into baking tray.

As usual, we covered the baking tray with aluminium foil before we stuffed it into our toaster.

We seriously need an oven?

The cake turned out not too bad this time after spreading the icing on top.


Another cake which I think we have successfully baked.

First baker satisfied with the cake.

Second baker, just feel like finished up the whole cake.

Another cake which can be taken off from the supermarket shelves. How many more cakes we haven't baked? This cake tastes delicious. If you ever tried the "Nonya" cake, which has holes in it (catch what I mean?), then, you will know what's the taste of this cake. Suprisingly, it's almost 90% same as the Nonya cake. Overseas student, if you miss the Nonya cake, try to grab a packet of Cadbury Chocolate Cake and bake it. I'm sure you will like it. :)

Sunday started off with our BBQ party for Yan at Matilda Bay. Six of us supposed to be there which included Yan, Darren, Clara, Chris, Henry and I but... Yan, who is the VIP for that day, overslept as he has been working non stop. So, the party went on without the VIP.

BBQ while enjoy the scenery.

It's one of the activities which the Australians like to do during the weekend.

Free BBQ pit for use.

Just turn the black knob and BBQ will start automatically. Simple.

You see? Sometimes I have no reason why I don't like Australia. They provide most of the facilities for the public to use for FREE!

Chris, where's your eyes?

Weather for that day had not been very good. Rained and stopped and rained again. We had to quickly cook all the stuff before it started to rain again.

Part of the food.

We finished up all almost all the food before we went back. BBQ was not fun without the VIP. But that's not the end, Yan appeared at our house at about 6p.m. And look what he got?

Happy birthday, Yan!

We saved some cake for him which we didn't finish up during the BBQ in the afternoon.

"I wish...."

We celebrated Yan's birthday earlier so that if there are anymore birthday party for him, he still can have more wishes. :P

Finish everything, please!

Since he was not there for the BBQ, we punished him with all the food which was leftover from the BBQ. Chris even made him salad to add on his punishment.

Yan with his birthday presents.


It was a very tiring weekend but then, I enjoy it till the end. Looking forward for the next weekend.;)


lcl said...

looks like your housemate,chris, can cook well ha..i think that he looks familiar..he looks like stanley huang li xin

Kok said...

yea, he knows how to cook well. just look at the dishes he cooked for us.:P haha! I will try to take a photo of huang li xin and put it beside his photo to compare:P

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