Friday, August 11, 2006

Ipoh Hor Fun Soup

After soccer (which I have scored twice :P) with my uni mates, I went home but to find out that other housemates not at home for dinner. So, I followed Henry, Yoong and Jason for dinner with Jason's "new" car. He just got his car this afternoon.

The owner is on the right hand side.

We decided to go Ipoh Garden Restaurant at Applecross to have our dinner.

Ipoh Garden Restaurant.

It was my first time there. From the name of the restaurant, you can roughly tell that it offers Ipoh's delicacies. In case anyone doesn't know, Ipoh is actually a city in the state of Perak, Malaysia.

Ipoh Hor Fun Soup is one of the most popular dish in Ipoh.

I have heard about how nice the Ipoh Hor Fun Soup of this restaurant long time ago but I never had the chance to try it out.

Interior of the restaurant.

The interior design of the restaurant has nothing much to talk about. It's design is very simple.

What to eat?

I have no idea what to eat actually since it's my first time there. But I thought I will try their most famous Ipoh Hor Fun Soup.

"Our best selling Ipoh original, copied, but never perfected by non Ipohreans!"

When I saw that, I decided to order a bowl of Ipoh Hor Fun soup. I MUST give it a try. Jason ordered this too. And yea, I know it's a bit expensive. Aud$8 per bowl but it's quite a common price for dinner outside.

After about 10 minutes wait, the most famous Ipoh Hor Fun Soup was served on the table.

This is it. Famous Ipoh Hor Fun Soup.

It's soup is a bit hot. Something like curry. With shredded chicken meat and two prawns. Yea, two prawns only. But the prawns were juicy. No doubt, the seafood here in Perth is a lot more expensive than Malaysia.

Big prawn.

I, myself, find that the best part of Ipoh Hor Fun Soup is the Hor Fun itself. It's not the same as what I eat at Malaysia. The Ipoh Hor Fun Soup shares some similarity as the Penang Prawn Noodles back in Miri (the one near Mega Hotel, New Thompson). The soup almost taste the same and the ingredients are quite similar.

Henry's Seafood Wat Tan Hor (Fried Hor Fun with egg gravy)

I think this Seafood Wat Tan Hor is quite nice since they really fried the Hor Fun with soy sauce before they pour the gravy on top. Most of the restaurant here in Perth doesn't fried the Hor Fun with soy sauce. They simply fried it plain.

"What are you doing, Henry?"

I'm not sure if Henry did enjoy his food. His eyes turned white after looking at his Seafood Wat Tan Hor. :P

Ipoh Fried Hor Fun.

It's simply Fried Hor Fun. Nothing special though. Yoong ordered this.

A & W Root Beer!

You can actually find A & W Root Beer here. It cost Aud$2 a can (I'm not too sure about the price).

After dinner, cam sluts everywhere!

"Henry, don't hug so tight la!"

I want to take a photo, too.

We were so full. The bill came out almost Aud$50 including three cans of drinks which Henry and Jason drank. And oh yea, Jason did order a plate of bean sprout with salted fish which costed us Aud$9. I think I better stop my studies and plant bean sprout as a living. :P


lynnx01 said...

Looks like a nice place to dine in.

Kok said...

I would say, it's just an ordinary restaurant. Couldn't afford to go there that frequent!:P

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