Friday, August 18, 2006

Engineering Week

This week is Engineering Week. There are lots of activites going on for the week during common lunch time at my uni. Yesterday, Brian, Nathan and I decided to join a Drilling Rig competition. We have joined this competition last year during the Engineering Week but we were disqualified due to some reasons.

This competition went like this. We have to construct an oil derrick out of straws and sticky tape to hold the strongest load without the drilling rig being fail.

You can have your very own design.

The drilling rig built, does not depends solely on the load that it can hold to get points. It also depends on how high your drilling rig, how many straws left after you have built you drilling rig and also the time taken to build the drilling rig.

Lots of participants.


But of course, most of the points are given to the drilling rig which can hold the most loads.

So, three of us planned to build a drilling rig which can take more load and pay less attention on the points given for the height of the drilling rig, the amount of straws left after we have built the drilling rig and the time taken to construct the drilling rig.

Our design!

Mechanical engineers can build drilling rig too! Don't play play ok? :P

Drilling rig and I.

After we have built our drilling rig, the judge will then measure the height of the drilling rig and also the amount of load it can take.

Three of us should change our course to Civil Engineering.

To our surprise, our small little drilling rig held the maximum weight without failing. They have used up all the weight but our drilling rig still not failed.

So, we are the champion? Still no idea. As we know, there are two other groups with their drilling rig held the maximum weight. It now depends on the time taken to build the drilling rig, the height of the rig and also the amount of straw used to determine who is the champion. I hope that we win cause first place will get Aud $50 worth of tavern coupons while the second and third place will get Aud$40 and Aud$30 respectively. Hope the email sent will congratulate us that we have won the competition.

If we win, our next project should be similar to this...

The Grand Old Lady (Miri), the first oil rig built in Malaysia.


lawcl said...

so did u get any prizes for this?

Kok said...

hmm...that's a tough question..we still haven't receive any news yet:(

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