Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I Miss The Days...

When a person is growing older, he/she will certainly want to go back to their great old days. This happen to me. When I grow older, I always miss my childhood days.

Cousins, sis and I.

I miss the days when I did not need to worry a single thing.

"Graduated" from Methodist Kindergarthen, Miri.

I miss the days when I only need to finish my writing and drawing homeworks.

Cousins Forever.

I miss the days when my cousins and I would gather together for some "War Game".

How old am I now?

I miss the days when my Baba, Mama, sis and my cousins celebrated my birthday.

Primary 2?

Seeking for old classmates.

I miss the days when I would rush to the canteen just for a packet of RM0.20 bee hoon.

Teachers from SRB. St. Columba, Miri.

Another photo of my primary school's teachers.

I miss the days when my teachers told us stories about "Human Sausage" and also guided us to become what we are today.

I performed on the stage before ok?

I miss the days when life was not so complicated.

How I hope I can have it by my side now...


to bring me back to the past.

It's impossible, I know. I should enjoy my current life now.

I do hope to keep in touch with my family, my friends and everyone who knows me though. Anyone happens to know any contacts of my friends back in Methodist Kindergarthen (Miri), St. Columba Primary School (Miri), St. Columba Secondary School (Miri), PRIME College (Miri), The University of Western Australia (Perth), teachers and anyone who knows me, please let me know. Or if you are the one whom I have lost contact to, do let me know, too! It would be glad to gather once again, all my friends, teachers and those who know me.


lawcl said...

haha..we(girls) have the same mushroom head..haha..
do you know something?i was called doralin just because you are doraemon in school.haha..
yeah..those were the days

Kok said...

yea, i do remember. Wilson Tong started it first. haha!

jane said...

i miss the old days awfully too.. :( i haven't seen those pics before!!! :P nice ones. i wish life is just as simple as those days ..

Kok said...

jane: it's been my house's drawers for a long long time. haha! Maybe you should come to my house and have a look when we are in Miri. And you can bring your photos for me too! :D

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