Monday, July 21, 2008

Mama's Birthday Dinner

Short talk: My internet connection failed for the past few days! But the technician who came over was very patient and made sure he fixed it before he went off. He came for two days for more than 4 hours! Thanks God the connection has finally came back!

Although I've lived in Miri for 23 years, I haven't tried to dine in at a lot of restaurants here yet. On the 21st of June, I decided to bring my mama to Best Western Restaurant and Coffee House (Grand Palace Hotel) for dinner. Again, without my baba this time as he went outstation. Hehe.

Quiet ambience.

It was my mama's birthday on the 23rd of June, so, I brought my mama there for a slighly more expensive dinner. In addition, I thought it's a good idea to "celebrate" my belated birthday. :P

Complimentary garlic bread.

I like the quiet ambience of the restaurant with live piano for the music. It's a great place to dine in or just to have a cup of coffee with friends.

Cold coffee.

Just before our glasses of cold coffee were served, we were given a piece of complimentary garlic bread each. The garlic bread was fresh but it would be better if more garlic butter were spread on it. As for the coffee, more ice could be added as all the ice was gone within few minutes. Nevertheless, the coffee was strong enough for my liking.

Best Western Deluxe Club Sandwich.

Since my mama had eaten a little bit at my grandma's place, she ordered a lighter meal; Best Western Deluxe Club Sandwich. It looked light but no!

So thick!

It was a six pieces toasted whole meal bread sandwich with chicken ham, cheese, beef, smoked salmon, choochoomber slices of cucumber and lettuces in between. It was served together with a bull eye egg and some crinkle cuts chips.

My mama said it was so thick to be eaten and so, she separated it into two slices each. However, she commented that it taste good with generous fillings. By the way, my mama could only finish half of the sandwhich. Price at RM24, I guess many will comment it's way too expensive.

Councillors Dish.

As for me, I pampered myself with Councillors Dish. It was like mix grill which consisted of a mixture of grilled fillet of beef, lamb, sausage, chicken and prawn. It was served with a bull eye egg, fresh vegetables (brocolli, sweet corn and cauliflower) and baked potato.

I love the lamb most.

Among all, I like the lamb most. It was a bit crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. As for the medium cooked steak, it was of the right texture and fresh. It reminded me of the steak (not that thick of course!) I had at Hog's Breath Cafe in Perth. The prawn's flesh was not much despite looking huge. Chicken, on the other hand, was a little bit disappointing. Although it was well marinated, it was full of fat! The last but not least, the sausage was nothing to shout about. It's just a normal sausage with slices of mushroom in it.

This Councillor Dish, priced at RM60, was quite worth it as it has a mixture of everything in a single plate. First timers there should try this plate so that you'll know what to order the next time you visit again.

Medium-cooked steak.

All and all, I paid about RM110+ for everything. It was a fulfilling dinner for both my mama and me and I'm pretty sure I'll visit Best Western Restaurant and Coffee House again. They have a long list of menu which I would like to try a few of the dish listed. Before that, I have to get more money to fill up my wallet first. :P


squall said...

happy birthday to your mama!!!

Sasha said...

wah wah how come its yr mama's bday but u ate the most?



Dalicia said...

happy birthday to your mum...what a nice son you are :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so thoughtful of ur mom to just order a sandwich..haha
looks like when u get ur 1st pay cheque..u can go back again!

Kok said...

squall: On behalf of my mama, thanks!:)

sasha: Aiyo, I also share my Councillor Dish with my mama leh. Just that, I never mentioned. kekeke.

Thanks from my mama!:)

dalicia: Thanks on behalf of my mama. :)

Not really a good son lah. No pressie for her also. hehe.

joe: Haha! I prefer her to order some other dish. At least, I can try mah. :P

My 1st pay cheque... when can I get it? Can't even get myself a job... *Sigh*

cc said...

Great night out with mum! I'm sure she's very happy. Happy belated birthday! :)

mott said...

wahhh..happy birthday aunty!!! such a darling boy, take your mama out for a nice dinner!!!!

that main course you had....wah liao...drools man!!!!

wmw said...

What a thoughtful son ;o) but you ate more than her, hahaha...happy birthday Auntie! and once again a belated Happy Birthday wish to you ;p

Kok said...

cc: Yea, it's a great night out with my mama. hehe. Thanks on behalf of my mama. :)

mott: Thanks from my mama! Your sons will soon bring you out for dinner lah. :D

Haha! Aust got much more better Western food leh. Somemore, you're in Melbourne!

wmw: I did share my food with my mama leh. Thanks thanks!:)

Shionge said...

This is so sweet to bring your Mom for a treat...Happy Belated Birthday to her :)

Kok said...

This is what I can do for my mama now. hehe. Thanks on behalf of my mama. :)

Jackson said...

wow... the sandwich comes with so many layer... must b good!

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