Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hog's Breath Cafe

Many have told me how delicious the steak at Hog's Breath Cafe but I just didn't have the chance to taste it myself.

Hog's Breath Cafe.

Thanks to Chris again, he brought me there the day when I handed in my thesis. That's also the day before his baby was sold off.

Wait to be seated...

Warning, warning and warning! The steak here is thick and heavy. Just look at the weight beside the counter, it is used to weight the beef. :P

A small bar in this cafe.

Decorated with simple posters and cars' number plates.

The first time we went there, which was two months back, we couldn't get any seats and thus, we went off without eating. This time, no different, this cafe was again packed with people.

Seats along the pathway.

We were lucky when the seats along the pathway was empty. No choice, we had to settle for the seats out there.

Creative poster.

I totally love the design and the decoration of this cafe. Simple yet creative. :)

Open since 1989.

This cafe is most famous for its Prime Rib steak. A little bit of information about the steak here which was taken from its menu.
Hog's Breath Cafe buys the best quality beef to guarantee you consistency of taste and tenderness. We slow cook our Prime Rib steak for up to 18 hours, then finish with high temperature searing on a char grill to seal in the maximum flavour for your enjoyment.
What would you like, sir?

Now you know why this place is famous eh? 18 hours of cooking for a piece of steak!

No chewing with your mouth open...

Now, are you ready for the steak? Take a deep breath...

Garlic Mushroom Prime Rib.

Tadaaa! This is the Garlic Mushroom Prime Rib I opted. Served with curly fries and salad, the Prime Rib was topped with fresh mushroom. Three available sizes of steak (i.e. Traditional Cut, Lite Cut and Megacut), I chose the Mega Cut.

Guess how thick is this?

This Mega Cut steak was measured approximately 4cm thick (just roughly lah, no ruler what)! No wonder they need at least 18 hours to cook this freaking thick steak! The meat was juicy and tender. However, the meat was a bit fat. Or is it meant to be like that?

Hickory Prime Rib.

This is Chris' Hickory Prime Rib. The only difference between mine and his was the topping on the steak. His was topped with BBQ sauce. By the way, did I mention that curly fries taste heavenly good?

Me with my steak.

Chris with his Mega Cut steak.

All and all, it was a satisfying dinner. The only downside was the price. For a serve of Mega Cut steak, it costed us about Aud$35. With that price, I can have better steak such as the one I had at Margaret River. Nevertheless, if you've never experienced such thick steak before, you must give it a try. :)

P/s: This post is proudly sponsored by Chris Chen as he was the one who footed the bill.
P/s/s: I am currently taking a break after few months of hard work. So, I might take some time to fully return to this bloggers' world.


jane said...

WAH SOOO thick!!!! shit, suddenly my tummy hungryyyyyyyy... seriously! -_-

joy said...

Hey, congratulations on finishing your thesis! Now you can blog hop more.

The posters do look good. I'm not sure there's anything I can eat there - being pescotarian. :D

How are you, Kok?

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Jewelle said...

What a coincidence! I was just telling someone that we needed to go check out the Hog's Breath in Singapore (assuming its from the same branch) and here you are with a post on it! We're definitely be going to one for our next trip to Singapore

Kok said...

jane: Thick right? Wahlao! I also couldn't believe that. haha! Eh, you there hungry, go out, can eat anything you want liao. kekeke.

joy: Thanks a lot! Yea, now can blog "jump", not blog hop anymore. hehehe.

Oppss... Sorry, Joy. I forgot you're pescotarian. Sorry about that.

I'm not enjoying my "holidays". Basically just sleep, eat and play. hehe. I'll send you an email soon ok? :)

jewelle: Haha! Maybe you sensed I was blogging bout this? hehe. Yea, Singapore has the same branch but I think according to my housemate, Singapore branch doesn't taste that good. I can help you ask him and then confirm with you.

alice said...

Chris is so generous. I see you have lost some weight due to all that studying. Good to "beef up"! said...

That piece of steak enough to feed my family of four

lynnwei said...

wa lao - the Hickory Prime Rib looks so nice!!!!!!!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeap..i remember having this when i was back in aust..this is crazy stuff..which they would bring this to malaysia..

Sasha said...


the sound of kok's tummy falling on the ground. Too big edi!!


Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Hehe. As housemate, we often treat one another lah. Cannot be too calculative right? :)

I also don't know I have lost weight or not. Maybe I should eat more to gain back my weight...hahaha! :P

yenjai: Looks huge, but only one piece. Not enough lah. kekeke.

lynnwei: Yummy!:P

joe: Ya man. They have brought it to Singapore. Maybe M'sia next? hehe.

sasha: Wah sasha! You indirectly say me fat?! Hmmm..this contradict to what Aunty Alice told me leh. hahaha!

wmw said...

Wah, that's a huge piece of meat! Goodlah, take some time of to enjoy yourself after all that has happened. Good Boy! :o)

Kok said...

That one really huge hor? At first I really don't know how they cooked it. hehe.

teckiee said...

so how did the hog's breath smell? LOL! and that is one blardeee thick meat...inside cooked or not?

ilene said...

Wah, you sure now how to enjoy life lei! Aren't you glad exams over! Phew! Now time to par..tyy...! Go and indulge yourself! Have a good time!

Kok said...

teckiee: The hogs smell like pig loh. kakakaka! Inside? Cook oh. You can ask for well done if you want. hehe.

ilene: Exams over, now worried about the result. hehe. Yea, I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. haha! Tomorrow another gathering. :)

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! So thick ahhhh... the steak! I cannot finish it by myself!

We have this restaurant in Singapore. The menu looks good and my friends who have been there have been raving about it. I got to try it one day. ^-^

Kok said...

eastcoastlife: That's the thickest steak you can get. haha! Actually I didn't get that full for that piece of steak. Maybe it's just equivalent to 2 pieces of normal steak. hehe.

Yaya, you should try that out. But Chris told me it's not that good. Anyway, you try and let me know. :P

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