Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Exam, No More?

For these past two months, I was quite busy as you all can see from the number of posts in my blog. First, assignments and projects. Then, final year project presentation and write up. Exams came next before I was told that my Gong Gong was going to a far, far place. There was another exam to go at that time.Therefore, I missed the chance to bid goodbye to my Gong Gong. After my last paper, I was busy with packing and shifting. *Sigh* I seriously need a rest...

Mechanical Engineering Graduate 2007?

Anyway, 15th of November 2007 marked my last day of exam. Hopefully, I would not have to sit for any more exams. *Fingers crossed*

Bak Kut Teh and Stir Fried Kailan.

Straight after my last paper, together with few coursemates, we went to Mohan's place. We had planned to have a small gathering at his house since most of us would graduate this year. Graduate means there would be not much time we could spend together.

Eat, eat and eat!

We cooked Bak Kut Teh and some vege for dinner. Guess what? We boiled the Bak Kut Teh from 4:30p.m. till 10:00p.m! Yes! We only had our dinner at 10.00p.m. :P

Chit chatting, eating and sleeping.

Dinner was fast. Maybe everyone was too hungry by then.

From left to right: Mohan, Lawrence and Botak Jono.

Of course, their main motive for this gathering was not having Bak Kut Teh lah. Drinking was what they want! Just look at the beer on the table!

Just before Nathan got drunk.

Most of us had our drinks as early as we reached Mohan's place. I had a bottle but stayed with the same bottle for quite some time. For your interest, I seldom drink.

The Sexy Lawrence.

We had a drinking game after dinner. Gosh, all of them were targeting at me! Maybe they wanted to see me get drunk.

What's so interesting?

Guest speaker?

In between those drinking games, they had a smoking break. Smokers came out to smoke while the non-smokers just came out and joined the fun.

Look at my "tomato face".

Bom chak chak...

At the end of the day, some got drunk and vomit. Some were lucky to be able to go home and sleep comfortably on their beds. Nevertheless, everyone had a good time I supposed (forget about the vomitting part).

After this, we won't know when will be our next meeting. Most of us will be busy with our own stuff. I hope we will all keep in touch in one way or another.

Before I forget, for those who are reading this, drinking too much is not good for you. You might end up like this...

Beer and cards = drunk.

Drunk and wasted!

P/s: Nathan, don't kill me for this photo! Hahaha!


lynnwei said...

ya....i would like to say...congratulations for finishing your exam!!

kekeke....wow....bak kut teh! yummy! hehehe....u boiled so long...sure taste yummy!

what was the frist thing u did after your exam? for me, normally, i'll go back to my room and sleep...hahaha...then evening baru star to cook! haha...coz normally the night before wont get enuff sleep! kekeke..

how abt u?

eastcoastlife said...

Woot! Yippeee! Finally your exams over! More Scrabulous!!!! hehe...

Wah! You all guys ah? No gals?

Kok said...

lynnwei: Thanks! What a relieve. hehe.

We used 4 packets of mixed to boiled the soup! But then, some still said, not "kao" enough. hahaha!

Me? First thing? Straight away went to my friend's house and cook loh. My exam finished at 4p.m. that day. So, no time go back and sleep. haha! Fun right?:P

eastcoastlife: Yaya! Scrabulous! hahaha! You better email Aunty Judy and ask her how much game I have with her. You'll be shocked!:P

Engineering leh. Some more Mechanical Engineering. Seldom you can find any gals in engineering leh.

carrots said...

eih!!! what prejudice is this?!?!! girls cannot study engineering kah?! i tell u ah... in my uni, the top students in both chemical engineering class AND AERONAUTICAL engineering class are girls okay???? :PP blehh..! hahaha.... and you should look at the bioengineering class... 70-80% girls ;)

Kok said...

Haiyo, I didn't say girls cannot study engineering leh. Just that, from my point of view, not many girls are interested in engineering mah. hahaha! Cham, I think I say the wrong things liao. Now the top student is coming after me. I better.... CABUT!!!! hahaha!

cc said...

Exam finished liao? So happy lor! Party hard, enjoy while you can! :)

Nathan said...

Yo kok, of course I don't blame you for that photo...(as if) Its sort of a nice shot and a photo with potential to be used in advertisement "don't drink and play cards" haha...
Well, better than lawrence's "sexy back"
hehe have fun man

lynnwei said...

kekeke...isit the top student in carrot's uni is herself? i believe so!!

gambate carrots! prove that girls also can do engineering!!!

teckiee said...

welcome back to life..LOL!

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

Hi Kok, sori, long time didnt *visit* u already. I am so sorry of the sad news abt ur grandpa!

Good to see u feel more relaxed now that ur exams are over. enjoy urself with ur uni mates. u're right, once u graduated, all will go ur separate ways.

Then after that got GF lagi separate and then after that kahwin ... too busy to keep in touch .. then after that got kids already aiyooo totally no more time for friends.

Hehehe joking only

wonda said...

All will be well, Kok. BTW, what's the taugeh for? Looks raw to me.

yenjai.net said...

At last gao dim
Time to look forward

Dancing Queen said...

Hey, you come back we go makan BKT! :)

Judy said...

Wow, you boiled the meat for over 5 hrs? Why? No teeth to chew ah? Hehehe. Hentam you this time!

You sound like my son "I seldom drink" but I know he drinks too much! :P

Kok said...

cc: Cannot party lah. Still got lots of stuff to settle. Anyway, welcome back here!:)

nathan: Of course it's a nice shot lah. Have to see who's the cameraman! haha! Lawrence one? I seriously think Lawrence's sexy back is better than yours. hahahaha!

lynnwei: I also have the same idea as yours leh. I think she's still the top student. ;)

teckiee: Not 100% but 70% liao! hahaha!

mommibee: Don't worry about that. I don't visit your blog as often too. You know what I'm busy with eh? hehe.

Aiyo mommibee, you scare me leh. Next time got phobia in getting a gf and getting married liao. kekeke!

Aunty Alice: Hopefully, aunty. :)

The taugeh according to my friend, Lawrence, it's nice to just soaked it into the hot boiling bak kut teh and eat it. Just like the Vietnamese food.

yenjai: Ya, kao tim with just small part of life. Lots more to go and learn. hehe.

dancing queen: Harrr?? Bak Kut Teh again ah? Actually, can also, I don't mind. haha!

Aunty Judy: Nolah, they say not "kao" mah. So, boiled and boiled and didn't realise it's boiled for 5 hours!

Aunty, you can ask my friend lah. How much can I drink? I drink 3 bottles only lah that night. And I think for the whole year I drank not more than 2 litres of alcohol. :P

Sasha said...


Eh damn funny looking at drunk ppl.
And the best time to take pic is when they are drunk. hahaahhah

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah drinking is fun wat..just dont drive after that..

good that exams r over..what a relief eh?

Kok said...

Sasha: You reckon I'm having my freedom now? kakaka! Not yet lah, still lots of things to do.

Hahaha! Yaya! When they're drunk, they'll do lots of funny stuff. haha! Did you get drunk before? :P

joe: Ya man! After drink right, you can see people acting very "strangely". hahaha!

Relief? Not yet. Waiting for the results. :(

Sue Sue said...

Walaueh, Bak Kut Teh, lau luah liao. Tonight didnt cook and saw ur Bak Kut Teh, I think I am going for it tonight. hahaha

Kok said...

suesue: Hahaha! My BKT boiled for 4 hours one you know? Yummy one! hahaha! Go and cook loh, then you can blog bout it. hehe.

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